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Upcoming Races

12 Apr 2015 Miss Muddy Victoria VIC
12 Apr 2015 Obstacool Melbourne VIC
18 Apr 2015 Spartan SPRINT Perth WA
18-19 Apr 2015 Operation Blackhawk - Nagambie VIC
18 Apr 2015 Mud Up Day VIC
26 Apr 2015 Tas Mud Run TAS



Latest News

Tough Mudder Redefined - Part 1

Nigel McIntosh caught up with Tough Mudder CEO Will Dean  and finds out whats happening with Tough Mudder in Australia in 2016.


Urban Anarchy Uncovered

Our very own Nigel McIntosh sat down with Craig Lovett, Director of Urban Anarchy and finds out some details for the upcoming Urban Anarchy

"Without giving too much away there is one obstacle that will include a fall of approximately 6m. I stood on the side of where this is going to be last week and I to be frank I shat myself. I can’t wait to see the participants jumping off this obstacle..."


The Holt Bolt
Newcastle Surf N Turf
Quick Shade
Operation Blackhawk