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Upcoming Races

7 Mar 2015 Spartan SUPER Melbourne VIC
7 Mar 2015 Raw Challenge QLD
7-8 Mar 2015 Mad Cow Mud Run VIC
7 Mar 2015 Night Run QLD
7 Mar 2015 Twilight Family Run QLD
8 Mar 2015 Miss Muddy Central Coast NSW
14 Mar 2015 Wild One VIC
14 Mar 2015 Obstacles Gone Mad Gold Coast QLD
14 Mar 2015 The Bravest ACT
21-22 Mar 2015 Raw Challenge NSW
21 Mar 2015 Urban Anarchy Melbourne VIC
21 Mar 2015 Mud Muster Gundagai NSW
21 Mar 2015 Rescue Rumble NSW
22 Mar 2015 Mango Hill Mud Run QLD
22 Mar 2015 Miss Muddy Gold Coast QLD
28 Mar 2015 MS Mud Dash Nugent TAS
28-29 Mar 2015 Canberra ACT
28 Mar 2015 Titan Macquarie Mud Run NSW
28 Mar 2015 The Summit Survivor VIC
29 Mar 2015 The Burnie Challenage TAS
29 Mar 2015 The Holt Bolt Military Assault QLD

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Latest News

Urban Anarchy Uncovered

Our very own Nigel McIntosh sat down with Craig Lovett, Director of Urban Anarchy and finds out some details for the upcoming Urban Anarchy

"Without giving too much away there is one obstacle that will include a fall of approximately 6m. I stood on the side of where this is going to be last week and I to be frank I shat myself. I can’t wait to see the participants jumping off this obstacle..."


Mud Muster Race Review – by Sam McIntyre

The Shoalhaven got it’s first Obstacle race, held by Mud Musters (previously known as Mud Sweat and Beers) at the Shoalhaven Turf Club in Nowra, approximately 2hours south of Sydney. Mud Musters offered participants both a 5km and 10km and kids were welcome. Two days prior to race day, all participants received their eTicket, confirming...


Operation Blackhawk
Quick Shade
Urban Anarchy
The Holt Bolt