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Location: Pimpama, QLD      
Distance: 8.5km / 24 obstacles
Min Age: 16+
Cost: $80 - $130
Website: www.muddrush.com.au
Rating: Mudsplat Rating
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Returning in 2015 is the Gold Coast Mudd Rush. A local Gold Coast event management company with years of experience in putting on fun runs and triathlons is working in conjunction with the worthy folk over the left-hand side of the Nullarbor who have been doing the Western Mudd Rush for a couple of years. They will be taking over the Xtreme Karting facility up the northern end of the Gold Coast (five and a half clicks up the road from Dreamworld).


mudsplatratingThe Gold Coast Mudd Rush event at Pimpama 31st May 2014, was an awesome event for our rookie team.  Great parking, great site. It would have been a quicker event,  if there were wider lanes for obstacles so more people could go through at once and therefore making wait lines shorter. 

I did expect at least one hanging/ swinging obstacle. It was a pity the rope climb wall was too slippery and therefore only limited people could attempt it. 

And one of the obstacles was pulled out because of it's degree of difficulty was too high even for the advanced people.  

But all up we had an incredibly amazing day and we are looking forward to another event next year

- Jo M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingFantastic muddy day. Excellent obstacles if not a little to easy but overall a good challenge.
The only complaint I have is the pricing,I did the right thing and signed up as soon as I heard about Mudd Rush Gold Coast and payed the $115 gladly. but on the day a friend decided to come along to have a go and see if they could register on the day which they could "Excellent" but they only had to pay $90 dollars Please Explain!!!!
A Muddy thankyou to all those involved to make a great event

- Mick B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingDefinitely a good fun event, easy parking, easy access (not having to drive so far away) lacking some challenge due to the flat terrain. I am recovering from injury and certainly could not have done a spartan or stampede. This was however lovely for beginners or injured people! Even with injury I only skipped 1 obstacle so a few more challenges would have been good and less repetition of the same obstacles... 

The main complaint however would be the lack of water stations, especially as the course design had easy access down the centre and it would have been very easy to have water stations.
The bag drop was too small, poorly organised and bags were on the ground which, given the rain was not a good look. Hard to have clean dry clothes to change into. Despite all that constructive feedback the atmosphere was great (small, personal, happy) and the fun so central to obstacle course racing was well and truly in evidence

- Sandy N, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingA great race with my team really enjoying it. The rope climb up the wall and rope was very slippery due to being muddy which made it unachievable for quite a few waiting there. A little tweaking to make up for it being slippery would be good, maybe a few knots up the rope to grab onto. A few obstacles were repeated and yes some eye wash area would be a great idea. Well organised and was great to see everyone and what they were doing. 

We did think about dropping bags off but saw it was a bit chaotic, so took them back to the car. Everyone was really friendly and great teamwork from everyone participating and lots of smiles. 
Our team will definitely be back next year with a few more recruits. 

- Tracey C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingThe Inaugural Gold Coast Mudd Rush was a great event leaving entrants exhausted, muddy and smiling. This event will be the true feedback to the organisers with many teething issues from the event being fed back and hopefully improved for next year.
The novelty of having people crawl through a tunnel of mudd to get to the starting line was a bit cheap, I saw many a racer frantically cleaning their hands on whatever they could get a hold of. Two emcees fighting for air time during start waves was a little disturbing as well. 
There were some great fun obstacles on the course, and many which were a true test of skill, strength and team work. Running with the ORA crew led to lots of laughter and some pretty happy people overcoming the tougher obstacles like the 3m wall.
The course organisers reacted fairly well during the event, converting one obstacles design due to safety concerns and lengthening the rope on the slippery wall. That was great to see. The limited water stations were expanded by only 1 during  the event, and the foresight of having water and cloths to help people with mud and detergent in their eyes was missing. 
Many of the volunteers were excitable, helpful and very friendly. There was a great feeling coming up to an obstacle and having the volunteers yell some encouraging words, smiling.
If Mudd Rush can read these reviews along with the copious amounts of feedback received on the day in person from all levels of runners they can make the next event a real hit. Showers and bag check were the biggest issues, with arena layout and Start/Finish line coming a close second. The nature of the volunteers, the hype of the emcee's and the mud were massive positives. I walked away with a smile on the day.

- Daniel K, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingNormally i'm one of those guys that is in the Elite wave frothing at the mouth raring to go. However on this occasion for the inaugural Qld MUDD RUSH I got back to the heart and soul of obstacle racing and ran with a team of 10 and we had a great time. Big thanks to Obstacle Racers Australia for allowing our team to hang out at their tent.

Whenever I review an obstacle race, I look at whether the event actually lines up with the marketing. They got the mudd bit right, and the rain leading up to the event certainly helped, there was heaps of MUDDD!!!! However there wasn't much rushing... only a minor issue but more wave times and less waiting just to get going would have been great. It can be hard to avoid bottlenecks in OCR but there were quite a few out on the course.

The obstacles were pretty basic but overall, we enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. I think the in-experience of the organisers showed through in the festival area. A marqui and tressell tables for a bag check would have been better than what was provided and the cost covered by a $2 donation as with other races. A lot of punters did not even realise there was food vendors there as they were hidden around the corner and showers definitely in the wrong place as the water was running down under everyones bags. That being said, its minor stuff that can be fixed for future races. One thing the average punter doesn't realise is the cost of running events like these.

From a business perspective, I think it was a very smart move not handing out shirts willy nilly at the finish line, collecting yours from the shirt tent and having your name crossed off was a great idea.

Last but not least, we loved the medals!!! We love shiny things!!

I'd do mudd rush again but throw in some hills and more of your classic obstacles next time like monkey bars and rope climbs and i'll be happy as a pig in... mud :)

- Troy Lum, Evolution Body Transformations and Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingGood course layout, I enjoy seeing where every1 is ,  well constructed course for land available, bit of overuse of cargo nets,  could see bottle necks growing early in the waves, All in all good course layout, mc was pretty cool as well.

- Antony S, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingPrety good day all round. the overnight rain certainly helped the course. Would have like to see the course timed though. Good range of obstacles although there were several repeats.
Things to improve:
1. Make the parking sign on the side of the road ten times bigger as half the cars missed it and had to do a U turn.
2. Bag check was a shocker.
3. Next time don't put the start marshalling right next to the finish as it was a bottle neck.

- Alan M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingIf this was my first event, I probably would have rated it higher, some of things I liked was I didnt have to queue much at obstacles, separating the staring groups helped to achieve this.  Some of the things I think were done poorly were:
- Repartition of challenges, even though they had different names, some obstacles were repeating 2 or 3 times... 
- Because it was so muddy in parts, it was easy to get mud in your eyes, no biggy considering it was called mud rush, but many of the observers at each of the obstacles did not have bottles of water to flush your eyes.
- The location and organisation of the bag check, firstly all bags were heaped on the ground, this would have been okay if it wasn't located directly opposite the showers, the run off headed directly for all the bags... some tables would have been better to keep the bags off the ground... this way it might have been easier for the girls to organise and find bags checked in.

- Damien W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingWell run with plenty of vollies to help out. Couple of bad bottlenecks throughout the course, mainly at the proposed jump or fall obstacle no 3. Couple of last minute changes made to a couple of obstacles  due to bottlenecks and safety issues. Bag drop area wasn't very secure as it was only kept under a non secured small gazebo. But, overall a very good 8.5km course with loads of mud and the weather making it nice and tricky to complete.

- Rowan C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingPlenty of mud. Follis were great as per usual.  Maybe too many cargo nets to crawl under.  It was fantastic as it was the first, but not the last that my boys did it with me. They are hooked.  How cool is that.!

- Phil H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingGood course and the light rain beforehand helped to be a bit like its namesake and provided a bit more Mudd. Good spacing between obstacles and the constant zig zagging messed with your head but was good to see what was coming up.

Best obstacle - double stacked loose cargo net. That thing was heavy. 

Worst obstacle - not really a stand out but a few needed fine tuning. 

Overall a good on course experience. But being in the first wave you don't really see any bottlenecks but can see where some might happen, not sure how this went. The Ninja Warrior Style Blades missed the target a bit and were quite slow and difficult to get right. Some fine tuning here would make this a great and quick obstacle. 

Festival area was ok. MC's were good. Not really any cover for rain or shine. Bag drop was was under catered for. Luckily the carpark was close so I just took my bag back to the car but from our tent I could see people who dropped off first having to dig to the bottom of the pile looking for bags and luckily the rain stayed away.

Showers were good but again being amongst the first finishers there weren't many others using them and I'd say a few people later in the day might have gone home with a dirty car seat. 

Would I do it again - hell yes.

Nic H - Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingGreat event, parking was easy registration was easy, the bag drop got really packed really quick tho and placing the tents across from the showers cause some havoc later in the day.
The course was very very flat but thank god for all the mud and small trenches which made you pay attention to your footing. No real super new obstacles and the incline wall to incline wall got stopped due to bad design which could have been fixed by a small piece of wood. 
Awesome day out and with a lottle fine tuning can be a fantastic event to rival any of the top dogs.

- Chris L, Legend Obstacle Racer

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