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At Workout Warrior Fitness their fixed location obstacle training course can enable everyone with the opportunity to experience a real military-inspired, year round, all weather training course near Ballarat.

There are currently 25 obstacles in use with more being constructed, suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

Experience fitness outdoors but be prepared - you will have fun while training hard and having a great workout.



This Month's Races

02/03 AUG 14 The Stampede
09 AUG 14 Winter Warrior Challenge
09 AUG 14 Tuff Kids Adventure Race
10 AUG 14 Miss Muddy
10 AUG 14 Battlescars Mud Run
16/17 AUG 14 Tough Mudder
16/17 AUG 14 Western Mudd Rush
23/24 AUG 14 True Grit
30 AUG 14 Dirt Wars Survivor

Once upon a time in Australia there were one or two Obstacle Course Races held every year. These events grew at an alarming rate, and started drawing thousands of tough warrior types who enjoyed the chance to pit their speed and endurance against the various climbing, clambering and crawling challenges, or those who just enjoyed getting out there and having a giggle.

Soon, another Obstacle Course Race popped up to take advantage of the demand. Then another. Then large international races started looking at our Australian shores. Then some event organisers started looking at the beaches and inner city streets to put up some obstacles and let competitors have a go at it in a different setting.

So here at Obstacle Racers we thought it might be an idea to have one website that keeps track of all the various races around Australia - where and when they are held, an overview of that particular event, and maybe even a review or two from participants who have taken part on that course so you know which ones best suit your particular strengths and which ones have room for improvement.

As obstacle course racing grew, we thought the old website needed a revamp to cater better to news and articles and stuff - and so we reworked the site to be more than just a directory but Australia's first obstacle course racing online magazine!

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Tally of Mudpoints Accumulated

By all participants in the Obstacle Racers
Keen As Mud Championship League

thus far in 2014.


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Australian Flag Obstacle Racers is Australia's first online magazine and directory devoted to virtually all things obstacle course racing in Australia (obviously we don't promote our opposition - duh!). Obstacle Racers is totally independent and free to racers, event directors and trainers and focusing purely on Down Under obstacle racing. Information on this website is subject to change by event directors.
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