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What helps your cramps?

 Until fairly recently, unless you’d had a mate race overseas, you’d probably not heard of mustard or pickle juice as the amazing cure all cramp relievers they are and were still trying to find what works best. 


Spartan Melbourne Sprint + HH Recap - by Andrew Falconer

As a proud sponsor of Australian Adaptive Obstacle Course Racers (AAOCR), we have sponsored a number of adaptive athletes to take on various events around Austraia. Andrew Falconer (adaptive athlete) provides his insights into his race and hurricane heat at the recent Spartan Melbourne event in Tooradin. [More]

Spartan Bright Trifecta Weekend - Saturday - By Shaun Lachlan

The Bright Trifecta weekend has become the landmark event on the Spartan calendar. Spartan’s
from all over Australia (and in some cases the world), flock to the Alpine Shire in Northern Victoria
and completely book out Bright and all surrounding towns. [More]

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