Race Directors

Are you a race director? Do you need to reach your target market, attract them to your event and keep them updated on the latest dates, rates, obstacles and announcements? Social media is awesome for that, and Google doesn't suck either, but here at Obstacle Racers Australia we will have hundreds of your potential customers checking out our site every day.

A listing for your business provides your race with its own page outlining the event, a quick info reference guide, a link to your own website, and totally objective reviews from past racers (where applicable)

Best of all, such publicity and exposure on our high-traffic website is ABSOLUTELY FREE! If we can get some media passes for our various correspondents around Australia to come and cover your event then that would be great and highly recommended but not essential.

We also welcome discount codes and giveaways as prizes to be won on our website. You will of course receive great exposure and goodwill, but again your listing and exposure on Obstacle Racers will not be affected one way or the other if you choose or choose not to.

We endeavour to provide as much obstacle racing information to our audience as we can, but should we be feel it is in our best interests to cease or deny promotion to any event for any reasons such as abuse and threats of violence or feel that to include a race on our website will cause us any sort of negative impact we reserve that right.

To get the most out of your promotion on Obstacle Racers Australia, we recommend you log on to your page every month or two and just make sure we have all the right data about your event. We do our best to keep it updated but as you can appreciate there are a lot of races out there to keep tabs on these days!

Obstacle Racing Consultancy

Due to our involvement with obstacle racing since 2009 with over 19 races completed, combined with 20 years' experience in business (encompassing sales, marketing, advertising, promotions and event management), we at Obstacle Racers are also in the unique position of being able to offer our knowledge and ideas to race directors and potential race directors in a consultative role. If you are thinking of starting up a race, or if you just need some help making an existing race better we would be more than happy to provide you with our professional services on a fully confidential level. Please contact usfor more information on hiring us to consult.

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Thanks for your email, for your feedback and for your support for MudFest

Margaret Swierkowski


Thanks for the support assisting with our weekend event Urban Soldier in Adelaide.

Rob Coad

Urban Soldier

Thanks for everything you're doing for the industry. Good to have someone like you on board.

Thank you for all your involvement with Urbanathlon this year, you’ve been a great help.

ObstacleRacers.com.au is a great medium for us to easily connect with our obstacle racing community. We receive a lot of targeted obstacle racing traffic from this site.

Steve Randall

Operation Blackhawk

I suspect that your website had something to do with us having more racers compete that flew over specially for the event from Australia!

Julia Watson, Managing Director

Spookers Amusement Park and Run For Your Freak'n Life