Obstacle Racers In The 2013 Sydney City To Surf

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Mar 3, 2013

We Obstacle Racers often find ourselves helping benefit a charity, as most obstacle course races we enter are helping raise money for some incredibly worthy cause – LegacyCancer CouncilRed Cross, the Heart Foundation, etc…

One cause as yet to be targeted by the obstacle racing community is the RSPCA. This worthy charity helps look after our furry and feathered friends who cannot look after themselves.

A  fundraising page for the Sydney City 2 Surf has been set up by Obstacle Racers to show all those that pound the pavement  but are yet to come and enjoy a Spartan RaceTough Mudder or Warrior Dash that we who hit the mud and ropes and walls are truly awesome folk who care for all creatures great and small.

Sure, many might think that running along a road from from Hyde Park to Bondi is not an obstacle race.  However, if you see how many people break into a walk before they even get to the Coca Cola sign and make runners dodge them for the next 13km then you would agree that it can be quite an interesting dodging and swerving obstacle!

It is hoped that any obstacle racing folk who are planning to run in the 2013 City 2 Surf will be part of this fundraising drive, utelise this one central page, point their friends towards it and help raise oodles of money for the awesome work the RSPCA does.

We often get over 15,000 Obstacle Racers shelling out to enter just one race, so if we can get just 10,000 coughing up just one dollar each then that will get us to the goal of $10,000.

If you are planning on doing the City 2 Surf this year you are more than welcome to be a part of this page.  We’ll put your story up on the wall, and you can point your friends and workmates and other acquaintances at this one page that is for us all.  Maybe we can also arrange to at least start the run together in whatever start group we are in, and maybe even get t-shirts done up.

Once you have signed up and want to try be part of raising not only oodles of money but also the profile of obstacle racing in one of Australia’s highest profile sporting events, the fundraising page can be found at


(That’s also where you go if you aren’t going to be coming for a jog to Bondi and want to donate a couple of dollars to your fellow Obstacle Racers.)

If you have not signed up to come for a mudless run on 11th August (don’t worry, there’s only one  Australian obstacle race on the calendar for that weekend, and it’s the Greatest Athlete Challengeapproximately 3,295km away in Perth) then register here.