Australia’s Biggest Obstacle Course Training Session – by Troy Small

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Feb 19, 2013



When I first heard that Terrain Training was going to be putting onAustralia’s Biggest Obstacle Course Training Session (ABOCTS) my initial reaction was, well…. absolute pure excitement! Since completing the Queensland Stampede and Warrior Dash in 2012 I have been hanging out for another event that I could attend… and this was it! It was perfect timing to hone some skills only a month out from Kokoda Grunt. I signed up almost immediately and convinced my wife to come along also. ABOCTS was well marketed and talked up and as a result I had high expectations; and I wasn’t disappointed! Terrain Training delivered a training session like no other and put together a course that I’m sure would rival any Obstacle Race out there in terms of intensity, difficulty and variety.

The course was set out on a 25 acre block in Northern NSW and Shane and the crew from Terrain Training did an outstanding job of squeezing a 6.24km circuit into the small space they had to work with.  The obstacles they had constructed were outstanding and have left me dreaming at night of how I might construct my own mini obstacle course… unfortunately I don’t think the Body Corporate would be too happy about a bunch of contraptions popping up around the unit complex!

But I digress.  From tyre obstacles in multiple forms, a set of monkey bars that you could have only dreamt of as a child, water crossings to clean your shoes off, a slippery mountain climb and a rope traverse which made you feel like you were Bear Grylls, the obstacles were as challenging as they were fun!

One aspect of the course that I think really made it stand out was the focus on the obstacles and challenges themselves. They were many, close together and one was never left just simply running for too long.  This for me was a huge tick in the box; after all, it is called ‘Obstacle’ racing and is something some of the other races could take on board.

The feeling in the air at an Obstacle Course or Race event is electric and this was evident at ABOCTS right from the start when we got bogged entering the car park. Straight away a group of people jumped in to give us a push and get us out.  This spirit of teamwork and camaraderie carried on right through the day, with people helping and encouraging each other all along the course.  Some of the best displays of this were at the high poles and wall climbs where groups of three to five people, sometimes strangers, worked together to accomplish the task! It was very encouraging to see and it’s contagious! I say to anyone who is consider doing an obstacle race, but is worried that they won’t be able to do the obstacles; there will always be someone nearby willing to jump at the chance of helping a fellow obstacle racer. The day really helped me recharge my motivation batteries and has also given my wife a new found love of obstacle racing and she is now keener than ever to do more events.

Terrain Training have started a new era in obstacle course training with ABOCTS, and with new events popping up all over the place and the sport on the rise I can only hope that there will be more sessions like this. When the next big session is announced, which I am sure is imminent given its success, I will be signing up quicker than you can say ‘ABOCTS’!