Goulburn Valley Obstacle Racers – Dirty Fighters

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Jan 2, 2013

Late 2012, some keen obstacle racing enthusiasts from Shepparton got together and decided to turn their training group into an incorporated club – Australia’s first obstacle racing club. We caught up with Michael Chalmers to find out some more about how the Dirty Fighters came into existence and what they have planned.

How did your obstacle racing club come into being?

- Having previously competed in the Tough Boke Challenge a trainer started a casual group for Tough Mudder training and raising funds for charity, it quickly ballooned from there. Pretty soon we had 60 registered competitors. Word had spread about how we train and the group grew quite quickly, mainly through Facebook and with a little in the local paper. We then found out about The Stampede and three of us from the team (inc me) did it as a lead up event. I was instantly hooked. We registered for the Warrior Challenge and Hidden Warrior within a few days. Spread the word amongst our Tough Mudder training group and got a couple car-loads to each of these events. At this point the trainer Troy Tremellen and i began discussing where to from here, our discussions about beyond Tough Mudder led us to deciding on a sporting club.

What sort of red tape did you have to go through to set up your club?

- We are at that point now. After discussions with our local sporting club resource, we have had our inaugural agm, established a committee, voted in office bearers and commenced getting the association registered.

Are you affiliated with any state or national sporting body?

- No

What sort of working capital did you need to get started?

- We had already raised funds ($4500) as a group including sponsorship, given we will continue raising for charity, some of the raised funds can be used to cover costs. With 60 members we are considering a annual membership fee of say $20 to provide basic administration working capital.

How many people have been involved in getting it started?

- 60 members. 13 volunteered for the committee.

How many members will you be starting up with?

- 60, membership requirement is to have competed in at least one obstacle course race or be registered and training for their first one.

- As a club, what will you be providing members?

A group to organise and facilitate, “training for obstacle races , facilitate team registration at events, travel logictics and raising funds for charity. We are also working on securing a national brand obstacle race for our local region.

Will you be running races or training sessions or both?

- Training sessions twice a week. We hope to help run a race that attracts visitors to the local area by partnering with a professional organisation.

What is the long-term goal for your club?

- Build the activity of obstacle course racing in our local area. Train members for functional strength and endurance so that they can be better at meeting challenges and obstacles (both in races / challenges and in real life). Members will be expected to grow a can do attitude and have a go at whatever is put in front of them.

To find out more about Goulburn Valley Obstacle Racers – Dirty Fighters, say if you are looking at setting up an obstacle course race club in your own part of the world, look them up on Facebook.