Yes Mum. You can run a Trifecta in Hawaii - by Kylee Cole

International Obstacle Racing News   |   Oct 8, 2015

Driving past Kualoa Ranch, all the memories of last years Super course came flooding back. The butterflies of anticipation and nerves were in full flight when seeing the shear mountains that surround the jurassic valley. This year was different, this year I was taking on the whole shebang, the whole trifecta.

Kualoa Valley

I had no real plan as to how I was going to accomplish this crazy feat. Last year I had only taken on the Super course due to not knowing what to expect. It was my first year of running obstacle races so was there for the fun. After 9 months of dealing with injuries that restricted my training, this year I was determined to “get sh*t done”. We had brought our two boys with us this year (that invisible umbilical cord would not stretch that far again) and I was determined to show them “Mum can do it too”.

Strategy for the weekend,

1. Super/Sprint on Saturday
2. Beast on Sunday
3. Get it done!

On Saturday after arriving at the festival area and making sure the boys were cared for and packed lunches were organised, being a mum doesn’t stop on race day, I embarked on my first course for the day, the Super. The joy of a having a large team meant that there was always someone to run with. Saturday morning I ran with Korynne. Korynne is a machine! All the courses were pretty much the same layout as last year, however, knowing what was coming was not a help, in fact it was all the more terrifying! I knew that I would face the cargo net up to the top of the first ridge, the 8ft wall, and the tyre drag! But that also meant the bucket carry was coming up, I truly believe this is the hardest obstacle in the whole race. A bit like our dead ball carry, but added evil, you have to fill your own bucket to a predetermined level and take it for a walk and not spill it. One of the best new obstacles was the "Z" walls, traverse walls with an Aussie balance beam zing! The best part about the Super course is the film locations you see along the way. Running down the road and realising you’re running through Hurley’s golf course from Lost, followed by section of road 50 first dates was filmed on, then looking around the whole valley and imagining dinosaurs in swarming stampede is truly spectacular.

Coming up to the festival area you encounter the dreaded rope climb, the rope climb is something I usually get in Australia, however in Hawaii, nope, not going to happen. The ropes come out of water and are nylon, so unless you have amazing grip strength and technique you won’t get to ring that bell. Next up is the spear throw, and this one is into hay, yep missed that too. Followed closely by the rig (school style monkey bars, rings, scaffold monkey bars, pipe) smashed it, then onto the slippery wall, easy. Lastly was the ever present fire jump! And we were done! Yes, the obstacles in Hawaii are easier, but when you factor in the heat and humidity it all evens out. With Korynne’s help, I managed to take 20 minutes off my time for the Super course last year. Thank you Korynne!

Saturday afternoon, with the kids races run and the family organised, I heard a familiar voice ask if I would like to run the Sprint with her. That voice belonged to Tina, the very Tina that started all this crazy stuff for us. Tina and I, with a group of friends, trekked in Nepal last year so naturally I jumped at the chance to team up with her and get this done. The Sprint course was shortened version of the Super course so I again knew what we were in for (no bucket carry or “z” walls here). We had a great time, reminiscing about previous races and the trek in Nepal. I was determined to go out and have fun on Sprint course and I did, we were on holidays after all.

View from the Sprint CourseView from the Sprint Course

The Saturday races were done, that meant it was time to put the “mum” cap back on and get everyone organised for the following day. With two excited but exhausted boys sleep for them came quickly, myself on the other hand, well I had “that” Beast course to contend with, the butterflies were starting to turn into birds, I’d heard all the stories about this course from everyone who had done it last year, could I realIy get it done, could I really show my boys that mum “can” do it too?

After a sleepless night, time to get up and take on this course. With everyone in tow, again, we off down the road back to that beautiful but terrifying ranch. With the sun still coming up we walked into the festival area with the sounds of “Great Southern Land” playing. Yes, the Aussies were back for round two, that also meant that I was back for round two! Eeeeekkk!

My B.B.F.F. (Beast best friend forever) was Lexie, and we were determined to get it done. We didn’t care how long it took, just so long as we got it done. We took off early, trying to beat as much of the heat and knowing we would be out there longer due having run two races the day before.

Going up Norm's Hill

We took it easy, still smiling as we went past the Sprint cutoff, through the Super course again, then we got to the Beast loop and “that” hill. It was now or never.

This year Spartan Race Hawaii enlisted the skills of notorious course designer, Norm Koch, better known as #effnorm. He and his gorgeous wife, Debbie, decided it might be “fun” to cut a new route to the top of the ridge. “Norm’s Hill”, as I have now dubbed it, was an obstacle in itself. Up hill was a jigsaw puzzle of vines, tree roots and thick mud. Every step to the top of the ridge had to be calculated. The view that I had heard so much about for the last 12 months was worth it. But as physics tells us, what goes up must go down. The down hill part of “Norm’s Hill” was more treacherous than the up hill. It was very slippery from having people “run” over it for 2 days. I believe most of my cuts and bruises were from the down side of “Norm’s Hill”. “Norm’s Hill” took us a good 47 mins and who’s sadistic smiling face did we see when we came off that hill, that’s right, #effnorm himself!

After the cleverly placed Beast checkpoint, yes they had a check in point to avoid course cutting, it was on to more obstacles, and more hills with spectacular views. We stopped regularly to take in the view, I know we were supposed to be running, but the views are breath taking. So pretty.

Indominous Rex Holding PenIndominous Rex Holding Pen

Indominous Rex ScratchesIndominous Rex Scratching

Then came the Jurassic World set. Being the mother of two Jurassic Park loving boys, I knew I had to get a couple of photos, I wouldn’t be welcome back at the festival area without them. After a couple of quick snaps and keeping an eye out for any loose velociraptors it was onto the two kilometre long creek run, and more movie set stuff from the Jurassic series and the Lost tv show.

2km Creek Run2km Creek Run

Somewhat disappointed I didn’t see any dinosaurs but most happy that I didn’t encounter the smoke monster.

Now it was time to head back to the festival area, albeit via more muddy trails and the Super and Sprint courses with there obstacles.

Rounding the corner into the festival area to face the spear throw was amazing, my boys were all waiting for us. I nearly started crying right there, but after burpees at the spear throw I had to get through the rig (monkey bars, rings, monkey bars, pipe) one last time. Got it! Slippery wall. Easy!

Over the fire then running to the finish line, hand in hand. Balling our eyes out while my husband put that beautiful Beast medal around my neck, and my boys jumping the barriers to hug me. We’d done it. I done what I came to do. I’d achieved my goal of getting it done. Mum can do it.

Beast is done!

I learned that Americans in general love Australians, they also love that we are very encouraging and it wasn’t unusual to here the Aussie, Aussie, Aussie chant out on course, and it may not necessarily be started by a fellow Aussie. Paracord, whilst not as harsh as barbwire is still annoying when it catches on your hydro pack. Rope climbs on nylon ropes that come out of water are still not my friend. Sunscreen is an essential item to carry with you. Salt tablets and magnesium are almost mandatory, as is a hydro pack for ALL races, its just too hot and humid not too.

I’ve also learned that Mum can get off her butt and run a trifecta (in a weekend)!

Kylie Cole - Trifecta Done!Trifecta Done (Kylee Cole)

There were the usual issues of lack of volunteers (due to Hawaiian labour laws) and general lack of organisation. But I was on holidays, there to have fun, and to get it done. Would I recommend it to anyone else? Absolutely. Will I do it again next year? Yes, I’ve already handed in my leave form for next year!

Burpee Count - 210
Super - 60, Rope Climb and Spear Throw
Sprint - 60, Rope Climb and Spear Throw
Beast - 90, Beast Course Rope Climb, Festival Area Rope Climb and Spear Throw

Weekend Bling