Spartan Race Melbourne Urban Sprint Race Recap - Jennifer Selmore

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Jan 7, 2019

"What’s that horrible adage... ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork".

Despite it’s triteness, this really was the case for the Spartan Urban Sprint in Melbourne last December.

As I headed up, on the Friday night, through Yarra Park to the festival area to pick up my packet, I was passed by throngs of people heading up, heading down, weaving out to the edges of the park and then following the course back in again.

Despite it being 38ish degrees and afterwork on a Friday, the park was comfortably filled with groups of people all in various team outfits, seemingly made especially for the event. All smiling, all helping each other and having a ball. While not hugely indicative of other, non urban Spartan races with their terrain and more mental challenges of obstacle placement, the course was a good intro to Spartan racing.

The carries shorter, the spear throw much closer, the glorious flat flat ground and no crawls or mud! You could tell, for a large percentage of people, it was either their very first or one of their first obstacle races.

The amount of talk on the Spartans of Australia Facebook page since shows it definitely won’t be their last either.

Monkey bars, rings and the usual inverted obstacles provided a bit more of a challenge for regulars.

So to day two- Saturday. Now this was fun!

Not sure if it was the end of year spirit taking hold, the end of year exhaustion or the shorter distance but it was almost like a ‘costumes mandatory’ email went around. Everywhere you looked there was a batman, a Christmas outfit, tutus or group effort of some sort. The team of seagulls won me over.

After the elites and age group ran, the Saturday seemed relaxed and fun for everyone. Again, while there was the usual suspects, first timers seemed to dominate the numbers. I think you’re either a lover or a hater of short distances so the ability to run multi-laps, using your season pass, cemented that there was something for everyone. Having also picked up the end of year spirit, I set out on my day of laps in something resembling a superman/women costume.

First lap was solo, second with a large crew of costumed freaks and final lap with Vanessa chatting to people, patting dogs and taking pics whilst completing the obstacles...not you bender...not you. If you’re the kind of racer who can’t handle a line, starting in a later wave seemed to be the better option.

The course design was such that really the only bottle necks were the initial walls then of course the spear throw. As someone who, in the past, has probably had many many people waiting behind me to finally get over the damn wall...well I was happy to chill, wait and help people rather than rush them or run round like some opted to.

All in all the Melbourne Urban Sprint was great- The fun atmosphere, more relaxed obstacles and central location was a great way to end the year on a high.

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