What helps your cramps?

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   May 31, 2019

Until fairly recently, unless you’d had a mate race overseas, you’d probably not heard of mustard or pickle juice as the amazing cure all cramp relievers they are and were still trying to find what works best. 

Possibly you’re still on the salt tablets and magnesium train treading that fine line of how much is too much magnesium. We all have that one friend with that story of the day they found their mag limits...usually on a long run. 

Maybe you’re a vegemite fan? I can tell you there's nothing more entertaining than handing out vegemite sachets to crampers at overseas races...some think you’re trying to poison them while others attempt to apply directly, on the skin, to the cramp because something that looks and smells like that couldn’t possibly be for human consumption right? 


For years, US racers have swung past their local maccas to grab handfuls of mustard sachets. A great temporary fix, super handy to carry and consume ...if you squint your eyes it almost tastes like a cheese burger too but much harder to find in Australia unless you want to make up your own in zip lock bags. It’s a good way to guarantee you don’t get cramps because going to that much effort pretty much ensures you’re not going to need it leaving you with a soggy pack full of zip locked mustard at the end of a race. 


Pickle juice is another favourite growing in popularity here if you’re a bit partial to a Friday night antipasto platter. The then available pickle juice does make for good cramp relief, just chuck it in some reusable bottles and you’re good to go. 
Crampfix is a great local option having gone out of their way to develop a product specifically with your calves and hammies in mind and packaged up ready to race with. It is said to treat the overactive nerve that are causing the muscles to cramp.
Similar taste to pickle juice but containing some sort of magic, vinegar and magnesium, once you get over the initial sting (sipping, not shotting, is your best bet) it seems to not only stop the cramp but also prevent them from popping up again on the next wall as you’re halfway over. 
Some athletes are also sipping the sachets along the way as prevention.

They have also put together a special sample pack covering all of your OCRWC Enduro needs! Don't forget to mention it's for Enduro!

Sample pack