Tough Mudder SEQ- Race recap

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Aug 14, 2019

My first (and only) Tough Mudder was in Broadford, VIC 2015. 21km of huge steep hills and obstacles too epic for my newb self. 
I’ll always credit them with being the motivation to get up off the lounge and start training again but I didn’t have a huge desire to go do another one despite friends over the years raving about ‘the fun’. 
Skip forward to May at Woodfordia, QLD and man have they changed! 
You can tell Tough Mudder have listened to punters- playing around with the distances and obstacles to develop a great 16km course. 
Still tough with it’s 650m elevation gain but not designed to break you; it was refreshing to do an OCR designed with fun in mind. 
The obstacles, for the most part, were achievable without requiring a huge team or an elite level of fitness. The course design and obstacle spacing was really well thought out to never completely smash one part of your body and provide some great scenery and runs between each. 
My favourite obstacles was probably Spreadeagle and King of the Mountain- not hard but lots of laughs.

Doing a Sunday wave is always going to be a bit of a risk whether it be degradation of obstacles or staff and volunteer enthusiasm but for the most part it was a great day. The obstacles looked clean and set up ready to use again, slack lines were tight and inflatables inflated. The only feedback I would have is regarding that age old issue of everyone packing up shop before the last racers are back. Volunteers were itching to leave their posts, food vendors closing up and the festival area less festive with no music when we left. I think the last runners looked probably too tired to care but there is nothing worse than doing your first race and coming in to an empty place where people aren’t interested in you or your achievement. 
Thankfully the final obstacle and finish line volleys were still in high spirits.

Definitely recommend grabbing a couple of friends and heading down to the next one. Make the decision early and take full advtange of early bird rates!

Tips for first timers: it may seem like a great idea to wear your oldest shoes ‘because they’re going to get wrecked anyway ‘’s not. 
It also may seem like a great idea to go to kmart and buy some cheapies...also not. 
Go to an outlet store, spend $60-$80, and get some cheap proper trail runners...with grippy tread! 
These guys know their mud and the amount of people struggling with their shoes completely falling apart not even 5km in was surprising.



Main image: Tough Mudder