Muddy Hell announces their LAST EVER adults event. One last dance with the devil

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Nov 18, 2019

Muddy Hell is a 7km obstacle cours with 60+ obstacles designed to challenge all fitness levels. There are no penalties for failing an obstacle and with 60+ obstacles, there's enough variety to challenge all fitness levels.

Sadly, Muddy Hell has announced that their January 18th event in Mornington will be there LAST ADULTS EVENT EVER!

When asked what the reason for this decision was, it appears that insurance has played a big part in the decision, which falls in line with recent OCR chatter with other event organisers, who some have indicated of an increase to insurance premiums of up to 300%.

It's going to be sad to lose another event in Australia, but rest assured, the Muddy Hell team will continue to organise their kids events, so at least there's that for the future mini OCR athletes.

If you've never run a Muddy Hell event before, you'll want to check it out on January 18th, as it's one of the best courses around. With a multi-lap option (known as glutton) you can also run as many laps as you can. There's also a 2km kids event with 20+ obstacles in the afternoon, so the whole family can go to hell.

Early bird pricing is available until December 1st and if you use our discount code "MHORA10" when you register, you can save yourself 10% off the price.

For more information or to register visit: