Runners Stuck After Sudden Cancellation Of Mud Run Event

International Obstacle Racing News   |   Nov 11, 2014

LOGAN, Ohio - The organizers of an endurance challenge are accused of taking the money and running.

The Great American Mud Run was supposed to take place at Hocking Hills State Park next month.

After registration ended last night, an email went out, cancelling the event and saying refunds would not be made.

The email is the same, word-for-word, as an email sent following the cancellation of a similar run in Tennessee in July.

The race bills itself as America’s Muddiest 5K Obstacle Course Race which includes challenges like “Muddy Moonshine” and “The Continental Divide.”

“This is something that we signed up for in June; have been looking forward to, preparing for,” said Kim Metzler.

Metzler paid $73 to pre-register for the September 14 race in Hocking Hills. Then, she got the email about the cancellation.

“And we weren’t offered any explanation or reason, no refunds, nothing,” she said.

In fact, the email explicitly says “as per our refund policy we do not offer refunds for any reason, to include event cancellation.”

Consumer 10 learned it’s the exact same email that was sent to registrants of the same organization’s Mud Run in Tennessee over the summer when that event was cancelled.

“That’s two events now that they’ve taken money from people and offered nothing in return,” said Metzler.

The future of four other Mud Runs listed on the schedule is unclear.

“I feel a little bit cheated.  I’m pretty disappointed.  It seemed like a really fun event.  And I just, I kind of want some answers.  I want to bring light to the situation because there’s other upcoming events and I don’t want the same thing to happen to others,” added Metzler.

The Ohio Attorney General has gotten six complaints about the Mud Run.

After 10TV contacted the Better Business Bureau, they opened an investigation.

The Mud Run raises money for a charity called WoundedWear. The charity’s founder told 10TV by phone that one of the previous races had 6,000 runners and raised thousands for his charity.  He also said that while the charity has no ability to help people recover registration fees, it is willing to refund the donation portion.

No one from the Mud Run returned Consumer 10’s phone calls or emails.

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