Bodyglide Reviews – by Melissa, Brendon and Chrissy

Product Reviews   |   Aug 8, 2013

 The body glide was great. I wore it running in the Gold Coast Marathon and it was so good, I didn’t get any chaffing or blisters!  I usually get friction marks on my arms and was very surprised to see the with the Body Glide I got no marks so a positive review from me – would highly recommend it. Result when I saw the lady next to me with blisters on her legs from rubbing. She should have used Body Glide !

- Melissa Murphy

Wow – what a difference this makes!  For a chunky girl who has the rub together thighs – this product is a dream come true!  My father – an avid road cyclist also tried it and is so impressed that he will be getting himself his own product.

- Chrissy Bland

After recently being lucky enough to receive a free sample of BodyGlide it come with perfect timing! It was a week out from competing in the 96km Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast. My team mates hadnt really thought about the problem of chafe until I asked them what they were using for it the night before! I pulled out my BodyGlide and told them this was going to get us through. The morning of the event we all got ready and applied the body glide everywhere we thought may become a problem. Chest, Groin , Butt , Hips , Heels and in between all our toes. The firstmajor checkpoint we all checked to see how we were goin and no signs of chafe at all other than on our shoulders from our camelbacks where we had forgot to apply!! So a quik re apply including shoulders and we were on our way again. If anything was going to be a test for BodyGlide this was it! All four of our team got through the whole 96km with no chafe what so ever! Would i reccomend?? Without a doubt!! wouldnt consider anything else after this. Why would I with such a result!

- Brendon Williams

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