Run A Muck

Run A Muck - Obstacle Race / Mud Run

Run A Muck is an entry level obstacle course – designed for people who want  to have a little bit of mud covered fun without training for months and newbie’s  dipping their toes into the obstacle course racing world! There will be no  electric shocks or ice baths, more a walk down Amnesia Lane and back to the  primary school playground type of obstacles.

    This doesn't mean that the elite veteran types can't enjoy the course, they  can just enjoy speeding around the course in a fraction of the time if they are  that good!

    The guys behind the new Run A Muck event are certainly not new when it comes  to putting on obstacle racing events. They have had highs and lows and learnt  from both from Stampede  In The Valley and the Summer Splashdown,  and took on all constructive criticism delivered to create Run A Muck! 

    There will also be a special kids' course at Run A Muck, so juniors aged 6 -  10 can squeal with delight as they charge through. Kids 11 and over will be  able to do the full course.



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