Taurus 200

Taurus 200 - Obstacle Race / Mud Run

The Taurus 200 is a 200km non stop obstacle race around a 20km course holding 20+ obstacles.
The obstacles designed are to utilize all your natural body movements such as , crawling, rolling, climbing, throwing, carrying, running, swimming and jumping.

The 200km is sure to test you, You will test yourself and what you can achieve. 

If the 200km is to much for you that is understandable, We also offer a single 20km lap run daylight hours and the option for a night time run(conditions apply), A 3 lap 60km and a 5 lap 100km option.

You may enter as a team 2 for the 100km and a team of 2 or 4 for the 200km.

This is Australia's  and if not the World's longest non stop obstacle race, So you need to be a part of this historic event.


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