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Location: Keysbrook, WA TBA coming soon
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Distance: 5km & 10km
Min Age: 12 - 15 with adult supervision
16 and over for the regular race
4 - 11 on special 5 obstacle course over 50m with adult supervision for gold coin donation.
Cost: TBC
Website: www.therampage.com.au
Beneficiary: SAS Resources Trust, RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund and ReShoe
Rating: mudsplat rating dunno
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The Rampage is taking place in Perth's outer southern suburb of Keysbrook - 60mins from the Perth CBD, 60mins from Midland, 40mins from Mandurah & 90mins from Bunbury.

With a course including some 20+ obstacles, it will challenge the accustomed 'obstacle racer' without freaking out those who are new to this rapidly growing sport.

The first few waves are for those who really want to race and prizes will be awarded to the fastest male, female and team. After that, take it at your own pace.

Juniors 13-15 year olds can take part when accompanied by a parent or guardian.


mudsplatratingImpressive for a first time event.

I had a great time on the course and there were several challenging/interesting obsticals packed into it. I did the 5km course just before lunch before a short burst of rain which which would have made the course even better.
I really enjoyed that we started in small groups and they seemed to put alot of effort intp avoiding bottlenecks at the obsticals so it kept flowing and was a good hard run. This along with the fully timed runs made this event into a proper race so even with the more 'simple' obsticals the challenge was to get through them quickly to make a good time. The results were allready on the website when the kids pulled me out of bed at the crack of dawn the next morning.
I agree with the other comments about the atmosphere and the lack of mud. I was chatting with one of the organisers after my run and he was really receptive to feedback and seemed to take it all on board. Apparently there was supposed to be a DJ or radio station van and a water truck to hose down some of the obsticals but for some reason they didn't show up. They said this will be fixed next time round. I made use of a drinking water trailer at halfway and at the finish line so not sure how some of the others missed them.
The real exciting thing is that this is a permanent course so they can improve it and tweak the obsticals each time. Its also nice to see a race run by locals who arn't part of a big corporation. All the staff were really friendly and treated us like people and valued customers rather than numbers. I am going to volunteer next time as they were a little short on help around the course and I hate complaining about something I'm not willing to help fix. hopefully I can still run the course at some stage during the day too.
This venue has real potential. 

I spotted a great spot for a long plastic slippery dip leading into a creek with a muddy bank on the other side. With a few decent rains the week before all those creek crossings would have been a foot deeper and meters wider. I look forward to this course in winter, it will be worth the cold.

Well done Rampage on a great start - Look forward to your next event.

- Tim G

mudsplatrating I did the course with my daughter (13yr old,) her school buddy of the same age and her mum. We would have to agree that there was a lack of atmosphere, mud and supervision at obstacles. I did wait for the kids at one point due to the lack of supervision on the obstacles as I did not want them to fall. This however did not prevent them from sprinting to the finish line and finishing in front of us!!!
The course is in a flat paddock with a creek meandering through it. There are very little trees so the course is clearly visable, leaving no element of surprise. We found it reasonably easy and would not put it in the 'Challenging' category. The kids enjoyed themselves and we had a laugh along the way but I probably wouldn't do this course again unless they made so major improvements.

I did think it was a little expensive for what we got.

- Fiona C

mudsplatrating: I enjoyed the course but there are definitely a few improvements needed .

The staff and volunteers were great but there wasn't any atmosphere compared to other races I have done. The tents were too spread out and no music etc. 

The obstacles weren't challenging in my view, only the high wall - there definitely needs a revision of the difficulty level of the obstacles.

Very little mud - thank goodness it rained a little in the afternoon. 

The 2 food vendors that were still there for the 10k were closing so nothing was available. 

And no medal at the end :(  It's not an obstacle race without getting a medal at the end. 

But looking forward to improvements and coming back again next year for a bigger better event. 

Perth loves a good race and I'm sure this race will be improved and get lots of support.

- Vanessa R

mudsplatratingWe had a team of six for this event and for most of us it was the 2nd or 3rd race we had done of this kind although the first for the year.  There was quite a long line for registration and as we got closer found there was only two people handing out the packs.  Went to look for the bag drop off area and there really wasnt one which wasnt what the promo said. 

Anyway we made our way to the start line and they let us start once we got there. 

I found the course fun.  Not overly challenging but enough to give me a few bruises and the odd ache in my tricep.  It was a good entry level course. Shame there wasnt much mud but not the organisers fault.

On the down side i agree with quite a few other reviews and would have loved to have gotten water at the end.  To then have to go and pay $3.00 for a small bottle was a joke. I did ask where the beer tent was and was told that was for the more expensive events.  I dont actully think that is a real answer as i paid more for this race than i have for the warrior dash in 3 weeks time. There was a definite lack of atmosphere and a beer tent or even some music may have helped that.  There was no reason to hang around and cheer other competitors in. I also agree that there was not nearly enough volunteers on the course and if someone was to have injured themselves they would be sitting waiting for help.

Overall though i had an enjoyable hour of racing and look forward to the event team taking on board our reviews and improving on it for their next event.

- Karen G

mudsplatratingThis was a pretty good thing. Seconding what a lot of people have said - the course was dry, which was not their fault, but an all around good course for a first time!
We were one of the waves around 11. I really appreciated how the waves were spaced out so you didn't feel crowded or rushed. The obstacles were fun and interesting. I liked the variation between easy ones (the tyres), medium ones (the ropes) and the difficult ones (the wall climb. Only one I had to go around.) I think it was a really good balance and gave me something I want to improve for next time. I wouldn't recommend this to obstacle course veterans looking for a brutal challenge, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants to push themselves out of their comfort zone. 
I also really want to give a massive hand to the incredible staff there. I have an absolutely paralysing fear of heights, so the one where you had to climb up that pyramid type thing, swing your leg over, and then half-abseil down terrified me. There was an older man with a cane supervising, and he explained to me what I had to do and gave me lots of encouragement. If anyone reading this knows him, please tell him that he absolutely made my day and I'm incredibly grateful.
The staff on board were incredibly friendly and helpful, and were just delightful to deal with.

- Anna C

mudsplatratingGreat first event, cant wait for there next one.

Definately the best perth has had so far and with this being a permanent course it will only get better!! 
Really enjoyed the 10km, enjoyed the well constructed obstacles and the use of the existing fallen trees and the creek, though did take a wrong turn following footprints through the first crossing and losing a minute trying to work out were we meant to be going, but once on track the rest of the course was well marked. 
loved that it was fully timed
The only negative was the lack of atmosphere but easily fixed with music and some one on a PA system giving directions etc
all in all for the low cost of entry it was a great day out, will definately be back!!!

- Toby C

mudsplatrating: I was in the 2nd wave of the morning.
The ladies at registration were happy and very helpful so thank you.
The lady at the halfway drink sation was also very friendly :)
I enjoyed the course and was happy to be able to complete it by myself. Got a little confused on where to go a couple of times by all in all had a great time. Would have liked to have volunteers at the bigger obstacles early on as I was thinking to myself that if I come off and injure myself I'm just gonna have to sit and wait for someone to come along to help me as I pretty much had no one near me at all while I completed the course.
I would have really appreciated some water to be closer to the finish line but from what others have said this got fixed through the day.
A little bit of something to strike up some atmosphere would have been nice around the start line and big tent.
Overall I'm happy with how it was run and I'm looking forward to coming back out if they decide to have another one after we have had some rain :)
Cheers guys!

- Jemma G 

mudsplatratingPretty impressed for The Rampages first event. I was in one of the busier morning waves but even though there was a long queue it moved pretty quickly. 
There were heaps of obstacles throughout the course (loved the A frames - all 3!!) and they were well spaced apart which was good. Enjoyed all the obstacles except the final one, something a bit bigger and better would be good for the final one.
There were staff throughout the course to help direct the way which was good (maybe a few more signs next time?) and also to help if needed. 
The course was pretty dry, aside from all the creek crossings (loved them BTW!) but as another review said, can't blame the organisers for lack of rain and the Aussie summer.
The kids got a good workout on the kiddie course, it was awesome that they included something so good for them.
Overall I think it was great, especially being their first event. Next time I'd just like to hear a bit of music and a bigger obstacle at the end.

- Amy M 

mudsplatratingGreat first off event, obstacles were well spaced, and difficult enough without being too hard for me to complete on my own. 

Good use of the natural terrain obstacles too ie. creek and fallen trees.  Agree with Mike K, that at some points there was some confusion over the course direction, but as I was racing at the end of the day, I was able to work it out by the worn down track. 

The only real complaint would be the lack of mud, but hey, it's Perth and it's April, what do you expect?  We don't get rain till May, if we are lucky!  That being said, the lack of mud wasn't a huge issue and didn't detract from an enjoyable afternoon for me.  

- Gemma G 

mudsplatratingI participated in the 10km course this afternoon.  Registration was quick as there was very few people milling around, which also reciprocated onto the course as there was no waiting at any obstacles.  There was a number of hiccups such as water tank and radio station not turning up which would have solved a couple of the negatives that others have already mentioned. 

When my team and I completed the course we had water at the finish line, so this feedback appeared to already have been taken on board.  Volunteers that were out on the park were all really friendly.  Obstacles were good, enjoyed the rope bridge crossing. 

All in all it was a good day.  Thanks Rampage.

- Katherine H 

mudsplatratingVery crap! Wish I could give a negative score.
Very unorganised, no supervision on track. Very dangerous if you were to hurt yourself.
Course was not very easy to follow. Some obstacles weren't even finished. All obstacles were very basic. No mud to speak of.
A track for a competitor of the biggest loser or a 2 year old not a keen obstacle racer. Very serious - no joke!
Reading the blurp above i'd like to state that it wasn't challenging or exciting. Good thing it rained because there was no other way we would have got slightly damp.
Big waste of time, will not be going back to the course as is. Lots of work needs to be done!

- Russel B

mudsplatratingGreat first time :) these races are learning from every race that is done before it. I agree this course would be awesome in winter. Love the way they used the lay of the land to make obstacles.

I volunteered at the event handing out race packets and ran the course myself, had a great day, I have to say, the crew took criticism very positively and welcomed what all the runners had to say.

can see this event will only get bigger and better with time, as I know from working with them, that they have the ideas, just have to find the right loop holes to get things moving!  

Great to have an event like this on this side of the river. 

I would run in or volunteer at again in a heartbeat.

- Nicole H 

mudsplatratingMy first obstacle race & didn't really know what to expect. Was great fun with a good amount of obstacles through out the course. A bit of mud would have made it even better as some parts were really dusty (winter would be good!) Kids had fun on the sprint course too which was a good idea.

- Ben C

mudsplatratingI was very unimpressed, and extremely disappointed with this whole event. 

When we arrived at 2:30pm to race in the 10km, it was dead. There was no one there, no music, no attempt to even create an atmosphere. We were told we can start when we want. So no excitement of starting with a crowd or being sent off in style!! We saw no one on the course at all. Approaching the obstacles, all the signs were pulled off so we were picking them off the ground to read what we were going to do (as we wasn't sure if we were meant to go over, or under!!) This took up time and was more frustrating then anything. As there was no one on the course we didn't know which way to go most of the time. We actually took a few wrong turns as the arrows were pulled off. The obstacles themselves weren't even a challenge and could be barely called an obstacle. For example having hurdles was great but only 4 there should be at least double to make it feel like an obstacle. But most of the obstacles were very poor attempts as obstacles!! Not even a slight challenge. 

There was no staff at all on the course, so if we had an accident, there was no one around at all. This was very poor and badly organised. For health and safety reasons you should have at least a couple of people on the course even if it is to direct, encourage, or in case of an emergency.

All in all it is the worst race i have even competed in. Not only the race itself was bad but the organisation, and lack of atmosphere. I just wonder where the money went for the entry as it definitely didn't go on obstacles, staff, or on the headband. Would not be competing in this even ever again and would definitely not recommend it. very disappointed guys!

- Amy N 

mudsplatratingThey tried hard, I think with a bit of tweaking and a LOT of rain this could be a really good event.

For the money we spent, there was a LOT of hurdles, lots of splinters and no mud.

Disappointed , but had a good amount of fresh air.

There was definitely no waiting times, quick and easy pack pickup and definitely no need for showers at the end as I was as clean as when I started LOL Give it another year or so and it hopefully will grow into a bigger, better event.

- Bec F 

mudsplatratingGot of to early start with my daughter :) some really great fun challenges , would have been good to have people on each obstacle to encourage and  to record who did and DIDN'T complete the course correctly .

But all up best fun way to start your day, Music would have helped to get pumped, really looking forward to a winter one .

Many Many Thanks to the organisers

- Nicole and Ellysa 

mudsplatratingI entered as part of a team in todays race, with a few first timers. We had the 11 o'clock wave booked so arrived at 10. There was a long line for registration, but the crew moved everyone through fairly quickly. Not much of an atmosphere at the staging area with no music or anything like that, which would have been much better.
The course itself was fairly good, with balance beams, hay bales, tyre hops, river crossings. The obstacles were easy to overcome, but difficult enough to be enjoyable. One thing missing though was the mud. Rain was forecast all last week, but never came, so I guess you can't blame the organisers.
Overall a good way to spend half a day. There didn't appear to be many people waiting to start when we finished, so not a huge turnout but it is school holidays after all.

- Luke H

mudsplatratingTotally agree with Mike K.  

Did early wave so no queues at obstacles. 

Good number of obstacles which were well spaced. 

I heard that water trucks didn't turn up so no 'mud' but we had fun with what was there. 

Only gripe would be that there was no drinking water at the finish line (with only the one drink station on course).

Thought the course was well marked out and over all it seemed well organised and well run. 

Had a ball and will be back. 

- John G

mudsplatratingDon't you just love obstacle racing? Nothing like hitting the road on a Saturday morning at the a$$ crack of dawn to push your limits, break those PB's and mingle with other like-minded obstacle racin lunatics. As it was today for the first Rampage event and might I add, the first in 3 weekends straight of racing for Perth.
I arrived early to Rampage today to participate in the 5k race. The crowd wasn't too big early on so they were letting people roll into the course at their leisure which I found great. The team hadn't revealed too much on the website so I didn t know really what to expect in the way of obstacles. The 5k stretch saw a number of different challenges quite evenly spread out. I was running early so the crowd wasn t big at all however I can t imagine things got too packed in the heavier waves. The course itself was divided by a creek which was used multiple times for muddy water crossings and a cool tight rope water crossing which I hadn t done before. Much of the other usual obstacle racin stuff was out there like hay bales, hurdles, wall climbs (x2!) rope and ladder climbs, balance beams etc. which were well constructed and worked a treat. They had a really cool trench section which had 7 or so trenches running horizontally which you had to try and jump over. This was great because the trenches were quite wide which made it hard/impossible to jump but after you cleared the first one, you had very little if any ground for a run up to jump the next. V cool. And they were deep so if you failed lookout! Some other tree climb sections kept it interesting throughout the course. I was pretty happy with the obstacles that were presented.
Couple of down points would be some sections of the course were a little questionable as to where to go, no water at the finish line and no music for atmosphere. The course was dryer than the organizers hoped (welcome to Perth!) but they were talking about running one in winter which from what I saw today would be mad. 
Overall I m happy I ventured out this morning and the Rampage team should be pretty pleased with their first effort. Much better than some other first attempts - Sorry Splashdown, still finding it hard to forgive you.

- Mike K

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