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Run Amuck Obstacle Race West Australia

Location: Belvoir Estate, WA 20 SEP 15
Distance: 5km
Cost: $35 - $65
Min Age: 6 - 10 for junior mudrun
11 and over for the regular race
Website: www.runamuckperth.com.au
Rating: mudsplatrating
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Run A Muck is an entry level obstacle course – designed for people who want to have a little bit of mud covered fun without training for months and newbie’s dipping their toes into the obstacle course racing world! There will be no electric shocks or ice baths, more a walk down Amnesia Lane and back to the primary school playground type of obstacles.

This doesn't mean that the elite veteran types can't enjoy the course, they can just enjoy speeding around the course in a fraction of the time if they are that good!

The guys behind the new Run A Muck event are certainly not new when it comes to putting on obstacle racing events. They have had highs and lows and learnt from both from Stampede In The Valley and the Summer Splashdown, and took on all constructive criticism delivered to create Run A Muck!

There will also be a special kids' course at Run A Muck, so juniors aged 6 - 10 can squeal with delight as they charge through. Kids 11 and over will be able to do the full course.




mudsplatratingAppalling weather but a great event. 
One of the biggest storms of the year hit just before and during our wave but even then there were smiles all around. This isn't for the serious hardcore competitors but for a family orientated event on the smaller scale compared to the likes of Tough Mudder it was great.
The obstacles were still challenging enough but there were always different levels of completion (different heights, steps on some sides etc.) that allowed people of all abilities to give it a good go. A couple of the obstacles were a bit on the poor side (monkey bars with clumps of rock and cement that lacerated the hands and an air pillow that had so much air it was like jumping into rocks) but the mud more than made up for this. 
It was almost like two events joined together with the obstacles first and then several km s of glorious sticky mud to crawl through, jump into and climb over.  There was a definite emphasis on fine as highlighted by the huge ball pit in a shipping container, the two slip  n  slides and running across the lily pads. Or in our case, stepping onto the first couple and then falling into the water.
The facilities were reasonable with showers powerful enough to remove most of the dirt and a few food and drink options that on another day would have been gratefully enjoyed   on this day the only thing people wanted to do after they had showered was find some shelter and dry clothes.
All in all a great fun event that will give people a great introduction to the world of obstacle course racing and looking forward to next year.

- David H, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingSuch a fun obstacle race. This is not suppose to be a huge tough challenging event... it has always being pitched as a fun family event, and that's exactly what they delivered. 
It was so great to see so many new faces participating in their first obstacle race and laughing all the way.
Some fun, well thought out obstacles, with the ball pit being my favourite.
A great entry level event for everyone :)

- Michael S, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingGreat effort, especially with the weather not playing ball!!

Rego and bag drop went smoothly (except trying to squeeze past some people seeking shelter under the tent at the end :-) ) and the course was lots of fun! Ball pits, mud, trampolines - all good for bringing out the smiles :D

- Caro V, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingPretty good event....Did this with my daughter this year, she had a blast and gave me plenty of laughs along the way. Registration was quick and easy, free bag drop was great and parking was pain free. The weather, however, was Stormy and raining, which under normal circumstances would have added to the enjoyment for me. But having to walk a lot of the way for my daughter, meant that I was freezing the whole time. But it was worth it in the end to see the big smile on her face at the finish line. She had that feeling of accomplishment that I had the first time I entered an Obstacle Race. I'm so happy for her. P.S. - I think I'm just becoming a bit too competitive to fully enjoy just strolling through the course. All in all, a great family event! Might have to do the race wave in the morning next year then later in the day with the family.

- Tanya N, Intermediate Obstacle Racer



mudsplatratingLoved it, loved it LOVED IT!!!

It was my 1st race and I was told by an experienced racer it would be the best race to do for a 1st time race, but even experienced racers I was with said it was better than some others they have been to. Well done, I will be back next year for sure!!! Great gaps between obstacles, not far enough to get bored between.

- Devida G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingI thought the kids course was well set up and very well run by the volunteers. All the kids seemed to be having so much fun... All in all a very well organised event and will be looking forward to seeing what future obsticle events this company hold.

- Wayne C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingI'm only a rookie, this being my second event, but My family and I had a blast!
I learnt my lessons from the other event and I registered for an early wave with my team, to avoid a lot of the cues and bottlenecks. And this proved to be a big benefit. 
Everyone was very worried when we woke up because the weather was atrocious! but the racing gods smiled on us all and it all ran smoothly and without problem. 
We had an adults team and a children's team. The adults course was fantastic for the less fit and newbie among us, nothing was too hard and the there was always an easy option. The course layout didn't have too long a distance between the obstacles so those less fit were not strained by running to much, and the obstacles were FUN. which was a big winner among our team. We all finished with smiles and had a great time. 
The Kids course was fun for the kids, but with the layout and the fact that they could do as many laps as they liked, (which was a good touch) the monkey bars were the only thing that became too hard for many with wet hands. The kids had a blast though and love their little medal to take home and feel they achieved. 
All in all both our adult and kids teams had such a good time and an incident free event. Our only recommendation for next year is to improve the registration process, While we didn't get caught out, there were plenty who did, and I understand their gripe. 
We will certainly do this one again next year, when some of our older kids will be old enough to take on the big course. Cant wait!

- Ziedonis R, Rookie Obstacle Racer


A huge improvement for the organisers of this race which I was originally going to miss based on the last two. All up a well put together course especially considering the storms and 100km per hour winds that came through the night before.
The course had a good mix of obstacles with different difficulty levels on some to allow you to take a harder route. Use of the terrain was good on the traditional obstacles with the mud and river crossings being well set up. The other more fun obstacles reused from Spashdown and Stampede in the Valley were well slotted in to break it up a bit too. Last but not least having a hot shower at the end was a big winner as well. 
The only let down for me was the waiting times for registration and bag pickup which could have been better with some more staff. 
All up good work and well done to the Organisers and I hope the bar is set at this for the next one!

- Andrew H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer


A great day out for all has had here. Loads of mud and a course that all the family could do. Considering the Perth weather, amazed the organizers managed to run a great event. Well done too all..

- Jason M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingHave only done a few courses, but this is my favourite so far as there was by far the most obstacles. I brought my niece along and she loved in. Halfway through she said there's not enough mud, but that was remedied well and truly in the second half.  Love the varying difficulties as she could complete each obstacle.  Registration needed more people, and what about registering in time batches, rather than surnames.  Makes more sense and easier to make sure the same name does not get crossed off a list twice.

- Tracey O, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingGreat course! And love the idea of having different level obstacles, so hard core racers can challenge themselves but nobody feels like they have failed an obstacle. Showers (including a warm shower!) a big plus :-) the mud was great and obstacles great fun. Only gripe was the length of time registering, but besides that I had a fun day out in the mud. Great work, guys!

- Caro V, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingWell, where to start?
I woke up this morning to rain hammering down and wind that was tearing roofs off houses in the southern suburbs. I thought to myself, damn the course is going to be in ruins plus half under water.
As I was driving to the Swan Valley the clouds blew away and the sky changed to a colour I wasn t expecting - blue!
Getting to the course early meant no problems with registering, easy parking and no queues to deal with (luckily as I was running late for my 8am start).
Getting out on the course was good with very little to confuse you however we all have our moments. The obstacles were well made, varied and there were plenty of them. The front end of the course was generally climbing orientated with a couple of mud obstacles here and there. The back half of the course tho, that was another world all together. Mud pits, mud climbs, creek crossings, mud crawls the list goes on. As the Swan River runs next to the course there was always the chance that the back section would be submerged however on the day this was not the case (unlike the week before - but thats another story).
Overall the course was great fun, well organised and easy to follow.
If you chose not to do this event because of what you heard in the past, bad luck to you buddy, you seriously missed out! Ill definitely be back next year for a few more laps!

Good job to the team at Run a Muck for a great event.

- Gareth T, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingFirst of all I'd have to say a big well done to the organisers.  The course was a massive improvement on previous ones they have done.  There were plenty of different obstacles - ball pit in a sea container, big balls over trenches; and there were the expected obstacles such as cargo nets (crawl under and a-frame), walls, a mud. Lots and lots of gooey, sticky, lose-your-shoes, mud!
They made the most of the natural terrain with a few creek crossings and a killer hill at the end.
There were lots of obstacles that had easy, medium and hard options which was fantastic for our team that had a range of fitness levels and abilities.
If I was just basing my mudsplats on the course, I'd happily give them an 8 or even a 9, but....
Although registration was a breeze when I checked in at 11am for the 12pm wave, my kids registrations for the 10am wave had a massive queue and no signage.  They lined up in the k-o line and belatedly found out that all kids registrations were being done in the a-e line! Run-a-muck ran out of race numbers at 10am, so finding photos of the event is going to be quite arduous.
The main letdown for me though, was safety.  The ball-pit was a great idea, but it wasn't monitored at all.  I ended up "drowning" in the balls with only my hand sticking up to let my team know where I was.  That was fine until the next wave of people started coming in to the ball pit too!  Thankfully I managed to right myself and get out fairly quickly, but it was a potentially dangerous situation given that a lot of 10-13 year olds were doing the adult course and would presumably be shorter than me.
The other major hazard was the big bouncy pillow.  It may well have been fully inflated in the morning waves (I don't know) but it certainly wasn't fully inflated by the time we went through it.  I spent quite a bit of time coaxing my 13yr old daughter to jump on to the pillow. When she finally jumped she ended up falling in to the crack between the pillow and the edge.  We got her out of there and over to the exit but as she was getting herself forward on the pillow to get off, a group of six people jumped on.  The low inflation level meant that their jumping caused my daughter to be flung up and off the pillow and on to the ground. No injuries other than a sore bottom, but again there was a potential for serious injury. 
All in all we had a fantastic day. I introduced quite a few friends to the awesomeness of obstacle racing, and I had a fun day out.  The Run A Muck team have made massive improvements and I really look forward to their continued improvement for their next event.
We shall definitely be back.

- Sara M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingpretty cruisy this race....I think the one thing it lacked was ATMOSPHERE!  Still a marked improvement than the horrendously organised Summer Splashdown from the same people and good for a Sunday Morning run.  The mud was ok, the river crossings left a nice shiner on my shin from a hidden tree and my experience was pretty good.  If only there were more crazy people wanting to hype each other up.. I will probably not run the first wave of a race again! 

- Kate D, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingRegistration.....woeful, waited close to 45minutes to be able to register. People filling out waivers at the front of the queue slowed the line down something shocking.

Bag Drop.......didn't bother, a line a mile long to drop your bag off and another equally as long to pick it up! Bags just piled on top of one another so it would have taken them ages just to find it.Just find a tree to put it under and hope for the best.

Merchandise........All T-shirts were  small for their size. I tried an XXL on and even that was too small......(I'm only 85kgs!) Pricing was OK though. Not too many people wearing T shirts........

Obstacles..........a good assortment and well placed out, all the mud was in the second half of the course.
If this event was supposed to be better than last years because  all of the bad points from last year were addressed....then I'm glad I didn't go last year! 

- Alex M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingGreat little event for both beginners and mums dragging kids along like me. 25 obstacles, some quite challenging and quite a few that were VERY muddy. Loved that both my 11 and 12 year old could join me on the 5km adult course, but there was a child 1km option if required. 
Loved the dog tags and the pretty decent showers at the end. All in all, a great day .

- Wendy H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingA great event. Big improvements on last years stampede in the valley. The obstacles were easy enough for everyone to do yet hard enough to be challenging, plenty of mud to wallow in, and a few new obstacles to change things up a bit. Registration was easy to get through, just needed direction from a few volunteers to sort people into lines. The crowd was kept flowing through at the start gate, and didn't lead to any real hold ups on the course. Nice job!

- Luke H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingLoved this event. Great layout with lots of interesting obstacles. One thing that let them down was the marking out of the course on the day as some were difficult to know where to go and I know of a few people who missed obstacles because of this. Whoever it was that came up with the idea of hot showers after the race deserves to be nominated for Australian of the year. 
I'll be back next year.

- Shem R, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

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