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Location: Melbourne, VIC 29 NOV 14 registernow
  Brisbane, QLD 12 SEP 15  
  Glenworth Valley, NSW 24 OCT 15  
Distance: 5km and 10km at all races
Min Age: Junior Stampede for groms aged 7-14
Cost: $50 - $110 (plus $5.50 booking fee for each registration)
Website: www.thestampede.com.au
History: Had to relocate from their original NSW venue at the last moment due to council regulations in 2012, and in 2013 were able to move it back to their own land .
All other events in QLD, VIC, SA and WA have run without issue.
mudsplat rating
mudsplat rating
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Known as The Valley Stampede during the inaugural year in 2011, this obstacle course race started at Glenworth Valley on the NSW Central Coast - about 45mins north of Sydney.

From humble beginning, The Stampede has grown to become one of Australia's leading obstacle course series - running events in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth as well as where it all began in Sydney.

Totally Australian owned and operated, the Stampede has continually evolved to keep Stampeders coming back for more, always looking at new obstacles to incorporate into an already awesome course, improving on the already great atmosphere and introducing a Junior Stampede for the kidlets.

The Stampede is untimed and focuses on fun for all levels, although the more elite obstacle racers out there can go out and challenge themselves.

Just a shame the cows never made a return after the first Valley Stampede.. they were awesome!

Reviews (add yours at the bottom of the page)


mudsplat rating

mudsplat ratingThis was my first Stampede though my 6th race in last 12 months. I did the kids wave first and really enjoyed that. Kids had a blast and I thought it was well done to have a some kids obstacles in parallel with the main course. As others noted, the major issue was the hold up at the cargo crawl right near the end. They should have had a kids one separate to adults because trying to get 5 over at a time was just not working.
After the kids I then did the 10kms. What I liked in particular was the challenging terrain ie. a lot more up and down hills than other events I've done. I liked that the obstacles varied from easy to medium, though I thought a couple were pretty lame (what was with that one where you effectively crawl through a large low box with a couple of foam pieces hanging down??? Should have been a kids obstacle!). I missed the slide altogether apparently because of the queues so that sucked. I did enjoy though getting fire hosed while climbing the barrels and I thought the dual tyre carry was clever ... though sadly there was not enough and people were queuing!! I also thought for a short course there were not enough obstacles. Brumby Run at Echuca had a much better mix and spacing of obstacles than Stampede. There was a good amount of water stations and they had showers which was great, and the checkin process was really simple. We'll be back again next year, primarily for the kids and hopefully the adults will be better.

- Mark V, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis being my 3rd Stampede it wasn't as good as previous years. It was definitely drier with a lot less mud being later in the year. It seemed to have a whole lot less obstacles with more gaps in between for more running Loved the zapper, ice bath and slide...but need more mud...

- Marg P, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingStill love this event for pure fun factor. Love that I can get over all the obstacles unaided. Love love love the slip and slide. The lack of bag drop meant I didn't hang around after I ran as once I trekked back to me car to get my gear I just changed and left. There were a lot of delays at a obstacles. I think a lot of that was due to a lack of volunteers. Also they had shut down the slip and slide when we went past so we had to double back later when it re-opened (no way I was missing that puppy).
Some suggestions for them - 
- Your showers have been rubbish every year, so instead of making the last obstacle so muddy, make it a water one so we don't need to spend so long washing off. Or get one of your firefighters to hose off the masses. 
- There was no photographer at the finish line. We like finish line photos.
- A bag drop would have meant I got changed near the village and would have stayed around to eat.
- Have a separate line for finishers that only want the headband or medal as we had to wait ages while people tried on T-shirts.  

I still love this event, it's great fun for newbies and veterans alike. But they need to attract more volunteers. Overall would recommend doing it though.

- Rebecca G, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first stampede and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to take on the challenge. I ran the 10km course at Wandin Park and absolutely LOVED it. The obstacles were mentally and physically challenging but fun and exhilarating - my personal favourite was the ice bath and the water slide! The event was well organised and had an amazing vibe. I'll definitely be returning!!!

- Renee K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAs my first stampede I was very dissapointed. The range of obstacles was very small, and I think I spent as much time waiting as running. That said, the event did have a very friendly atmosphere, the kind you get more with smaller obstacle races and less with the big ones. Also the kids race looked ace. I'd say stampede looks to be a great beginner/entry level obstacle race, but for anyone who is looking to really run, you better brin the first few waves of the day.

- Michael C, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLoved it. The weather was perfect and that always helps. I have read the reviews and can say that we ran the 9.20 wave so missed the kids and there were plenty of supportive staff all the way through the 10kms. Parking, registration etc was seamless. The obstacles were great......The Stampede is advertised as a fun obstacle race and hence isnt meant to be too gruelling!! Great idea to have the ice bath and zapper at the beginning of the race. The highlight obstacles for me this time around was the slide and the dam whilst being sprayed off the barrels with water hoses!!! I also loved the crawls and the frames - they were all good fun. Must say I missed the blackened cave this year...... Ill be back for sure

- Julianne W, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFun mud course.  Only did the 5kms as it was my daughters first taste at obstacle events.  Lots of fun obstacles with no major challenges but this just made for an enjoyable course and a fun way to spend an afternoon.  Only two obstacles had waiting times, the slide and the cargo net at the end.  Not sure why the little kids were mixed in with the adults for the cargo net as this delayed things greatly.  All in all, it was a fun event.

- Kari H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my third Stampede. Was the worst out of all of them. Poor obstacles, delays at the slide and the cargo net were ridiculous. Meeting up with the Junior STAMPEDE at obstacles and waiting for them to all finish. Hardly any official photographers, some drink stations without anyone manning them (queue up and pour your own drink), and no bus to climb over. Seemed to me like the budget was tight this year which is a shame because I loved the previous two.

- Lee N, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingIt was a great run could have done with a few more obsticals...

- Jacqui D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingfirst time stampeder, loved it, awesome way to end 2014! great combination/ range of obstacles from physically challenging to mentally challenging and some easy but different and fun. Great idea to put the electric shocks and the ice bath right next to the spectators. Well organised, easy parking and rego. Good to see so many water stations on a very hot day. Well done stampede, see you again next year.

- Andrew T, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFirst Stampede. Due to a foot injury only took on the 5 km. I thought the course was awesome. Not to much mud but when there was it was top quality.Food availability was great afterwards. Bit confusing afterwards as to whether you had a choice of a headband, medal or t.shirt but no biggie. Only downs, please Mr Stampede, next year more loos, a bag drop, and more indication of the 10 km turn off. The kids course looked amazing. Would have been a great intro to obstacle course running. 9/10. If this has spelling mistakes I apologise. I hate typing on my phone

- Marg C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratinglast year we volunteered in the morning, and ran the 5K in the afternoon. however, nobody came to relieve us, and we ended up just saying that's enough after 5 hours! so this year we just paid. so my sister daughter and I signed up early and paid for the 10klm. my sister hurt her knee yesterday, and could not compete. so I took my daughters friend instead. had to pay a $44 transfer fee! WHAT FOR?? to cross my sisters name out and give her bib to someone else? entry to these events is not cheap, and the extra$44 was a total rip off. obviously im not the only unhappy volunteer, as they clearly ran out, lots of drink stations with rubbish everywhere, and no people. even a couple of obstacles. and why were kids running with the adults? it was terrible. and dangerous. not enough obstacles (said the same last year) its more a foot race. the debacle at the water slide, wait forever, and then they wont let you wear your go pro. yeah, im just going to hand it over! so I had to miss the slide. last year we were the greeters at the end of the race, and made a real effort to cheer everyone over. there was no one there today!! ive done thewarrier dash, a couple of operation blackhaks, a warrior snow challenge, and now 2 stampedes. the others id do again (especially Blackhawk, simply the best) but I wont be going back to the stampede. an absolute rip off.

- Joanne D, Intermediate Obstacle Racer


2013 Reviews

mudsplat ratingSuper event, flew in from sydney throughly enjoyed the 10klm obsticals, the slide was my favourite obstical. Loved every bit of mud, had soo much fun. Told everyone and anyone who would listen to me about the stampede and how much fun it was.
Thanks to the friendly helpers around the course. The photos were great, looking at them makes me want to do it all again!.

Cant wait till next year!

- Mandy R, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat day and a huge improvement on last year with new and more challenging obstacles. Everyone should give Stampede a go, it gives you a goal to train for and makes you feel like you achieved something when you run through that finish line !!..
Only one thing that my group weren't happy with was an over active Gladiator at the end who thought he had a baseball bat and was swinging at everyone as hard as he could..

- Lee N, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFantastic day my first obstacle race and I had a ball was well run and heaps of fun looking forward to doing it again next year

- Billy M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWell done on stepping up from last year's event with some new and challenging obstacles. Just a few bottle necks plus the traffic volunteer allowing cars through whilst we racers had to wait. All in all we had a fun family day. The Stampede is a terrific family event, kids course was awesome, load of fun and mud. Very doable obstacle course.

- Jackie M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating-check in smooth
-cloak room very friendly
-set up well with layout, n Red Bull tent for seating, seating great idea!! People even picnic-ed, which just added to the already joyful atmosphere
- obstacles, were excellent, well thought out and executed! Not one dodgy slapped up stand! Very happy for me, being a loner!
-loved the mud, the bus, the slippery dip was awesome!! I don't like walls, but thought the idea of the climbing holds was good. I have a habit of falling off them on the dismount, but that just me! 
- the mud moguls sucked! sticky slippery clay, i was flopping around in the for at least 20mins! But achieved it! so still a win
- couldnt master the ropes, again :( oh well The whole course challenged me, humbled me and rewarded me. The people were friendly, and the volunteers were fantastic! The firies were very good shots with their hoses! 
And the Stampede Junior was a huge hit with my children, although my 9 yr old was miffed she didnt get to climb the bus! A great day, and cant rate it high enough for organisation, atmosphere, and plain class. U have set the bar, on the standards all other events should be at with their obstacles, for variety and challenge! Well done The Stampede Melbourne 2013 team, job well done! We will be back!

- Anna S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWas my first obstacle race ever. And I must say I had so much fun. Was impressed with my time too. Under 2 hours for the 10km! Some of the waits at obstacles didn't bother me either. Gave me time to get my breath back and kick on! Was very challenging. Loved the constant mud pits. Slip n slide was a highlight. Organisation with the event as a whole was A+. I'll be back for sure!!

- Shane L, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat event, had lots of fun thanks to all the people there.
Mud Slide was definitely the highlight, also the nasty combination of esky bath and the bug zapper afterwards got you really awake.
Only minus is that the event ended so fast: we were at the end when the volunteers raved and once we finished (20 min before the cut off) most people had left and the event was half way into closing down.
Nevertheless would love to do this again!

- Ben H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad an AWESOME time once again. Lots more mud this year. Weather was horrible but not your fault in that department. The obstacles were a bit harder this year. Will be back next year ... Bring on The Stampede 2014

- Rebecca R, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad an awesome time popping my obstacle cherry.
Only feedback was the balance beam. I watched a guy take an awful tumble trying to step from the balance beam to the individual posts. Maybe be best to ditch the posts & just have the one long up and down beam.

- David F, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat fun ,no pressure and lots of fantastic comradery .This was my first time but it  won't be my last. For an old girl of 53 I had some reservations but they quickly disappeared into all the mud and laughter .thanks for a great stampede Wandin.

- Sue M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating2nd time Melbourne Stamper, was great getting back to where my obstacle racing addiction began.  
A top class event, everything was brilliant from check in, to the parking,  to the variety of obstacles and beautiful countryside. The water slide was amazing and I didn't get stuck this year.
The food afterwards was great and the beer went down well for this non-drinker except for after an obstacle race.
Amazing helpful volunteers, no spectator fees, and very little congestion at abstacles. Very nice looking gladiators and fire pits to warm up later :) I did the second half of the 10k as a lone Ranger and had loads of help from 'randoms'. Easily doable as a loner.
Great to see kids getting involved in the junior course.
The only thing I would ask for is a banana on course and maybe a medal or dog tags to take home, and the 'warm up guy' wasn't really pumping up the group. A spectator map would have been handy for a reference for family and friends.
I'll definitely be back in 2014.

- Seana L, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI had an absolute blast at The Stampede yesterday.  I completed it last year with my hubby and this year we had a team of around 16 people from my boot camp.  I've experienced a few obstacle racers but The Stampede is by far my favorite.  In our group most of us did the 10km course but it was fantastic to have the 5km course for others.  The obstacles were heaps of fun and the slide into the water was incredible.  Having lots of friendly volunteers and water stops made it a really enjoyable day.  Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to next year !

- Loretta G, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingIt was my first time running the Stampede and I have to say overall it was a very well run event.

Positives : Bag Check , Good Variety of obstacles , Shower Set up , the course with a lot of mud was excellent , Check in was faultless , enjoyed getting changed in the middle of 2 fresh cow turds in the change area , Volunteers were excellent and very helpful and parking. 

Negatives: Not to many to mention actually , what I would say is the obstacles that have the potential to cause a bottle neck ie Bus Stop , Tyre climb and could be put in the back half of the run .The only obstacle I was not sure about was not sure the name is correct , the cave I think , right idea but it caused a jam inside  as I was going through , but that was only a minor complaint.

Will I be back next year : Yes no worries about it .

- Scott B, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI'm 9 and did my first obstacle race. It was lots of fun but it wasn't long enough! I could have done 5km. I think it needed harder obstacles and more of them.
From Mum- kids had a wonderful time but it definitely needed to be either longer or have the option of unlimited laps. My three year old was also dying to have a go, so I'll be testing him out in the junior spartan. A little kids race could be a good option. We loved it!!

- Talia A, Rookie Obstacle Racer and Junior Stampeder

mudsplat ratingI had an awesome time, I ran as a female without a team and was able to do the obstacles unaided which I was wrapt about, after doing TM in sept. there were obstacles without male help there is no way u could have achieved! So I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the event I did the 10km which is a comfortable distance with some really fun obstacles, who can say they have crawled under and climbed over and slide across cars, climbed over a bus, giant slide soooooo much fun, squirted by fire hoses unbelievable, the mud pit so much laughter it was a great interval workout while having fun at the same time, well organized from parking to the awesome pressure of the showers and a great area for women to get changed loved the Stampede I'll be back!!!

- Christina M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFirst off, well done to The Stampede for making this a great event. Thanks to the volunteers for helping, these events can't go ahead without you guys and girls.

I set off in the first wave of the day and loved the whole 10kms. The obstacles were fun the course itself was great with not too much running between obstacles but enough to start filtering people out so that we weren't all reaching the obstacles at the same time. Great to see some photographers out on course, I love this and rely on my photos afterwards to help keep the memories. Especially when there is no medal :( although I saw the kids got one so maybe it's in the pipeline for us adults? 

Atmosphere before and afterwards was great, love having the little fire pits to stand around after having your shower and cleaning up. 

Well Done The Stampede!

- Vicki M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingMy very first obstacle race , started training 5 weeks ago , and boy did this test me, the running thru mud and up down hills meant very tired legs, the ice bath, the water slide and water works were my fav's . All my fellow stampeders were so friendly .it made for a great day .
Already booked in for Melbourne 2014 . Will train harder for next year . 
well done to all the organisers and volunteers . this was a first class event . Thanks for a great day. + Safety aspect was 1st class too.

- Steven W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAwesome event,

Last years Stampede in Sydney was the one that got me hooked on obstacle racing, and i have done quite a few over the year.... this event was great .... Great Atmosphere... Great MUDDY course..... Great volunteers....    
The only gripe i have (and its not that bad) is that there is no token momento at the end of the race to add to my wall...  no headband or medal or plastic mug ... (I'm not complaining about the t shirt that was great ,,   but i still had nothing to put with my other momentos) 
Apart from that i would have given it a 10..  there were a few hold ups at some obstacles ( not ridiculous ) but with that many people u need to expect that a little, 
Great work Stampede .... by far the event that anyone can do and have a ball with ....  this is one we wont miss!!!

- Mel G, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFirst obstacle event and 10 times more fun than I thought it would be. Ice bath and electric shocks not as scary as anticipated. Water slide, on the other hand, terrifying and exhilarating. Went off at the 9.00 am waive. Found competitors were well spaced on the course with very little wait at obstacles.

- Catherine F, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis is our second time at stampede it was so well organized, I loved that you do a kids race my son loved it only thing he hated was the cold shower perhaps a heated shower only for kids?? Loved all the obstacles the only one I couldn't complete was rope climb too slippery with all the mud on my hands! Love that it is becoming a family event! What a fantastic day and a big thank you to all organizers and the volunteers who did an amazing job! The amount of time and effort that goes into organizing an event like this is so worth the ticket cost!

- Bianca F, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingStampede Melbourne was fanmuddytastic!!!!!! Had an absolute ball. Have participated in other obstacle courses and would have to say this was my favourite!!!!!  The water slide was soo much fun. Only thing I would change is less mud at the finish line so it's not such an effort to clean up. We had a long way to drive home caked in mud. But overall thank u. Had a blast!!!

- Ali P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI completed the 10km Obstacle course and I LOVED it. It was very well organised, heaps of challenges, lots of mud and lots of fun. Our team had an absolute ball. We did have to wait a little for some of the obstacles.  The water slide was the best. :)   It would of been nice to have 1 swimming event.  But other then that it was the best experience  ever..  Thank you :)

- Linda A, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI am 45 years old and was over weight and unfit. Started training 3 months ago.

My first attempt at an obstacle course. Took on the 10km and loved it. Will definitely come back. Thank you Stampede.

Maybe a clean water swim before the Sunday Roast would be good, to get rid of all the mud.

- Paul M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAWESOME!!!!

- Rach K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingDone the stampede for the first time and loved the experience, everyone was so helpful and gave you a hand where needed and a chat along the day. The staff were also very professional, will certainly be doin it again but next time maybe lll do the 10km 

- Tracy P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first obstacle race. I did the 10km course (I was in the 10am wave Saturday 26th at Wandin) and loved it!  So much mud, such a great atmosphere. It was really well organised and the wait for the obstacles was less than I thought it would be.
There were enough obstacles that were too challenging to give me a goal for next year (complete them all!) with enough I could complete to make me happy.

- Fiona W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my very first time doing any type of run and it was amazing.  We had 3 adults and 5 kids doing the stampede and 2 adults then did the  5 km. the kids absolutely loved it and wanted to do  it again. 
The best part of adult run was the slide. We also loved going over the bus and cars. We didn't even mind getting the electric shocks. 
We know the junior run was a first time event and the kids did enjoy it immensely  but maybe just a couple more obstacles next time would be great. Not that the kids were asking for that. 
We can't wait to come back again next year. I'm hoping to get more people to come with us and do the 10km run. 
Thanks so much to everyone involved. Everyone was very kind and positive there. 
It was a fantastic day.

- Kathleen P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingDone my first Stampede in Melbourne yesterday and had a blast. Everyone was friendly and most people helped others out. Was an enjoyable day. I will be coming back!

- Mark R, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first obstacle course after losing a lot of weight and being at the gym for a year!  The 3 other girls i ran with - we were all rookies and all loved it!!!  Event was well set up - only suggestion would be more tables and chairs for afterwards!!!  We only had to wait for 2 obstacles - the see saw and the slide, but even then the wait time wasnt horrible!  We absolutely had a ball and recommend it to anyone!  We will be back next year to hopefully tackle the 10k!!!!

- Sarah C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingA big congrats to The Stampede for a fabulous event with loads of awesome improvements from last year. From the closer parking, to the new and improved course, special mention to the dark room thingy and the much-improved slippery dip, to the seating area for spectators at the finish line, to the guys helping to cut shoelaces at the end when your fingers are too cold and swollen to do it yourself, to the security riding around the parked cars etc etc etc etc. The list could go on forever! Let's just say The Stampede 2013 rocked and it was fabulous to see The Stampede improving and getting better every year. Thank you for a great day!!!

- Mellina R the Scary Surgeon, Team Muddy Medics and Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLoved it! Thank you.

- Lynn B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWell some again to the stampede staff and volunteers for pulling off another superb event and wandin park, Melbourne. Obstacles were great with only a few hold ups along the way.

Disappointing that the ropes were too slippery/muddy to actually grip (maybe station it at a point where participants aren't so muddy?) The see-saw obstacle was good but caused a bank up too... Maybe a couple of extras would ease the congestion. 

And finally- whilst a good muddy pic at the end is great.... Finishing with something like the water work would also be great as it would minimize the need for showers, allow participant to grab their bags straight away and probably be more likely to hang around eating/drinking.

hanks again stampede- highly recommend this to people of all fitness levels!

- Laurynda G, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFirst ever stampede had a ball froze my butt off but was great fun I won't to do it again next year.almost killed me and feeling in pain now. Gonna train for next year so I will survive my next stampede. Thx for a great day.

- Jamin B, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was the second time I have done The Stampede Melbourne and won't be the last. 
The venue was great, the amount of mud was awesome, the obstacles were fresh with a few I haven't come across before. The added option of multi laps was great giving me a chance to really test myself over a longer distance.
The atmosphere is probably what really stood out today. It was coldish, overcast with a hint of drizzle at times but the smiles and laughter were in abundance. Back at Stampede central everyone just seemed to be happy, relaxed and enjoying themselves. Plenty of food options, with plenty of places to sit and relax and exchange tales of what of great time everyone had.
Well done Stampede, an event that definitely goes on the recommended list.

- Kevin P, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingRan the 5 km version of the Stampede today with an obstacle course first timer. Getting registered and bag drop was quick and efficient. The course itself was very well laid out and signposted. The obstacles were mainly fun, challenging enough for first timers to get an idea.  It looked quite easy for spectators to get around too and see parts of the course. Big ticket items like to the bug zapper were located at the start so everyone could watch. 
Particularly loved the dark tunnel - lots of fun and hands touching everywhere owing to the zero visibility!  The slippery slide was awesome fun - my personal favourite.  We were the 10:20 wave and did have to wait at a few obstacles - around 10-20 minutes at the see saw and slippery slide. 
Location was picturesque, easy to find. Some queuing in the morning to get a park but not too bad. Did notice as we were leaving that some cars were triple parked and one lady who wanted to leave could not. Perhaps the parking organisers should have kept a closer eye on this?
Showers were the hang down hose style like at Tough Mudder. Adequate water pressure and not long to wait. Apparently cold showers but didn't actually feel too bad. Great range of food and a bar - bonus!  Although some chicks were annoyed at the inability to swap their free beer for a cider. 
My first timer friend loved it - has caught the obstacle racing bug and we will be back next time. Hopefully for the 10 km!

- Lise D, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingSecond time my wife and  I have The Stampeded Melbourne and we both think it was better than last year. Being an early wave, car parking was good, registration and bag check went smoothly.  The course was different to last year, (more challenging this year) and some of the newer obstacles were a challenge.  Did it with a group of friends, some who hadn't done an event likes this before and they said it was brilliant.  Our 14 year old daughter also completed it  and she is now hooked on obstacle races, (Just have to get our 18 year old son hooked).  Only downer for the day, slippery slide did not seem as long as last year, but it seemed steeper but was still great fun.

Overall had a blast and can't wait until next year

- Mick G, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingA great event for a variety of different abilities. Obstacles offer an easy and hard option so most people can have a go. I completed the 10km option and had a great time. There is a 5km option which again caters for different fitness and ability levels. My only negative remark is that there were a few bottle necks at a few obstacles which meant that you begin to cool down plus I guess I'm impatient lol. But overall a great event and I would definitely do it again!!

- Thomas P, Legend Obstacle Racer


2012 Reviews

mudsplat ratingThis was my first ever obstacle event, done in Melbourne in October 2012 and I was a bit nervous and I'm by no means a hard body hard core racing machine. But I just thought I'm gonna go and get amongst it and give it everything.
So what can I say, well, I loved it loved it loved it! every mouthful of mud, every tumble, maybe not so much the electrocution but I was challenged at ecery step of the way and my body knew about it for days after!
There were only 2 minor things for me - had to wait a really long time to do the water slide, and was frozen to the bone after that (ran up the hill that followed - problem solved) and that without the supposrt of the 2 males that were in our group I might not have had a hope in hell in getting over some of the obstacles.
But did I love it, hell yes. Will I be back next year, leaner and tougher, hell yes!!!!

- Shelley B

mudsplat ratingThe Stamped Melbourne on Saturday October 27th. I did the event with my Mum (Mary) aged 61. My Mum was awesome. If she can do it anyone of you can you "No Excuses".  

We started at 9am in the second group. Down the straight and around our first corner. Mum falls backwards into the Mum. I couldn't help her as we where both laughing so much. We had an absolute blast. Mum did more than half of the obstacles. My Mum is awesome. Mum went over hay bales, down the big slide, over walls, through tunnels, over tyres.

At the half way point we where stuffed but we kept on going. We where so pleased to have finished. I kept yelling go Mum along the course. Everyone that passed yelled go Mum. She had her own cheer squad. Covered in mud head to toe and mud in places mud shouldn't be.

We had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year. Mum is so proud to have bragging rights that she did the event and the 10km course. Good on you Mum. :-)

- Melanie H

mudsplat ratingHad a blast! Obstacles were not challenging at all.....although fun, I expected it to be a lot harder. I do realise you have to cater to the majority however. 
perhaps next year you could have 2 lanes, one for runners and the other for walkers.
I reckon > 80% walked which made it painful for those that wanted to run....
Waiting time was ridiculous at many obstacles and this to me is a major problem, has put me off doing TM as well, as I hear they had similar issues last year. It costs a lot to enter and to be held up at EVERY obstacle is not on.
I'd probably not bother doing stampede again due to waiting times at obstacles. However, the entertainment and organisation , set up and staff were awesome! 
Fix the waiting times, maybe chuck In a few mOre challenging obstacles as options for those,that wanna bit more of a challenge.

- Claire L

mudsplat ratingThe Stampede was amazing - so much fun! Didn't know how I'd go doing 10km as I've never been one for running... but that was amazing! Jumping over fire, wading through an ice bath, climbing over buses and crawling through mud. Seeing my friends faces as they crossed the finish line was amazing! Was one of the best things I have ever done in my life!

- Amelia S

mudsplat ratingOnly complaint, I expected a lot more upper body challenges..... a number of the obstacles could have been tougher.
Otherwise it was great. Had a ripper time. The course was ideal (10k version). Would be nice to add another 5k and have a 15k version also. I will be back.
I would suggest having a 10k line at each obstacle - so the fitter competitors are not held up by those having a social day out.
Thanks for a great day.

- Michael C

mudsplat ratingHi 
I have done a few OCR's now so decided to add my 5 cents worth as I am a big fan and love these events and support what the good folks at "Obstacle Racers Australia" are about.
Totally enjoyed "the Stampede, Melbourne" the whole set-up was 1st class with parking, registration, bag check etc beng totally seamless !!
The course itself was a real challenge and having done both "TM" Sydney and Melbourne I think a much tougher run (shorter but tougher) due mainly to the hills...up and down all day !!! Great stuff and a real challenge.
The obstacles were a great mix, the usual mud, crawl, climb types some were very tough! Not sure of all the names but the "Everest" type wall was brutal! There will be a few sore bodies after running into that bad boy ! Also the "cable reels" were also a good challenge to get over with limited hand holds !!
There were also a few wacky one which I enjoyed, not that they were that tough...just because they were different and brought a smile to my face ! The "devils cave" name ?? A completely dark barn , with haybales, pouring water etc to negotiate...just good fun!also the car wreck section,.....through, over and slide over the broken down cars (or was it the free car park) ??? Good stuff..
I'm not sure about the dumpster jump into apples/foam but that's ok...
The real highlight for most would be the giant water slide.... great speeds reached and a splash down into a pool of water at the end.....awesome!! One down side.....not many stick on competitor bibs survived!!!  Many that can be looked at in future...
Overall heaps of great obstacles will tough running In between to keep the heart rate up and legs burning
Once again the after race went seamlessly with bag check, drinks, food, showers all operating well...... There's always going to be a wait for the showers, that's just part of the day....
Would I do it again?? Hell, yes!
Would I travel  interstate to do a stampede ?Yes,  I would!
Oh 1 more thing.....great quality T-shirts 
And that's my 5 cents worth

- Nigel McI

mudsplat ratingThis is the first obstacle run course I have done since being in Australia, and it was brilliant. The Aussies certainly don't take any prisoners!
It was obstacle after obstacle and really really good fun.
I really enjoyed the giant slip and slide and the pitch black house with lots of watery obstacles inside was great, with the added difficulty of not being able to see anything at all added a brilliant extra element.
Loved the lake towards the end having to climb over barrels while getting hosed down with freezing cold water, and the gladiator style bit getting hit with pudril sticks.
And of course the bug zapper - that was definitely electrocution.
Only slight draw back was that there was quite a large queue for the A frame.
Overall though I loved it and will definitely be back next year - massive thumbs up.

- Rhian

mudsplat ratingWow, First ever obstacle race and had a blast. Really well run event. Few little hold ups but they moved on pretty quicky. It was great to see total strangers helping each othe out when it was needed. Cant wait for 2013!!!!

- Michael L

mudsplat ratingRan the 10K event. What a fantastic course. Enjoyed the giant slide and the ice cold bath is torturing. Loved the atmosphere of the event. A little disappointed there isn't any swimming obstacle as featured in the course description. The final mud crawl to the bugzapper and finish line is awesome with mud all over the place. The bugzapper is a little lightweight but overall definitely worth the money! 
Highlights: Giant slide, Everest Climb, Bug Zapper

- Amir R

mudsplat ratingThis was my first obstacle course and I had a blast!!  It was organized well and getting out there and doing it was alot of fun.  I was in the third wave and we only had one hold up everything else seemed to be running smoothly.  Will be back next year!!

- Nikki

mudsplat ratingFantastic 10K event today out at Wandin Park Equestrian Centre ran in the 9am wave, great course, lots of fantastic obstacles, some a little challenging, quite hilly in place, lots of mud (very smelly). Only complaint would be that there were a few hold ups at some obstacles,  which was a surprise considering we were in the 2nd wave, but no more that about 5mins wait. Giant Slip and Slide was the highlight. Definantly reccomend this event.


- Maryanne E


mudsplat rating

mudsplat ratingOut of the seven obstacle races I did in 2014 the Stampede was definitely my favourite!
Loads of obstacles, unique obstacles, a longer course than most, no queues at the obstacles and very professionally ran.
I am not super fit, but I could still attempted all but 2 of the obstacles and completed most.
We camped the night before and made a weekend of it which added to the experience.
A great atmosphere throughout the event and I can't wait for 2015!

- Natalie M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my second mud run this RAW being my first. I loved the setting and the atmosphere was amazing. I was wanting more obstacles and a bit more challenge. I found the toughest part running up the hills. I was very disappointed in the congestion at each opstacle. It was impossible to keep up any momentum . Did enjoy it and will definitely do it again .

- Catherine B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI was looking forward to the Stampede returning to the 'Valley' so expected big things. Had another great day but will say was not as impressed with this years course compared to previous years.
The Pros...
Parking, registration, bag drop, showers, food venders, toilets, change rooms all great. The central hub works really well, having the start and finish lines where spectators get a great view. Also having a few of the more trying obstacles (insert the F word here) in front of the crowd was fun.
Plenty of water stations on course, volunteers were encouraging and helpful (thankyou) :)
The Cons
I was really banging on to friends about the races in the valley and have to say I was a little disappointed with the quality and quantity of obstacles. I don't feel it was as well planned as previous courses.
There was no official photographer at the finish line taking happy snaps of people who had conquered the course. My sister was there taking photos of family and was often mistaken for 'the finish line photographer'. Luckily she was in a good mood and obliged many racers, taking their pics and then emailing to them.
This used to be my favourite obs race, I have to say it probably has lost that spot. Still a great day with family and friends.

- Sacha M, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingRace itself was great and the obstacles were challenging but fun. I do have one thing id like to see changed though which is volunteer training. I saw a man break his ankle on one of the stations and the volunteer didn't know how to use her radio which ment she wasn't able to call for assisstance. Using a similar system at work I figured it out quickly enough for her and other racers were able to drag him to he side and keep him calm. But everything else from registration, cloak room, water stations, facilities, etc were great. 

- Emily H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingOnce again, Stampede put on an awesome course.
Parking, rego, bag drop - seamless!!
Volunteers - informative, helpful and overall great!!
Loved the music throughout the course and heaps of water stations.
Over the entire course, was either covered in mud, and soaking wet - LOVED IT!!
Favourite obstacles: mud mile, slide, muddy mounds, pontoon bridge - was great fun.
Only obstacle didn't like was the rope swing onto net.
Great idea at the end to offer either shirt, medal or head band.
We'll be back next year. Well done Stampede!!

- Sam M, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAll in all a good day, I felt that they could of done more or different obstacles, a few were repeated throughout the course. Also, more challenging obstacles would of been good. But for the sake of just going out there with friends to have some fun it certainly ticked all the right boxes. 
Everything else, toilets, registration, bag drop, showers, food were great. Good to see they provided tables and chairs.

- Lauren P, Intermediate Obstacle Racer


2013 Reviews

The Stampede Race Report

mudsplat ratingHad a ball, great run well organised. Looking forward to 2014!
Did the 10km with my hubby and while it was a challenge... that is what we were there for. 
I loved the single file detour to the 'other side' of the valley where we took in a waterfall and a chance to cool off.
We also did the 1-2km Jr Stampede. My 2 boys would have like to see a lot more mud and a little more of a challenge, I think they would have even liked it to be a longer run for them.
Only improvement would be the Junior run.
There has been a lot of talk about the 'shirt or medallion' at the finish line, I would like to see both for all participants
Over all awesome muddy fun

- Tash W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

The Stampede (Saturday) 2013 was 1,000,000 times better that 2012. Glenworth Valley is the place to be. The obstacles were better planned and more challenging and the run was very scenic. I loved the run through the rainforesty waterfall gully area it was a very nice surprise. The mud was perfect, slippery rope climbs were challenging; giant slide was awesome fun, and the ice bath as always a shock to the system. The Stampede 2013 was still an easy 10km and an easier 5km but loads of fun and good for the newbie I took with me. The atmosphere was great. Count me in for the next one.mudsplat rating

- Josh A, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingMy first Stampede, and it was pretty good!! I did the 10km, but I found that my friends who do the 5km did all the really great obstacles anyway! Except for the rope swing into the cargo nets, which was heaps of fun!!
Didn't like the balance beam - it was so slippery with no soft fall. Also didn't like the rope bell climb, also too slippery. 
Loved the slip and slide and all the water obstacles. Abundance of drink stations, with taps to wash your hands - wonderful.
The only downer afterwards was the dressing areas - no roof!! This posed a problem for Sunday racers, as it was very difficult to change into DRY clothes in the RAIN!!!! Roof next year please!!!
Overall, a great day!

- Christine H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI had so much fun doing The Sydney Stampede on Saturday 16th Nov!!! It was challenging yet achievable!! There was never a dull moment whether it be crawling through mud, climbing over and under obstacles, swimming through ice water or sliding down a massive water slide!! 
I had so much fun working together with my team mates egging each other on and helping one another to get to the other side. I will (and have been) recommending it to EVERYONE to participate next year. I have done a couple of other events this year but The Stampede was definitely the best!!
All the volunteers and workers were so friendly and encouraging and made the experience so much better. I can't wait until next year's event!!

- Megan M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingDid the Junior Stampede with my 8yr son (who rated the event 9.7!)...we had a blast.
Extremely well organized from the parking lot through registration, the event and hub afterwards.
Good energy & vibe, clearly everyone was having a good time.  Highly recommend for all families with young children.  My son is "counting the sleeps" until the next Stampede.  
Kudos to the organizers and fellow participants.

- Tim B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAwesome event! Loved the obstacles and the volunteers.  The 10km course was so scenic.  I loved the ice bath to bug zapper and the clay pit to sliding rope climb.  Slide was awesome and the 15 min wait to get on went pretty quick. 

Maybe good idea not to have the bell ring rope climb and balance beam so soon after the sticky mud pit, but something for the organisers to reflect on. 

Organisation and vibe on the day was really positive.  Can't really fault it. 

Will be back for sure.

- Brad J, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAwesome time had yesterday in the rain & plenty of mud This event was a tie with True Grit for my fav this year :-) Best obstacles , no duds & nice trail run under a water fall Looking forward to 2014 as Stampede has raised the bar !

- Nicole B, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI was dragged along to this event by family members and didn't have great expectations but on completing the course I must say it was awesome. I had a ball. Loved the slide, the pontoon water runs and getting so damn muddy. Well organised re showers, parking, food and drink stalls and overall a great day out. I'll be back and dragging others along next time

- Nick M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingYay, finally we get to go back to the Valley. By far the best race I have done all year even if not as long as some others. The terrain at Glenworth Valley always makes for a great day.
Finally ...mud, that thick, stinky, putrid kind we all know and love.
On a whole a very enjoyable day even though it was very wet (we went Sunday). Volunteers once again great with a lovely lady squirting us with soap (finally someone has listened) for the giant water-slide, whoa what a ride that was.
There were a few new obstacles and the course was well laid out. Those who completed the 10km were rewarded with a lovely bush walk/waterfall.
Parking was better than the past as the start wasn't miles away which is what happens down in the Valley.
Biggest negative for me was the policing of the 10km/5km split. There was nobody policing this and again, I really don't understand how there can be when people lose bibs etc. Why have varied entry price, let people decide on the day as that is basically what they do now, and those of us that pay the extra get somewhat peeved. Is why only 9 mudsplats for me.
Hoping it stays at the Valley for next year and I will be back :)

- Sacha M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWhat a great Event!!
Glenworth Valley is alway a great location.
Plenty of parking close to the course. Well organised check in and free bag drop. Great scenery and natural terrain with plent of hills!!
Always good obstacles with a few new ones like the pontoons and rope swing that were plenty of fun!
The Junior course was great as an introduction for the younger kids and even a toe in the water for adults that are a bit worried about doing a longer course.
Overall a great course and a great day had even in the terrible weather!!

- Brendon W, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI've done a load of different running events and The Stampede really out did them all! Had an amazing day with 4 of my mates. We were blown away by the course and the obvious effort that goes into setting up the obstacles. The entire day was executed magnificently and we truly had a ball. What a way to spend a Saturday. Amazing! Thank you! I'll be back next year :)

- Laura C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingIf I could only pick one event it would be The Stampede.
The good Point where plenty of car parking (you don't has walk far to and from the event), Free bag drop, Plenty of drink stations, heap of different kinds of obstacles.
When we got to the rope that you need climb up the wall (the one near the end) There was no mud on the wall or bottle necks like last year - Excellent improvement. 
I love the waterfall - It was so nice running under it.
Some bad point/ room for improvement - The slip and slide had a bottle neck which would taken 30min to be able to do this obstacle with we end up skipping this obstacle which was disappointing because I enjoy this last year
I saw a girl with broken ankle which look really bad at the balancing beams this was probably due the clay of mud before hand. 
Favourite Obstacle of the day would have been swinging into the net , the water lily pads obstacle and running under the waterfall (which not really an obstacle but a nice touch)
The Stampede has more positive then negative and will be back next year.

- Tracey C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat event guys!  My 10th obstacle race, and my 2nd Stampede event.  Did the 10km this year.  Some fun obstacles and some challenging ones.  Loved the rope swing into the cargo net.  Plenty of mud.  Really good use of the natural terrain - winding over the rocks around that waterfall - brilliant!

Plenty of water stations - although today (Sunday) was raining and damn cold, but other organisers could learn from the plethera of water stations.  Well done there.

As usual, volunteers do an outstanding job.  I always make an effort to thank them, and standing in the rain is a thankless task, I'm sure.

Yep, I'll do it again next year - a fun and worthwhile event (even if it was a 4.5 hour drive!)

- Michelle K, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingUnbelievable day at our first 10km Stampede. A great challenging course. Loved all the mud, great scenery to run through, fantastic organization, lots of water stations manned by the wonderful volunteers and best of all I got to meet Dog. 
Fav obstacle - the pontoons
Least fav - the trauma tunnels 
Only downside was the mud on the balance beams and rope climbs made them difficult to negotiate.
See you again next year.

-Carolyn V. Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFantastic effort by the organisers! Very well organised, great layout, awesome obstacles. Also nice work on the festival afterwards, really good atmosphere. Real shame about the weather, but other than that it was a great day! Excellent location too! Thanks for mixin things up by changing the obstacles from last year, it's always good to get a surprise each year instead of doing the same thing each time. Few bottlenecks at the beginning but seemed to thin out after the 10km split. Only criticism- (I know some races don't even offer change rooms!) but undercover change rooms or atleast a table to put your things on would have been nice considering the weather. But overall the stampede crew should be extremely proud of themselves - definitely the most professionally organised race I've done which also seems to just get better each year!

- Kat H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingA great day - and oh SO much mud to be had!
Car parking, registration, bag drop and food areas were excellent in their service and efficiency.
The location was amazing to look at, when you stopped to take note of your surroundings. Of particular note, the section walking under the waterfall was just gorgeous.
The obstacles were fun and challenging. The volunteers were really helpful.
As others have noted, the clay section could have been positioned a little better fro safety - perhaps after the balancing beams and rope climbs and swings. The giant slide was awesome! All in all - a great day.

- Jane G, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingIt was my first race of this kind....LOVED IT, totally wish they had this on every month haha! The obstacles were amazing, as was the scenery at the waterfall - that slide at the end: WOW it was so fast, so much fun! The whole course was immense, had HEAPS of fun and many laughs the whole way! 

The only obstacle that should be moved to earlier on in the course was the rope climb because after the clay it was way too slippery to get any grip at all making it impossible to climb.

ALSO MORE PHOTOGRAPHERS at the obstacles - thats the only regret i have - not having more awesome photos to remember it by! 

But the actual course and event definitely deserves a 10/10!!!!! 

(Did the Electric Run the same night....wow am i sore this morning bahaha wouldnt recommend 2 events in one day, not another after stampede anyway haha!)

- Caleb H, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first go at The Stampede and I loved it !!!
I did the 10km run and it was a challenge, given the terrain and the extra mud on the obstacles.
I loved the back to back ice bath to bug zapper which was more of a mental challenge.
I also liked the variety of mud that the organisers managed to get their hands on, the clay was a heap of fun.
My favourite obstacle would have to be the slip and slide, although the wait to do it added a bit to my time.
Overall the event was well organised and everyone I spoke to had a great day.
I would have liked to get one of those medals that the kids received for completing their course.
I will do it again next year and bring along a couple of mates to have fun too.

- James G, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingMudsplat rating guys!!! 
What a fantastic day, a team of 8 of us girls flew from Gold Coast just for the event after running the Brisbane event earlier this year and 4 other obstacle races during the year Loved everything from start to finish and everything in between. Can't wait to book next years flights an tickets, Stampede, Kel's Army will be back !!
Well done again guys couldn't fault it at all!!!
See you soon!!

- Zoe C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat course, great fun!!

- Melanie M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first attempt at 10km and I was so pumped about being back at Glenworth Valley for the Stampede after doing my first mud run there a couple of years ago at Warrior Dash (hail storm year!).

I was disappointed to find that the location wasn't the same and that there would be no river crossings but I didn't mind this course and the scenery was spectacular at the 10km route waterfall. 

But i'm pretty disappointed about a few things. I'm a big girl but ready to attempt any obstacle that I don't think I'll kill myself on lol, and was really looking forward to doing a couple that I hadn't seen before, like the rope swing into the cargo net. Unfortunately most of the balancing/high climbing obstacles were placed after a lovely swim through an awesome clay mousse which stuck to you better than mud and there was no dam or spray down to remove a lot of it before trying the climbing obstacles. There was no way I was going to attempt the balance beam with an extra 2kg of clay on my shoes and I found it impossible to get a good enough grip on any of the ropes afterward. I know that a lot of other racers did do them regardless and that my larger size was on obstacle in itself but I know that I would have been able to do at least 4 of the awesome obstacles that I missed (most I have completed successfully in previous races) if I had been able to rinse off the clay.

The ice bath was awesome and i had my first run through the volts which was great. I loved the trek through the rainforest and under the waterfall, scenic and treacherous :) My 11yr old son raced for the first time in the Junior Stampede and he had a fantastic time, he only wishes that is was longer as he finished it in about 15min....I would like to be able to take him on the 5km run next time. Friends travelled nearly 2 hours just to let their son run with ours and although they don't regret this experience they probably won't return unless there was a longer race option for the kids. It was awesome to see so many kids there!!
I am proud to have done 10km and I hope they change a few things but all in all we still had a good time and got to roll in mud!

- Judith W, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThe Stampede Sydney was AWESOME!!!
My First time doing an obstacle course event and absolutely loved it!!!
Completed the 10km track and had the best time at every obstacle and had many great laughs out of them.

Thank you for all the organizers and volunteers and everyone running the event ,it was so well managed and everything went so smoothly on the day  I will definitely be back for STAMPEDE 2014 SYDNEY :D :D

- Angela L, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingRan the 10km distance in the last wave on Sat event.
Rego, bag drop and volunteers were awesome!! 
Absolutely loved the location. This was our first event at Glenworth Valley and fantastic. Loved the 'difficult route' in the 10km race, climbing under and around the water was picturesque. 
Loved the variety of mud - there was watery, dark and smelly, cake mixture consistency, felt like porridge. and mud that stuck too us for most of the event - Loved it!!!
Favourite obstacles:
Pontoon run - always wanted to have a turn.
Bus climb - was fun!
Rope swing onto Net - loved it.
Water slide - felt like a Goonie :)
Least favourite:
Rope climb - couldn't get a grip on the rope, alot of us, by passed this as felt like holding onto toothpaste.
We didn't experience any bottlenecks, and in some cases, didn't see anyone (as last wave).
My only feedback - the shirts were all mens sizes.....as approx. half the participants are female, couldn't we get female sizes??
Overall loved the variety of mud, loved the obstacles and overall loved the event! Was a great day!!

- Sam & Stu M, Intermediate Obstacle Racers

mudsplat ratingIt's gotta be the best fun you can do thats legal! :-)

- Jeff B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingMy first ever Stampede. Didn't know what to expect, but had seen it on the biggest loser. OMG what an amazing morning. Took us 2 hrs to do the 5km everyone was so helpful can't wait to next year after proper train.
GLENWORTH VALLEY is an amazing location.

- Mandy G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHit the mark this year... I noticed done of last years tough muddier course was included (and was tough as) and the views from under the waterfall, let's just say INCREDIBLE!!!!! Much better than last years... Harder, slower and more muddier than ever!!! I rated it very high!

- Annie G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAbsolutely awesome! Don't expect to be walking tomorrow, of course, but awesome nonetheless!!! Brilliant atmosphere, excellent course, no dramas at all. Thank goodness for the showers!!!

- Jess G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingJust did the stampede at peates ridge. This was just amazing. There were so many obstacles. No one was bunched up but you got to meet hundreds I friendly people along the way. I liked it more than I thought as people had told me about the tough mudder having huge runs between there obstacles. The stampede had small runs between and really interesting obstacles. The staff were really friendly and encouraging. Everything was thought of. And it wasSo easy to follow the course. The water slide was awesome and they let us go on it a few times! And the mud was awesome! Legends.

- Luke C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating1st ever obstacle run..I absolutely loved it! We did the 10km. Loved the mud, the obstacles and the atmosphere. Ice bath, electric shocks, climbing, crawling and laughing! Can't wait to do it all again next year!

- Zane O, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLove it!! What a great day so fun.. Group of my girlfriends thought we would give it a go but did not know what to expect.. 
The obstacles where unreal so challenging and fun... 
Wow recommend everyone give it a go..
Loved how friendly and helpful everyone was,even other people doing the course would give a hand / boosted to get you over lol...  
Body is absolutely sore but so worth it and would do it again.. 
Will do it again next year 2014..

- Beck W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingDid the 10k today.
Not the hardest race I have ever done (nor was it advertised as such), but it was by far the most fun that I have done.
Great location, great obstacles, great atmosphere, just a great day all round.  First 10/10 I have given.
If I were to wish one minor thing to be changed.  Maybe not have the muddiest obstacle on course as the last obstacle, it just makes post race logistics a bit of a nightmare.  Otherwise, I could not fault you at all, great effort team Stampede!

- Darren A, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWas saying to my fellow obstacle racers, there were definitely less cons than pros this year!
At first when there was a little line up, I was thinking, ohh no, here we go, its not even an obstacle and there is a queue!
turned out it was people not wanting to get their feet wet!! So I made a big splash and stacked it in the muddy water.. I think people realised afterwards, this isnt a clean fun run.
Loved the detour under a waterfall
Loved the ice bath and not long after the electric shock run- also i liked it that it was earlier on in piece. Felt like i could conquer anything after that.
It was Fun!
HEAPS of waterstations..!! perhaps other runs that were on not so long ago could learn from this.
Did see one broken ankle, maybe balancing beams shouldnt be right after a cream mud bath.
Line up for the slide, looked like it took forever so it was bypassed by many.
as this was a mud run.... there was HEAPS or mud!! and many colours too!!
Had a brilliant day! Will be back for my third stampede next year.
I give it a 9 as theres always room to improve :-) Thanks for a great day Stampede- keep the location for next year if you can!

- Mel L, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFirst Stampede for me, but done a couple of other obstacle courses. Great course, easy rego, good number of obstacles over the 10kms. Loved the big slide!

- Karen C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating1st timer!  I loved it!

- Tracey B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

2012 Reviews

mudsplat ratingThis was my first year at Stampede and I bloody loved every minute of it! I will definitely be back next year to do it all again, as its one of the best events I have been to so far. All of the bruises and scratches from the air pillows were definitely worth it!

Despite all of the set backs I have to say that they did an awesome job at organising the event and I would highly recommend it to anyone! 

I laughed most of the way and loved the fact that everyone was offering me a helping hand. The atmosphere was fantastic and I even managed to get up and have a dance afterwards.

I can't wait to do it again next year!

- Amy D

mudsplat ratingMy daughter and I did Valley Stampede this year absolutely awesome keen for more

- Kellie H

mudsplat ratingOMG... how insane was the Ice or 'Esky'?  This was the first time I did a 10km course and would never go back to the 5km.
The way everyone helps each other is fantastic!  Would highly recommend and WILL be doing it again!!
Oh, and next time I hope the bug zapper will be back! :)

- Tania C

mudsplat ratingAll I can say is wow, what a day! Best way to spend my birthday! So glad I talk my friends into these crazy things. Have never done anything like it before. The ice bath especially was intense. thought I might have to pull out then and there as my friend and I couldn't breath after getting out of it! But we managed to plow on and run it off. My advice is definitely do it, and definitely dress up, it makes it so much more fun. Like when I got to the top of the rock climbing wall to only then realize i had a fear of heights, and kind of froze, everyone kept cheering 'go Alice!' because I was dressed as Alice in wonderland! Love the moral support that you get at these kind of events, which you dont get as much for ones like city to surf. Everyone helps each other out and is just there for a good time, and to get a little muddy along the way!

- Jess G

mudsplat ratingBeing a gladiator in the morning for four hours was a big highlight. The atmosphere of all the stampeders challenging us to get them was fun for everyone.

The race was awesome, there were different obstacles and they were great.

I ran the 10k event and wasn't disappointed.

It was an awesome day !!! Thanks guys!

The only thing I would have liked would to have electric wires in the DEVILS CAVE, that would have been energizing!!!

- Ashlea F

mudsplat ratingI have done a few obstacle racers over the last couple of years and thought The stampede held on the Central Coast of NSW was one of the best. I loved that is wasn't a timed event, it meant I could take my time and have plenty of laughs ( not only at myself. )

Also being a Gladiator for a few hours in the afternoon was a highlight, never expected people to thank me for giving them a wack with a padded stick, for those of you who tried to duck or jump over the stick I apologise for the hurt you may have felt in area's that got in the way. But rest assure I have many bruises from your enthusiasm.

My favourite obstacle was diffidently the water-slide

- Siobhan H

mudsplat ratingI was heading in with lowered expectations due to the venue change feeling nothing could compare to then Glenworth valley, but I was pleasantly surprised with Kariong. I still think Glenworth is the best, but Kariong certainly holds its own. Closer to the freeway, parking was easy (for us) & their was a unique mix of urban running through the school and trail bush running, great spot for the all important slippery slide and a bit of novelty running past the high metal fences with barbed wire keeping the naughty kids in (Kariong Juvenile Justice Centre). 

The best part of the event was definitely the obstacles. Unique, new, challenging, and I have to tip my hat to the contingency planner for the event pulling this off with a last minute venue change.

Music was good, food & bev was ok, didn t partake in tomato fight because I was well and truly spent. 

Stampede 2012 rates as on of the best events I have ever done and I think they have actually improved on their inaugural event last year. Have to minus a mud splat for giving me a 5km bib instead of a 10km, a problem that was fixed within 2 seconds but still, I m a hard ass. Also a few long-ish waits at some obstacles. Did not like that cushion pillow thing, thought it needed more supervision with 30 people trying to clamber of it at the same time, it was a bit of a hold up and quite dangerous

PS I did not miss the Bug Zapper. Good riddance. Just hope it isn't a sign of government/council over regulating a fun event it which will no doubt push fees/insurance premiums even higher.

- Dave H

mudsplat ratingExcellent Event!! Most fun while exercising anyone could ever have!
Only my second obstacle event, expectations exceeded, goals smashed and I am HOOKED!  
Stampede did great job excellent location, course, set up. Parking, Check in, bag drop was a breeze. (waiting for late comers to our group on the other hand) 
Only hold ups were bottle neck at the stairs right at the start and climbing up the rope wall, but not enough to really stop you for very long.
Favourite would have to be the giant slip and slide! 
Gladiators did a great job!! Dissappointed I didn't get to join in bashing fellow racers :) 
I had alot more fun at Stampede then at Raw(while still enjoyed Raw), I think there was more variety in obstacles and better layout. Encouraging signs around the course made the running sections more enjoyable aswell.  
atmosphere at the end was more enjoyable. Lots of stands to look at and different food options. Waiting for food was probably longer then any of the obstacle waits! 
Would agree on more photographers at the finish line or "I survived" wall.  There was no one around when we finished. But spotted about half dozen in the food area, didnt really want a photo of me eating! 
Excellent Day Out!

- Kris M

mudsplat ratingAs first time Stampeders our expectations were not high. Perhaps a couple obstacles in a muddy field and  a couple of crazy competitors - but that was about it.

So we were amazed upon arriving to see the entire event set up, the thousands of competitors and the excitement that was being generated. We instantly "got the bug". 

As a husband and wife team we made our way around the 10km course, laughing and cursing, assisting fellow competitors and being assisted ourselves, all the time having outstanding fun in the mud. 

Favourite obstacles being the ice tub, long slide and getting smashed in the Gladiator Gauntlet.

The race over we wiped the mud off ourselves. But it will be sometime before we wipe off the smile the Stampede has left on our faces. Bring on the next one!

- Matthew Smith, Australian College of Sport and Fitness

mudsplat ratingSecond Stampede for me, and despite the regulatory issues forcing them to find a contingency venue at short notice they put on an awesome event that was just as good as the inaugural one down at Glenworth Valley! I was expecting the fact that we had to run through and around buildings and the like might detract from the atmosphere of the day, but I was pleasantly surprised to have my expectations totally blown out of the water.

After spending four hours on and off bopping people with the padded sticks at the Gladiator Gauntlet* (don't listen to the negative nancies - 97.3% of Stampeders seemed to get a hoot out the bops and bashes based on the number of giggles, squeals of delight and roars of challenge directed at us!) my friends and I took to the course ourselves.

There was a bit of bottlenecking at the stairs and a bit of a wait at obstacles like the ramp thingy and the fun bags, but aside from those two teeny tiny little points the course was excellently laid out with just the right amount of running between challenges. Best of all, there were three or four obstacles there such as the 'stumble-through-in-the-dark' thing that I had never done at any other obstacle race or event so that made for an interesting change.

Fave obstacle: definitely the slip and slide, although a ski jump at the end of the slide would have made it perfect

Least fave: the tyre tunnels on the 10km course, but that's cause I'm a big wuss and like to be able to slide through nice, smooth tunnels!

The ultimate highlight of the event? I am one of those lame people who collect their bibs and hang them on the wall in the garage to look at and reminisce over. After keeping mine with me I lost it whilst crawling through the last obstacle which meant I had to grab someone else's as a surrogate which kind of took a teeny tiny bit of magic out of it. The next day my wife and I were driving through Kariong so we stopped to show her around some of the obstacles I had done the day prior, walked past the Mud Buffet and there was my bib on ground waiting for me! Outstanding!

- Dog M


* PS. On behalf of the gladiator crew who were bopping away for hours on end, I would like to apologise most profusely to anyone who got whacked with the pole instead of the nice padded bit, was tapped in sensitive areas, or who wound up in the mud from a shot.

Rest assured that us Obstacle Racers who were manning it all morning and the High Tide Fitness crew who took over in the afternoon took all due care under Stampede HQ instructions to ensure no-one was seriously injured or inconvenienced, and any owies Stampeders suffered to the body or the ego were a result of accident and not intent.

If it's any consolation, some of us wound up on our backs on more than one occasion from over-enthusiastic Stampeders who chose to destroy rather than dodge, so the ledger is probably pretty-well balanced! Bwahaha!

mudsplat ratingI've participated in many mud runs and actually found the Stampede Sydney very well organised despite the obvious location change and last minute ditching of the zapper. A good mix of obstacles although the drops from the cable rolls were massive for a short person like me.
I preferred Glenworth Valley as the location as i love the option of camping for the weekend at the events. Personally, I'd rather a medal be given as part of he entry rather than the shirts (Pretty sure they were exactly the same shirt as last year) and more photographers! Theres nothing like capturing those special muddy moments.. I say the more photos the better the chance of the mud run being advertised through Facebook posting etc so definately needs improving there..
Great day, great run, great obstacles.. The best ive seen so far!

- Nicole K

mudsplat ratingPositives: Easy access, Close parking, Easy rego & bag drop, Stick-on numbers a top idea (with pins as backup), Good 10k course especially at short notice, 10k option excellent idea, Several very good obstacles, Great atmosphere, Varied food outlets, Free spectator entry, Well marshalled & friendly volunteers
Negatives: Would have preferred smaller more frequent waves but i understand the logistical issues, Started in 3rd wave but still had 15minute wait at the Wall (this really needs a re-think at most events), Only 1 coffee outlet? didn't see any others, Pure Blonde!haha, Overall a great day out judging by the number of cuts and bruises I sustained...love my battle scars! 

Let's hope the authorities don't stick their noses in and "nanny down" these events. They ought to understand by the unprecedented growth of obstacle races that people want to get banged up a bit, it's half the fun! Thanks guys :)

- Brian McF

mudsplat ratingAwesome fun!!

- Belinda L

mudsplat ratingFantastic event, Well organised and it was a day full of laughs. My cheeks are still sore. The venue was great but still prefer Glenworth Valley for these types of events. The course and obsticales were awesome.

- Mell Alessio, Platinum Body Fitness

mudsplat ratingTwo days later and I ache from head to toe! Was it worth it - ABSA-FREEKING-LUTELY!!!
A well organised event with lots of mud and fun. Favourite obsticle was the slipery dip, least favourite was the sandbag carry. 
We camped at Glenworth Valley and hope that next year they can host the event next year - we will definately be there!

- Moi J

mudsplat ratingI thought it was great!!! Loved every minute of it. It was an awesome event for everyone; from people who have experience in such events or even if it is your first mudrun!! 
The start was very frustrating!! With the large numbers of people starting at the same time, the first km was very frustrating as we wanted to run & that was impossible!!
One obstacle I didnt enjoy or was more uncomfortable - tyre tunnel. Yes it was challenging but also extremely uncomfortable.
One other obstacle I thought was great but dangerous & risk of injury was high, was the air cushions. One person at a time was fine, but put 2 or more people on the air cushion at one time & collisions were happening. Still did it...still enjoyed it....but I think I gave someone a bloody nose though.
I sound like I didnt really like the Stampede at all....I loved it!! The points above are minor & would not/WILL NOT deter me from doing it again in 2013!!!
Loved the slide!!

- Luke Bradbury - Fitness Militia

mudsplat ratingEven without the electric ending this was one of the best ones I have completed easily, as everything just seemed to be well implemented. 
Great variety of obstacles for the 10km track, highlights being the giant slide, gladiators and the pitch black obstacle cave!!! Course layout was well done considering the last minute venue switch and I thought they did well with what they had to work with.
Barely any lines for anything (including obstacles) so everything was running smoothly and a big hat's off to the Stampede crew for a well organised event. 
The shower system was AMAZING compared to other events so I hope they take note and copy this (the wait for showers at the end is notoriously painful... for me anyways).
Wasn't present for the 4.30pm mega tomato fight but I'm sure that would of been a blast as well!
Maybe a little lacking on pure mud which would definitely not be the case at Glenworth but I understand that it was potentially not possible considering the location change. 
The only thing I disliked on the day was the tire crawl through obstacle. Most uncomfortable!!! and I think most others would seem to agree with me on that one. 
All in all I had a top day and would recommend it to EVERYONE for next year as it will only get better!

- Madison R

mudsplat ratingWhat a great event. I was worried about the change of location however with the limited time they had to get organised they did a great job. Obtsacles were challenging but with some help from other Stampeders we got throught it.
the 2 highlights for me were the slip'n'slide and being allowed to join the Obstacle Racers team to beat some people up near the end of the race (thanks Dog)

- Todd D

mudsplat ratingThis was our first time and we turned up excited, nervous, scared and eager as all hell! Got in the first wave at 8.20am for the 10km run and enjoyed a completely seamless experience in parking, registration and course. Some of the obstacles were really confronting and challenging, but with strangers (volunteers and fellows racers) encouraging and giving the odd boost for shorty 5 foot me, it was an absolute blast. 
There were good food options, showers and plenty of toilets.
We couldn't have been happier with the whole event and will definitely be lining up to do it all over again next year! 
Thanks heaps to the organisers and volunteers!!!

- Amanda O

mudsplat ratingSydney 2012 - (moved from Glenworth Valley to Mt Penang, Kariong.) Parking and registration were excellent both quick and efficient. 
The 5Km course was inevitably a bit disappointing when compared to other events held at Glenworth. (I would love to know what these regulatory issues were and if they are going to forever rule GV out as a venue). Too many bottle-necks (stairs, narrow tracks, narrow obstacles) and some lack of proper marshaling at some obstacles. In the time they had to prepare, it was pretty good.
Disappointed that the Bug-Zapper electroshock missing (switched off by WorkCover apparently) - I really wanted to see my friends go through that one!
It was better for spectators than either Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder though, with some great vantage points for photos of the course.  Great to see that this event does not charge spectators entry (unlike many others).

- Sam D

mudsplat ratingDespite all the set backs that the organisers had faced I thought they put on a great event.
Car parking and Rego was very quick and painless. Plenty of food and drink stalls along with bands. 
The course itself was well laid out with some challenging and also fun obstacles. Favourite obstacle was navigating over big blue barrels in the water while the fire brigade hoses made it very challenging to see. As people tried to get over the barrels there where legs flying everywhere. 
Also liked the gladiator section. Big cudo's to the girl who was shoulder charging everyone without any padding :)
I would have loved to have seen the actual terrain be a bit more challenging which you would have gotten from Glenworth Valley. This can always be compensated with some logs, rocks and wires to make it interesting.

- Roy H

2011 Reviews

mudsplat ratingHi, my name s Liv and I am a mud run addict. The 2011 NSW Stampede was my first mud run and now I can t get enough of them.
I knew The Stampede would be the beginning of the slippery slope towards mud run addiction, as I have always loved these types of activities (the being outdoors and trying something new; the running and jumping and mucking around) and when you combine all this with mud, crazy costumes and beer  how could you go wrong!
The course and obstacles focused on fun and friendliness and I think it is excellent for a first-timer. They have some really fun obstacles, such as the giant water slide, and some pretty easy obstacles, such as the tyre hill, and of course there were the mud pits which, at their own accord, can suck you in and you ll suddenly find yourself in a very sticky situation.
The varying difficulty of obstacles, the course length options (5km or 10km) and the emphasis on fun and dress-ups attracts a huge demographic, all of which contributes to the awesome atmosphere at the finish line. Perhaps because the course is aimed towards the average person, some obstacles will be backed up and you may have to wait a few minutes at each station; if you are aiming for a personal best time, I would suggest entering a very early or late wave.
I thought the setup for the online photos was pretty flawed (though I believe some other mud runs have similar systems); the photos are categorised according to your race number bib, which is fine, but the photo tiles to view each picture are miniscule and for more than half the race your bib either has a thick layer of mud over it (so the number is hidden) or it has been ripped off in a mud pit or creek. Searching through the thousands of miscellaneous photos, barely being able to properly see each photo, was a waste of time. I think this could be easily remedied if the photo tiles were larger (if you really want photos from the day, and there are awesome photo opportunities, I suggest wearing something colourful and distinguishable, or hopefully having a spectator friend ready at the finish line).
Though you may want a more physically challenging course (and those mud runs are out there), I would definitely recommend The Stampede to absolutely anyone. The Stampede was my first mud run and I will always do it each year, knowing it will be a crazy, fun day. Try The Stampede and I dare you not to become an addict like me.

- Liv J

mudsplat ratingHard to split this race from Warrior Dash. Obstacles very similar. This race however was my very first obstacle run. And I really did love it. Great Value, WAS free parking but they will have learnt that they can get away with charging now after Warrior Dash did. Hope it remains free...
The most amazing obstacle was the slide. They lay a tarpaulin down a steep hill and squirted it with dishwashing liquid. The obstacle comes to an abrupt end when you hit a pool of muddy water. It is insane but I think it gave me whip lash : ) SO WORTH IT! 
The obstacles are decent, a little soft though, and the running is manageable for all fitness types. Personally I prefer a tougher run but the party atmosphere afterwards was pretty awesome. 
The theme (cowboys/farmer/western) is pretty cool, but think I prefer the Warrior theme, more versatile. They both get 7 mud splats, really hard to split them!

- Dave H.

mudsplat ratingIt was getting warm when we drove down to Glenworth valley for the stampede race . I had done a few adventure races before so I had an idea on what to expect and said to my mate Pete “ it would be like the mud run but throw in a few obstacles “. 

We checked in our gear, got our numbers and tags, and then headed to the start line for our 1.30pm start. By the time we got to the start line it was 1.45pm and all the runners had left, so we just headed off with no crowds!. Easy run and off to the first obstacle – cargo net over a bus, pretty easy , get around the next bend and we are united with the stragglers of the 1.30 take off.

Next was the Ice Pit which is deep enough, and cold enough to free the balls off a brass monkey, followed by the Trampoline , rope web , ,before we enter the crawl through the hot plastic tunnel where we are greeted with the slipper mud and fire hose , to cool off is great but that mud here is so slippery. 

Next is the cow paddock where Pete gives the lady runners kittens by stirring up the docile cows 

Around the corner we head to my favourite of the obstacles, the flying fox across the creek and the slippery slide down the hill into the drink ! So much fun now but times ticking and I want to get a respectable time.

I can see the finish line now and just a few more obstacles. First its get past the gladiators, hey I know some of these gladiators, so I prime myself for a big sidestep, great I make it past them unscathed, then WHACK !, cleaned up by the swinging boxing bag. Dust myself off and on to the next obstacle . Looks easy just wires hanging from a structure you run through , wait, they are electrified, couple of zaps and you run much faster before the last obstacle, the mud pit , jump in and scamper through to the finish line. 

Great fun running through mud and water, tackling the obstacles , seeing your mates at the finish line, before washing yourself off and celebrating the day with ale.

Will do it again in 2012.

- Craig H.



mudsplat rating

mudsplat ratingThe Stampede Brisbane: Day 1 I loved this so much last year I couldn't wait to do it again this year.....and although I still had fun getting mucky I must say I was disappointed. 
Last years obstacles seemed much more challenging and the fire walk at the end helped finish it all off. This year there were a few lame attempts at 'obstacles'....what was that zig-zag walk through some blacked out fencing? And hurdles? And big 'pillow'? Certainly not as much fun factor as 2013.
I also got a little panicky in the yellow tunnels as under the 2nd tunnel along there was a ditch and rather large concrete slab which caused the yellow tube to cross over onto the neighbouring tunnel....causing some panic whilst inside as it was quite difficult to get up over the slab. 
There were more obstacles in the 1st half of the 10km, with much running up and down hills in the 2nd half and not many obstacles.
I love the slip n slide and the mud pit.
Was a little shocked that I was offered either a t-shirt (same as last year) OR a medal OR a headband! Who would pay that amount for a headband?? Would be good if the t-shirts had the year printed on them too.
Also, was happy that this year there was a photo opportunity at the end....just my luck that mine 'didn't take'! Stood there for approx 20 secs and told to move on by staff only to find after the event that the photos weren't taking as people were not standing there long enough....disappointing to say the least. 
Overall a fun day out with friends but bring back some of the 2013 obstacles please! Looking forward to next year :)

- Paula L, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFirst time doing Stampede and found it totally low-rent compared to other races available at the moment.
Sorry but water pillows, hurdles, road barriers and CFS workers on a fire hose are NOT obstacles. The tyre climb was swaying back and forth (and should have been shut down) and the cargo climb net wasn't tensioned enough. Way to many bottle-necks as well.
Water at water stations was hot and tasted fowl (if other events can do cold nice tasting water, so can you).
The choice of a medal, shirt or headband is a bit steep given the cost so either low the price or give all. Also having volunteers standing at the finish-line will medals got you all excited..... until you were told they were only for kids.
The fact any negative comments/opinions were deleted from their Facebook page. If other obstacle racing events leave ALL comments on their Facebook walls, so should Stampede whether they are good or bad.
The bug zapper, mud obstacles and ice-pit were good obstacles. The slide is amazing and could go on that all day long. 
Festival area had a variety of vendors, atm, sponser tents and good merch tent.
Registration was good (lost our bids but found replacements really quickly), bag drop-off worked well too. Easy pen stations for number writing.
The volunteers were fantastic.
As it stands today, my team and myself would NOT do another Stampede.... totally disappointed.

- Serena W, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingBrisbane Stampede may have only been my second obstacle race but being ex Army I am no stranger to obstacles.
I was pretty gee'ed for this race and to be blunt of very disappointed. I found the obstacles to be quite low rent. Doing a forward role over a water bladder,  the so called speed hurdles made out if some cheap 2x4 screwed together and random wire crawl just stuck in the middle of know where to me aren't quality obsticals.  The over and unders made from road barriers must of even been a joke to the organizers as they didn't bother to man it with a volunteer for safety along with a few other obsticals.
So many bottle necks as obstacles were too small to carry the volume of races and some were down right dangerous, like the tier climb that was swaying around but the volunteer was too busy chatting to notice. I volunteered at True Grit and if that my obstacle it would of been shut down. 
There were more obstacles that were quite disappointing but I feel I highlighted enough, some pluses. The Slide was great, bug zapper was kinda fun and the ice bath wow, it got me lol. 
Going into this race I had heard so many good things and Stampeed just simply didn't deliver so won't be doing it again.

- Danny W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingRan the Stampede at Woodford on Sunday 3rd August. This is our 3rd Stampede and even though we had a great time & will run again next year overall our team was a bit disapponted :(:( I agree with other runners that the obstacles seemed a bit cheap & Stampede lacked something this year... Some more obstacles that can be seen by the crowds waiting and up the ante on some obstacles. Water pillow was a bit lame. More mud & more water obstacles & definately more challenging !!! Keep making it better !!

- Lynda B, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingA little bit dissapointed this year some of the obstacles were a little bit lame and some were even missing. the atmosphere wasnt as electric as last year and didnt seem as well organised. My team and I still hadf a blast though! 

- Adam F, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingery fun and in some parts challenging! Well organized. It was my first 5km obstacle course I've ever done and i think I'm now addicted to doing obstacles courses haha.

- Leah D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingEvent was run Saturday in Brisbane
The hype of this event overshadowed the course. 
Obstacles were pretty blah. Bar a few that had a point of difference from the other races; balance beams were raised and varied and there was a car to slide over when you finished. I liked that the obstacles had a bit of imagination to them. 
The most notable obstacle, wasn't an obstacle at all, but an adult sized slide. That was the highlight of the course. But I could have had a years pass to a water park for less then the cost of entry, which is why this event was disappointing. Location and terrain are great and the course has the potential to be challenging if obstacles like the hurdles, maze and tire climb are replaced with something less entry level. The rope climb didn't seem higher then 2.5m, I missed having the monkey bars, rope traverse and the wall climbs. And the bug zapper, was not zapping.
The festival area was well set up, with the only complaint being that the music was not motivating and certainly didn't aid in getting anyone excited.
Showers were cold, after being on course and freezing, didn't help raise the spirit. But it was great to have a changing area blocked off and out of the wind. 
I left feeling like the event wasn't worth the amount of mud I had to clean off of my clothing and shoes. 

- Amie R, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingRan Saturday morning and had a great time. I ran with a couple of friends, partly as a training run for tough mudder but mostly to have fun. The course was not that tough, but it sure was a lot of fun. The slide was brilliant - best fun ever!. I saw people of all ages, shapes and sizes tackling the obstacles (and winning) which is what it is all about. Many of these people would never attempt the harder events, but were giving it a go at the Stampede. The comrade was also fantastic. At one obstacle involving a climb up and over a tyre "ladder" maybe 4m tall a very large lady really struggled.  There was a bit of a wait at that obstacle, but everyone in the queue encouraged her and cheered when she got to the top. It was a very positive atmosphere. The organisation was also fantastic - all worked smoothly. I will definitely be back next year. 

- Sean P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingEnjoyed it again this year but was a little disappointed with some obstacles,  the tyre crawl and the double upright tyre climb pretty average and waited too long.  Still the old favorites and those killer hills.  My nephew did the junior and being 8 was way too old for the kids race and was finished in 15 minutes and was expecting a few more obstacles, he has to wait 4 years to run the 5 km which sems forever to him so possible a kids 5 km??

- Kelly W, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingDid my very first 5km Stampede on 02.08.14 at Woodfordia and absolutely loved it. Never attempted anything like this and now plan to make it my annual event. The obstacles were great and I was pleased that there was a short wait at some of the stations as it gave me the chance to catch up on my team members. The only obstacle I didn't like was crawling under the tyres. 3 days later and I'm still enjoying the buzz from the event. I found the day organised and take my hat off to those involved for the smooth running of it. I know the girls in the team thoroughly enjoyed their day too and they are planning on participating again next year. Roll on 2015

- Natalie C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my second Stampede and I have to say I was a bit disappointed when compared to last year....
The venue is fantastic... Those hills at Woodfordia are certainly a great challenge however I feel that the obstacles were a bit "cheap" compared to last year.
The fence zig-zag.. what was that all about and the water pillow???? .... last year we had the dark room... now that was great, the bus, the fire jump... to me they didn't seem up to the standard as to what the Stampede is supposed to offer. 
Was even disappointed in the gladiators. I had to go chasing after them to get hit.. I think this should be near the spectators area... great viewing getting hit.
Would love to see more water obstacles.. like a dam swim or a leap of faith jump (like the end of true grit).... maybe some sand bag tyre carries
Best obstacles would be the slide and bug zapper... Really liked the under tyre obstacle and the pallet ramp obstacle...
Suggest to keep them for next year...
The medal idea was great... Same shirts as last year by the look of it.
Great food, Drink stations were well located... Rego was easy and was great to have a cold beer at the end. Keep them in the cans... don't go for the plastic cups.
Was still a great event and I will be back next year... need to pickup the act in the obstacle department though

- Anthony H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad an absolute ball! Great memories made!! :) loved it!

- Laura W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingCompared to last year I reckon the obstacles weren't as good. A few of the obstacles were way too easy like the water beds, hurdles, over and unders, and zig zag fence. I miss some of the ones from last year like swinging on a rope, climbing over a bus and the dark shed. I know they need to make it different each year but they need to pick better obstacles. The hills make it a good challenge and everyone loves the giant slip and slide. Never take that away!

- Brydie M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingNever done anything like this enjoyed it heaps

- Brendan H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my second year with the stampede and I have to say a little disappointment. Obstacles seemed less interesting, no tyre carrying, no fire pits, no climbing over buses with cargo nets. 
The big waterslide did not have enough water to allow some to slide all the way. I notice that one particular lane was causing the most issues.
At the finish line went to one of the volunteers was told medals for kids only, no help with directions for the end of event goodies. ie. free shirt. Hence like many others from that day did not recieve any shirt.

- Christine M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat fun day. Just keep doing what you are doing.
I would like to know if the shower water was pumped out from the ice baths though. :)

- Steve R, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating10 km on Sunday
I had a great fun day with my friends! 
The atmosphere was amazing, the music was pumping and friendly obstacle racing help was everywhere.  
The obstacles were varied and well spaced out for the first 5 km.  Rego was easy, great bag drop off and friendly volunteers.
Fairly good signage throughout the course.  There was LOADS of water stations.  
I thought the last 5 km lacked a few obstacles, and thought the 'gladiator' obstacles was a bit odd...not sure why someone slapping me on the ass (am I allowed to say that in a review?!) with what appeared to be a pool noodle was an obstacle, it was a little odd (but I guess each to their own!).  There seemed to be a LOT of uphill running in the last 5km.  
Great change at the end with being able to choose from a Medal, headband or T shirt (limited sizes left for Sunday when we raced, but hey, one of my more vertically challenged friends now has a Stampede dress!)
There was plenty of mud, would have liked to have seen a wall or some money bars, a few of the obstacles were a bit of a concern for one of my friends who does not like enclosed spaces (even the yellow tubes obstacle had me wondering if I should call Pizza Hut for some lunch as I was wonder how long it would take to get through it as I felt a little trapped.)
It was a great day out, although after Holt Bolt and True Grit I am getting a little spoilt with hot showers now and the cold shower at the end felt like an 'extra' obstacle! 

- Sharon F, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFor my first Stampede, I loved it!! A very fun day out! 
- Loved the option of a medal, shirt or headband
- The Slip'n'Slide was definitely the highlight of the race!! 
- Perfect number of drinks stations... wasn't desperately wanting a drink at any point
- Volunteers were awesome!! 
- Way too many people in each wave, resulting in bottlenecks at most obstacles
- The extra distance for the 10km was 6km of Running  with only 4 Obstacles... ridiculous! 
All in all it was a very fun day out and I will definitely be back :)

- Cassie M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAbsolutely loved that Adults got medals this year, but for the price I would think that you could have a shirt, medal and headband... Seriously the merch doesn't cost that much to print. Especially when there isn't a year on it!!
Despite all the bottlenecks and waits at obstacles (more than last year due to the type of obstacles and design of the course) it was still a fun event. Water stations were perfectly spaced.
Would have liked to have seen more obstacles. Why remove obstacles that people love?
Bag check was easy, thanks to the Volunteers.
Showers were freezing, but good. Was really easy to clean up afterwards. We couldn't just dunk ourselves in the pond though. Security was chasing people off.
I was disappointed in the kids course. We ran with my almost 9 year old and even though he loved it, I think that the obstacle to run ratio was way off for a kids race. Kids need obstacles! My son didn't complain about it once, and he loved just being a part of it, but he did mention that "There was A LOT of running".... 
Whilst it was disappointing that my child didn't get to climb the cargo net/containers, I'm grateful that safety is the first priority. Well done to Volunteers for indentifying the problem and closing the obstacle before any serious damage could occur.
Overall a good event. Not quite as good as last years, but still good.

- Michelle W, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating10km Saturday 11:20am wave This was my first Stampede experience and there were things I thought were great and things I was a bit disappointed about. I will say I was told it's the most fun OCR and I didn't find that so :(
The good stuff:
- we got a medal!!! Yay bling!!
- easy, easy registration and bag drop!
- waivers off to the side for those that forgot - no holding up registration
- I didn't have big lines for obstacles - but coming back down the hill over the trip wires and seeing the 100m + line up for the waterslide made me glad I went a bit earlier!! 
- the waterslide was heaps of fun!
- the ice was cold and the electricity was jolting!
- the terrain made it tough going! Oh the hills! 
- lots of muddy muddy goodness
Disappointing bits:
- no clock that could be easily seen when you finished to get an idea of your time
- no carrying obstacles. 
- a few things that were labelled obstacles really were not i.e. - the waterbed thing to run over was really not an obstacle, the maze thing (a bunch of fencing in a zig zag...), the rock walk over bit at the quarry (so not an obstacle!),
- bit lacking in excitement and gee up
- not easy to find the shirt/medal/headband collection if you didn't do bag drop

I would do it again next year but only to see if it gets back to the most fun ocr.

- Eryn L, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingCompared to last year some obstacles a bit lame, great for first timers! Great atmosphere, well organised and friendly! Nice having the choice of medal or T-shirt but most people expect both for price you pay to do these things! Not so many bottle necks this time round! Great number of water stations! Still an enjoyable event and recommend for anyone wanting to get into obstacle racing!

- Jeanette B, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating1st stampede but was impressed by the coarse.

Expected it to be easy (true grit) but it was tough going (spartan).

Coarse should be marked out better and if it cant be wider smaller waves.

Replacing wrecked hay bails would be good jumping from the wooden wire rolls destroyed my ankles on the 2nd lap The distance between cloak room and showers could be closer They didnt give my wrist band for unlimited laps but was easily fixed Last but not least a clock that is visible from the village would be great for timing yourself and for when you 1st get there

- Aidan H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingOver all average maybe ball dropped a little. 
This is my third Brisbane Stampede and i gotta say just wasnt the usual Stampede kind of run (or maybe im starting to do to many of these events). The Junior/Funster 2km course was half damaged by the end of the day with cargo net and other of the 7 obstacle in disarray. The Junior event need a few more funner kid style obstacle in my opinion.
Now the finer Pro's & Cons of the race with the 10km course over other races and previous years.
*The signage Stampede bus cargo net crawl gone & only one car obstacle.
*Previous year obstacles like A-frame climb with Fire gone (Fire Ban), Devil's Den (Only race i know of with it), Swing Style Balance Beams (Long waits last year), Butterfly Tyre Carry with ramps (Awesome Obstacle).
*All the massive hills at the back of the 10km course was way to much for others with no break.
*Difference between 5km Course & 10km Course was 6km of Running and 4 Obstacles (You can do the math there).
*Gladiators moved from main arena and only on the 10km Course (WTF).
*The 4pm Unlimited curfew removed and move to 1pm for unlimited lappers & having to wait for start wave over last years keep running (Pissed alot of people off).
*Few new obstacle for them (Tyre Crawl, Mud Trench & Cargo Nets, Maze) at the loss of old Stampede Classics.
*Prefect Balance and location of water stations.
*Choice of Finishers Reward (Metal, Shirt or very disappointing Headband) *Super easy registration and toilets plenty and very clean.
*Could hear the music pumping around most of the course.
All in all i think Stampede battling a little with this event over previous years but i would return again next year cause it still is a fun day and very muddy day out.

- Chris 'Beast L, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI hit up the Stampede Brisbane over the weekend, and I can say that it was just as good, if not better, than last year!

Parking, rego and bag drop were all well organised and went smoothly, thanks to some excellent volunteers. Either people snuck in to earlier waves, or there were too many people per wave, because there were lots of bottlenecks early on – some extra lillypads and ice baths would have been good. The obstacles were typical for the stampede, more fun than challenging, but that’s the appeal for a lot of people with this race. There were a few new obstacles this year – some were good, others a bit useless (running across a water bed? What?!). Slip and slide was fantastic as always - it’s great to have that adrenaline rush in the middle of the course.

The thing I love most about The Stampede is actually what people hate the most – the terrain. Those hills were brutal and I have very sore ITBs today, but it’s that added challenge that I thrive on. Once you get to an obstacle, you’re already buggered, and it requires a bit of grit to get over it.

The highlights of my day were the yabbie that got into the mud pit and the little boy on the sideline who went to give me a high five but then punched me in the crotch instead. The sun was shining, the free shirt was warm and the beer was cold – an excellent day out at The Stampede 2014!

- Claire M, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWoodford, Aug 10k; we had a ball! Great to start with the ice bath followed by the electric shock, as I had been quite anxious about doing these, so it was great to tick them off early and relax into the rest of the course.  
A very well planned course making full use of the stunning terrain; what amazing views!! 
My only criticism was the halving of the lanes at the start which, given the huge numbers in each wave, caused quite a bottle neck. Also many of the tracks were quite narrow; would be great to establish some kind of 'walkers keep left' etiquette as it is quite tight to run past ( though clearly not stampedes issue!) loved the water slide which was sooooo fast that every adult managed to unleash their inner child which was great fun...
Overall a fantastic course in a great spot with a great vibe. Will definitely attend in the future. 
Please consider warm hoses; true grit managed it and it was an idyllic way to finish and actually gets some mud off !
Thanks for a great event :)

- Heidi C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating10km course: I am somewhat disappointed by this years effort on behalf of The Stampede.

The Bus was gone, there was no tyre carry, no fire jumps, no Devils Cave (pitch black room) some new obstacles that were rather unimpressive like the tyre crawl under, the hurdles and the waterbeds (really...big plastic sacks filled with water that you barely even felt challenged walking over!) The biggest down side: The yellow plastic tunnel crawl through had no defined ditches for each run leading to people in other tunnels crawling on the plastic of your tunnel effectively trapping you and making it not only extremely difficult to crawl any further but also somewhat suffocating with the water in the tunnel making the plastic stick down both in front and behind you preventing fresh air from entering. In my opinion this was rather dangerous.
On the bright side the new pallet ramp obstacle was great and there was some clever use of the hilly terrain on the second 5km with the trip wire obstacle on the hill above the big slide.
As always there was a great atmosphere and vibe in the arena, good to see so many families out being active together.
Suggestion for next year might be to allow people to do the slide a second time after the trip wire obstacle (many people were cutting under the ropes and doing just that and re-joining the 10km track on the other side).
Adding some more obstacles in the second half would also be good as the up and down hills just got repetitive.
I am however registering again for next year in the hope that Stampede can redeem itself and provide us with some more challenging obstacles to keep up with what we are currently seeing in other races.
Kids 2km course:
MY kids had a blast, they especially loved the water cannon and being allowed to wallow in the mud pit at the end. We were however dissapointed when we lined up to climb over the container at the beginning and for some unexplained reason we got ushered out of the que and told no one was allowed over the cargo net container obstacle after having been told at the start hype up we would be doing that obstacle.  
possibly squeezing a couple more obstacles in for the kiddies would be awesome, the bulk of the course was up one hill and back down again.

- Danielle L, Veteran Obstacle Racer


mudsplat rating

2013 Reviews

mudsplat ratingWe had an absolute ball! This was my first obstacle race and definitely won't be my last!  I was very impressed with the organisation of day, from the parking, to the no wait cloak room, the water along the way, and the obstacles were excellent!  I thought I would cry if I saw another hill but that just added to the challenge :)  I even thought the mud at the end was great because the after photos were excellent!  Thanks for an awesome event Stampede, I'm off to register for next year now...

- Mandi I, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating It's my 2nd obstacle race, the obstacles were great a mix for everyone, the hills were very trying. Definitely will be back next year with a bigger team once I recover from hitting the rocks flying down the mud slide !!

- Jill P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating First obstacle I've ever completed and whilst it was fun wasn't very hard. So ideal of you're a novice but I prepared myself to expect more. We did the 10km and felt there was too big a space between obstacles. There were no markers on the course, if there were we might have run a bit more up the hills, as we had no indication of how far we'd gone we didn't want to burn out. They should make you jump in water after you do the final mud crawl, that would reduce shower time and maybe people would be able to get their bags prior to showering. Would highly recommend this to all fitness levels as you don't particularly have to have to have much strength and you can walk it if you like.

Ainsley H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Had an awesome weekend at the stampede in Woodford. my first time ever and we had a ball. very well done and the challenges were fantastic the hills almost killed me not bad for a first timer doing 10km though. Hats off to the staff and all the volunteers you all did a great job see you next year :)

Jess V, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating I have run lots of marathons, ultrathons etc but this was the best. Great atmosphere, heaps of fun and sore legs and upper body for 2 days afterwards. Yes I want to do this more often. What a party!

- Gary B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating My first obstacle race was with stampede it was a great day and will be returning again.

- James P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating It was unreal! Enjoyed every moment! The only thing I can say was disappointing was I did the 12 o'clock run, and ran out of time to have my beer... But as for the course... I pretty much smiled the whole way! What an awesome challenge and loving my battle scars

- Amy K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Hi!!! I LOVED every minute of it I had the best time yet it was so challenging I surprised myself doing things I thought I would never do!! I was diagnosed with type one diabetes only two years ago and at that moment never thought I'd be able to do something like this so completing the 10 k run was a huge deal for me will deffinately do it all again next year!!!!

- Angela B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Really enjoyed the 10km run on Sunday at woodford.  Was very challenging with the hills but i was over them by the end lol.  Good obstacles and we didn't have to line up on any.  The water slide was awesome.  Shower time was a long wait and having to weave back through muddy people was not ideal.  I would have like to have seen more photographers on the course and especially at the last obstacle.  Also some progress km signs would have been good as well.  Please thank the volunteers they did an awesome job and the dude at the starting line did a great job keeping the crowd entertained.  Will be back next year.

Helen R, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating 2nd obstacle race & 1st time volunteering.  Awesome experience on both accounts. All the staff were lovely & Felicity kept a smile in her face through it all (version well done). Camping was great fun & added to the whole experience. Our group is already doubling in size & preparing for next year.

- Kristen D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Most fun day ever! Would recommend this to anyone - something for every skill level on the course and just an awesome day! Thank you!!

- Caroline K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating The stampede Brisbane 2013 was amazing.  This is the first event like this I have ever done. I had a great time.  The whole atmosphere was fantastic. People we didn't even know helped us out. Well organized.  Just needed a photographer at the finish line. Overall an amazing and well organized day.

Laura T, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating First ever obstacle course and loved it. Hills were a bit of a killer. Soo many fun obstacles and great people!

- Chelle Z, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Finally graduating to an Intermediate Obstacle Racer, I am happy to report that The Stampede - Brisbane 2013 was an absolute winner.
I ran the 10km on Sunday morning at 9am, and I can say that I am happy with almost every aspect of this course. 
From the initial check-in, having waiver forms available off to the side for those who forgot, to registration with man many lanes and low queues right down to the the free bag check, it was an easy process.
The preparation for the race, the event zone was large, filled with vendors and a jumping castle for the kids, with plenty of open space (and my first complaint - minimal shade) was a great sight. The emcee at the starting line hyping everyone up was a blast, and everyone got a huge fright when we were roasted by the starting line fireworks.
The course was fantastic, there was a single point in the entire race I found a bottleneck (between the see saw and the rope net over the bus) where we all had to go single file around the damn, but the rest of the course had open fire trails, and running lanes which made it an ease to pass other racers. The course itself was well designed aith a large mix of flat terrain running, and my favourite, plenty of hills. I think the Stampede won over Tough Mudder here with plenty of hills and terrain which was challenging. In True Grit I could run/jog through everything, in The Stampede there were many times when I was reduced to walking up hills, a testament to the challenge.
The obstacles were fantastic, some very unique ideas, and some nice tough challenges to keep everyone happy. The slip and slide was a personal favourite of mine, as well as the rope swing. Many of the volunteers were cheerful and happy which made a huge difference during the race. The vibe of the other participants was also wonderful, a much more upbeat environment then at Spartan Race.
The combination of challenging hilly terrain, unique and fun obstacles, as well as a tightly run ship and happy volunteers made the The Stampede 2013 a memorable day, so much I would have signed up for next year on the day if I could have.
A note on merchandise though, I believe those prices were astronomical for the items on offer. I am disappointed as I would have loved to take home another memory from the day.

Daniel K, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Had a blast! 10km course. First race for me recommended by my sister. Loved the course and challenges. Had a team of 7 and made competing all the more fun with friends. Love getting dressed up we were the Duracell bunnies........ 
Downside like most the shower line up. Needs more showers or option to swim in a dam.... Also better place for time we were six minutes late for our race no where to check..
Thanks  for a great course.

Rachael R, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating We ran it as a team of 3 and it was awesome!  Really enjoyed the obstacles and there were just the right amount and brilliantly spaced with some close together and some more spaced out - I like the idea of not really knowing what over the next hill or around the next corner.  I did snag my mankini on the top of the climb wall though ;-)

- Andrew N, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Excellent day out!!!! Great obstacles and perfect weather for it too! Very well organised tho need more showers, took nearly as long as the cause just to get clean!!

- Paul D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating I did this for my Best Friend's Hen's Day. We absolutely loved it! Was so much fun! The only downside was not enough shade, especially because we ran at 1pm.  Apart from that, was awesome!! We didn't queue long for a shower, everyone was really considerate which was lovely. MC was so good, and had you pumped from start to finish.
Not my last, that's for sure!!

Kim C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating The Sunday Stampede in QLD was my first event and it was a great day. 
Everything was well organised for each heat to head off smoothly and the obstacles were fantastic - lots of fun and not unrealistic for beginners. 
The line up for the showers was a bugger but not unexpected with the numbers of people finishing after lunch on Sunday. 
Biggest downsides were that as someone in the furthest shower you had to walk back though the muddy crowd and were covered in mud again when you got out. Also its disappointing that I won't be able to wear my tent of a shirt as its about 3 sizes too big,  as sizes are taken online it would have been nice to actually get what I ordered. 
Ultimately though everyone involved made it a great day; teaming up with randoms to tackle some of the obstacles and that nobody pushed in to shower or obstacle lines were definitely highlights for me.

- Dan L, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating More obstacles in the 5km please. Liked the big zapper and waterside. Adding a waterside in the kids would be great. My kids loved their event also.

- Kym S, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating We had 17 run on Saturdays stampede - a few newbies & some 2nd time runners. Had a blast !! Luvved every bit even those crappy hills..... One suggestion is some shade when you finish. Will definately be back !!! Awesome job Stampede :)

Linda B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Woodford stampede- This was my first obstacle race and it was an awesome experience. Will definitely be back next year, I think I may have a slight addiction now. 
I would suggest may be finishing with fire hoses after the last mud crawl to make the showers a quicker process and have an exit the opposite end after you are finished. It would be good to have more photographers around the course and at the finish line. 
Registration process was fantastic, the food and drink stalls were a good variety. Over all really well planned. The giant slide was so much fun.

- Kelli K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Stampede Woodford was my first run and I'm already addicted & looking forward to the next!
We ran under "Kirra's Krusaders Stampede Cystic Fibrosis" doing it for my little girl and all those living with this incurable disease.
Our team looked fantastic, we stayed together and supported one another through the whole course.
It's incredibly rewarding to complete, a fantastic team exercise and a fun & wonderful way to raise money & awareness.
Excellent job to the coordinators of this event, the MC's were terrific, the layout was well planned and everyone had a truly memorable experience. Well done to all.

Renee N, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating WELL DONE TO ALL THAT ORGANISED, SET UP, AND VOLUNTEERED you did an awesome job ran the 9am race sunday with two friends and we loved it , we ran last year as well loved 2012 but 2013 was tops, great change around all challenges was met with excitement. But OMG those hill I thought my calves were going to pop.
loved it loved it loved it will be back again in 2014 with many more recruits and I think I will be up for volunteering next year as well.

Vicky V, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Congrats to the The Stampede crew for putting on a great event! Loved the amount of obstacles mixed with some great hill climbs, even the walking (social chattin) folk would have got a good workout. For myself I was able to rise to the challenge and just loved the leg burn from tackling the climbs. The end wasn't quite the fanfare finish and with everyone covered in mud it was a good wait for the showers...not upset with getting dirty, it was great fun, but it would have been good if there was a water crossing or similar to wash off in.  
The cloakrooms and check-in were super well organised and the atmosphere was fantastic...will definitely see me again next year !!!

- Dez H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating 1st ever race but It was challenging and fun enough to make me wanna do more races like this...Def gonna do this particular one again.

- Raa K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating It was difficult with the hills being steep, but what I thought was the best thing, is the course went around people that either participating or watching the events, kids gave me a high five and gave me encouragement as I was running through.  The Red Devils team was inspirational and I really enjoyed the water slide this was my favourite and I knew I could not miss this challenge, I was overwhelm with some of the course as I have a fear of heights - so I met my challenge head on. Iam happy I did and I would do it again and again.. The event was organised and well formatted throughout the park.  And the volunteers were friendly
 Thanks for the funn!

Tanya G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating Great, great fun and really great terrain for this event. I ran Saturday morning and volunteered at drink station 5 in the afternoon. Yes, I got muddy hugs too! 
The course itself was challenging if you really wanted to push yourself. I was really glad to see new innovative obstacles that I'd never seen before in an event, like the see-saw balance beam, the up and down balance beam with little post stumps and the dark room! I'm so glad there was no electricity in there :) It was a good mix of individual and team oriented obstacles.
The only thing The Stampede can improve on is shirt sizing. Take a leaf out of spartan's book and have male and female sizes. I was given an extra small and am still swimming in it. My vollie shirt is a small (the smallest they had left in the afternoon) and it might as well be a dress. It's not just the size, but the cut too. A female shirt is more form fitting. I love wearing these shirts after the event, but poor sizing prevents me from doing so.

- Danni C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingDid the 10km Stampede and it was great. Last year's was good but the course layout in '13 was much better.
Everything was perfect except the inclusion of the bug zapper. Probably because I've done it so many times now it's lost its novelty. Also, seeing a girl in front of me get knocked out / pass out just near the end of it wasn't good. There are plenty of other obstacles it can be replaced with and still remain challenging.

- Chris W, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWas amazing. Would have been better if there was shade and chairs to rest our poor legs after! So much fun

- Jodie S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis has been the best course of the year. Yes, Kokoda Grunt still takes the toughest due to the number of hills and the sheer difficulty of scaling them but this has to be the most balanced. Some incredibly challenging hills mixed in with expanses of trail running. I loved every second of it and thoroughly enjoyed running in the first Sunday wave. The obstacles were well placed and loved the balance beam. Was a shame that there were no monkey bars but great diversity of obstacles. The course was pretty well marked apart from one small hiccup just before the river crossing in the final 2km. This was a real purists race and everyone I spoke to absolutely loved it - on par with Spartan Race!

- Mark E, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first obstacle course . Completed with a group of about 9 . Had an absolute ball. Would do it again in a heartbeat . Not giving a ten because I have nothing to compare it to. Great job to all that were involved

- Sarah D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating1st time at stampede (bris 14th ) and absolutely loved it!!! Loved the slip n slide was a definite favourite. We found that some of the obstacles had some wait times(15 mins) which was a bit of a bummer but generally went well. Would have loved an energy station about half way in the 10km run, but loved the frequency of the water stations. 
Biggest blunder was the wait at the showers 45 mins!!! Would highly recommend more next year or even a pool where people can rinse off rather than shower!!
All in all can't wait for next year!!!

- Eliz G, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first but definitely not going to be my last experience of one of these events.  Absolutely loved The Stampede (maybe not the hills so much though!).  So well organised, MC was entertaining, obstacles were challenging but fun & the whole atmosphere kept the adrenaline pumping throughout the day.  Thank you for creating events like this, I felt like a kid again playing in the great outdoors. 

- Mellissa V, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first stampede and I loved every bit of it can't wait till next year.

- Kasey M, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAbsolutely loved the obstacles, the only down side was the line up for them. Thanks to all the volunteers, fantastic job :-) Ran the Saturday 14th event at 11.20 Woodford, will be back next year.

- Wendy N, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFabulous weekend! Our 2nd attempt at the Brisbane stampede, and it was even better this year! Great organisation! Just the right amount of fun and challenge. We will be back with more friends next year!!

- Tracy C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingCompleted the woodford course on the 15/09/13 in under 2 hours. This was our first race of this type. It's left me and my 2 brothers with lots of memories and laughs which is what we love. Was also a challenging and fun, we ran most of the way of the 10km course and had heaps of fun and laughs. You guys should do one on the gold coast. There was heaps of great times but the ones that stood out to the 3 of us was definitely the 10,000 Volts and the massive slide!!!
We also took a souvenir home, yeah it was the never ending mud the came out of no where, even when you were clean But in all it was an AWESOME experience, can't wait for the next one !!!BRING ON 2014!!!

- Aeden K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingOur group "MPC Peeps" did the 10km Brisbane Stampede on Saturday 14th September 2013 - the majority had never done anything like this before. So proud that we all finished - there was plenty of encouragement and offers of support along the way. It was great to see strangers helping each other out. We had an absolute blast - the obstacles were so much fun. That massive slip and slide was the best!! Overall the event was very well organised - some small improvements could be made for next year. Walk through showers so you don't have to walk back through muddy people to get out, a few more drink stations (Gatorade or something similar around the 6/7km mark), km markers to let us know where we were up to, photographers at every obstacle - most people would pay for great photos and a percentage could go to charity, more toilets along the way (I didn't need them but heard so many others saying they did) and a little extra safety on some of the obstacles. I fell off the cargo net at the rope swing flat on my back and smashed my head on the ground and there was nothing to cushion the fall. Even with injury it was a fantastic day and will definitely be back next year - well done to all the organisers and volunteers!!

- Dianne S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFantastic. Loved it. Definitely coming back next year, hopefully with a group of Stampeders. This was my first ever run (Brisbane Stampede), only did 5ks so next year doing the 10. Only thing to improve on: maybe rethink shower situation, other than that muddy good. :)

- Liz B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingIt was my  first race and I thought the whole experience was fantastic. The event was well organized and we had very little waits at the obstacles (just enough time to have a breather) I did the 10km and found it a great challenge. Great job to organizers looking forward to next year!

- Kylie W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingRan the 10km on Sunday in Brissie! The course was very well organised and enjoyed every bit of the day! My friend and I completed the course twice and was one of the most challenging things I've ever accomplished! Cant wait to run it again next year!
(but I do wish there was a photographer at the finish line to capture that amazing and muddy finishing moment)

- Bek B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAbsolutely loved it. Great obstacles and fantastic terrain. Challenging on all levels. If you said it was easy you didn't run the whole distance. I'm back in 2014 for sure!!

- Jason L, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingVery first time doing anything like this ran 5km sun 15th my only regret was not buying the10km :-) had the best time ever ill be back next year for sure :-)

- Adam M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFirst obstacle challenge ever and absolutely loved every second. It was a gruelling challenge but as a team it's all too rewarding coming out of the mud and running at each other for a team hug.
So much fun and already can't wait to go again!!!

- Lacynda W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThe stampede woodford sept 14th 5km This was my first ever obstacle race and I absolutely loved it! There wasnt massive linesfor anything other than the showers but hey who cares. I found it really well organised from parking and collecting your number to collecting your drink and shirt at the end. There was such a good vibe the whole day with everyone having fun and helping each other out. Absolutely will be doing it again next year!

- Gabby P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis is my second obstacle and absolutely loved it, will be back Gain next year

- Trudy P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingCompleted Woodford 10k Stampede on the 15th September. What an awesome event, loved it and thought it was far more exciting, testing and fun than Tough Mudder, even far more rewarding. Bring on 2014

- Yolandi B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingOur first stampede - was a great day, lots of fun.... running the hills was a great challenge - made 10klms seem a lot longer!!  
Some feedback though - not really any direction for spectators as to where they could/couldn't go..  One of our team members was unable to compete on the day but wanted to come and take pics for us all, but the map didn't correlate to the course, and the volunteers couldn't work it out either! She did mention other spectators were a bit unsure of where they could/couldn't go too.
The shower situation - less than ideal... I'm all for mud but to have a last obstacle like that and then a good 45min-hour line up for the showers just didn't really work.. perhaps the hose down by the rural fire brigade before the shower station? 
And the people who were running the course "for time" or whatever competition you have - why not put them in the first wave of the day so they have clear run of the course and don't need to jump in front of others who have lined up to complete the same obstacle?
All in all a great, fun day, with a happy vibe.  Awesome to see the kids having so much fun and being able to be involved in the day.
Think the shoe donation system is great too.

- Tiffany N, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFirst time runner. After going and watching a friend do tough mudder we decided to do The Stampede 10Km event well it was difficult the obstacles where challenging enough but the terrain was by far the most difficult was not expecting those HILLS!!! But this was the most fun and rewarding Sunday I have had in a long time and will definitely  be looking at doing another. Disappointed that the spectators where unable to see more but after running the course could see why they could not just follow the course. Otherwise this was an awesome event and will hopefully see you next year.

- John U, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad an amazing time on saturday's stampede, loved every mintue, even stayed around to volunteer, was so much fun cheering on other OCR's and their family and friends, will be back for more nexy year.. I think I'll even bring the kids and stay the entire weekend.

- Megan W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis is the event for everyone!  We did it last year and this year brought the wives and kids for their first obstical course . There is such a good mix of terrain and obsticals. The atmosphere is the real clincher though, just great encouragement and enthusiasm from volunteers through to competitors all day long. The entire tribe will be back next year.

Also one very noteable aspect from last year to this year - the organisers have reviewed last years event and taken on board any negative comments and professionally set about rectifying the issues which made this years Stampede the best event of the year.

- Brett W, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat day, well organised, plenty of water stations, short queues for each obstacle. Only one down fall there should have been a water obstacle at the end after mud crawl or the fire men should have been there to hose people off. Can't wait for next year!

- Sandy K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first ever obstacle race but won't be the last! The bug zapper was electrifying the slip n slide was an absolute blast and couldn't stop laughing on the Lilly pads! The hills were killers but our team had smiles on our faces the whole way! It would have been great if there were markers along the way to let you know how far you'd come and what obstacle you were up too. Very little waiting on the obstacles was good too. Bring on next year. We did the second last wave on Sunday.

- Melanie F, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingSunday 15th Sept 2013 was my first "obstacle course" event ever and I was very impressed!! 
My Husband was the only veteran of these types of events with the group of 6 we competed with ( Team Purple Monkey Dishwashers! ) but most of the obstacles weren't all that hard, that you have anything to worry about if  you've never competed in anything like this before ( as long as you have a medium level of fitness and for some obstacles - weren't claustrophobic!).
Firstly, a review from this weekend mentioned there were Gladiators  ... where I ask?! We went in an 11am wave, and though we walked most of the way, we finished about 2.30pm, and there were definitely no Gladiators any of the obstacles. If they were there but left before all competitors actually finished, this is a bit of a disappointment. 
The only other con which was more for the boys in our group, was that the Beer tent, to claim your free drink at the end of the race using your bib Number, closed at 3pm!! We were barely over the line and no time for a shower before we had to go get our drinks to avoid missing out.
The big wooden wheels obstacle...why was there no spongey mat on the other side where you jumped off? Both options were still quite high, and the drop to the hard ground was a killer on the knees/ankles!

- Kara B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingCompleted Woodford 10k Stampede on the 15th September. What an awesome event, loved it and thought it was far more exciting, testing and fun than Tough Mudder, even far more rewarding. Bring on 2014

- Kev D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWent last year as a spectator, was really excited to be participating this year.  Having done Warrior Dash, Kokoda Grunt, Spartan, True Grit and Tough Mudder, I was dissapointed with the lack of mud obstacles being 2 (only did the 5 klms).  Loved the variety of obstacles, was super pumped for the slide, mine was the only run that dried up - epic fail !   Showers were a long, long wait and having to move pass the people still waiting to shower, ensured that you coped some of their mud!  Also, going thru the finish line was an anti climax, no MC, calling it, we weren't even sure where the finish line was after crawling thru the mud.  Having said all that, it was still an awesome event (loved the safety aspects on the obstacles too!).  Will be back next year.  Bring on  the Beach Bash now :)

- Jodie C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingOur first obstacle event and we absolutely had a ball completing the 10km course. The event was very well run. Registration was a breeze and there were plenty of support crew whenever needed. I'm told by others that the obstacles were as good as other events they had done. The only downside was the limited shower facilities that were available. There were numerous shower blocks on site that were all locked up. Surely they could have been made available.

- David R, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was the first time I had ever done anything like this and I had such an amazing time! I did completed the 5km with my mum and younger brother, and even though my Mum was completely exhausted by the time we finished we all had a great time and felt a great sense of accomplishment. We cannot wait until next year!!!!

- Rhyanna B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI loved it! Keen to do them all, all the time now :)

- Sarah K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWhat an absolutely fantastic experience.  I loved every minute of it & the one & only down side was the shower line.  All in all though it was very well set up & run.  The volunteers were wonderful & God bless the volunteer who suggested we roll our way under the rope wall instead of crawling.  That made life heaps easier!!!

The slip & slide was THE BEST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!! It was hard not to race up the hill & do it again.  So glad we did the 10k. It's a shame there weren't more photographers along the course though, especially at the slip & slide or really muddy ones. We cannot wait until next year.  Thanks again for a brilliant day :o)

- Angie T, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLoved it! Had a ball but OMG......those hills! Definitely coming back for more next year!

- Nikki C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingwent in last yrs 10km, but this was superior, challenges and very little waiting. Only real problem that needs tweaking is to have a hoseoff by the firies after thelast mud feast, jst save water andpeoplelining up at the showersfor a 1/2 hour....other than that, well done

- 'Tutu' Paul L, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHey guys! thanks for a great day :) Everyone was so friendly and encouraging.
This was my second mud run, having done tough mudder this year. I found Stampede much more challenging with the hills that's for sure! I liked the amount of obstacles, not quite as adrenalin pumping as mudder but still a heap of fun.

My only qualm from the day was that for people wanting to run it fast there wasn't enough time between races, obviously this isn't a problem if your in the first wave but for every other race its a little bit frustrating. After long waits at mudder my husband and I decided to run out fast and try to get ahead, however we ended up stuck behind the back end of the race ahead of ours by the second obstacle! Hard when your trying to get a good time.

I ended up injuring myself quite badly on the slide (hip was cut and very very sore, wont go down on my belly next year!) and I wasn't able to run properly after that. Those things happen though so not blaming anyone for that! must have been a sneaky rock or something underneath? 

Other than that the day was very challenging (re hills!) and felt like the longest 10k of my life haha, especially when I was reduced to hobbling! I'm hoping to be in better form for next year :) Thank-you for not making us submerge in the ice too!!

- Sam V, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWe did the 5km run on Saturday and had so much fun!!!! Everything was do well organised on the day with no lines to wait in. Can't wait to do it again next year!!!!

- Kim J, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAmazing race, awesome day couldn't have been better

- Anthony A, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingYesterday was my first Stampede.  We had a great time.  My suggestions would be (as a comparison of another obstacle event) more signs roadside showing where to turn.  More signs in car park where to walk to event as everyone kept walking wrong direction to entry, more photographers on course during Sunday event.  We saw two photographers only.  We ordered small shirts and could not receive our size sadly - perhaps shirt could be collected with bib number to match registration order.  My shirt is way too big to ever wear. 
Parking price was reasonable, Gladiators need to be a bit more excited themselves and there was no one to help take photo at finish line :(  
Overall well organised, great schnitzel burgers and beer and thank you to the volunteers.

- Hayley W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWhat a fantastic day... My first run and am already excited about running next year... Definitely need more shade for next year though for non competitors... Course was a well constructed workout that's for sure, I felt so very proud of myself and my team mates that we completed every obstacle and have to say that hands down the HUGE SLIP AND SLIDE WAS AWESOME FUN... Thanks to the organizers and can't wait till next year...

- Nicole A, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThe event was well organised. No traffic or hassles to park. There was no line up for registrations etc, which was fantastic. The venue was extremely well set up - great variety of food and drink stalls. Great shady areas for spectators. The course flowed really well with exciting obstacles. It could have finished with a water course or big hoses, to eliminate such a huge wait at the showers. That was probably the worst part of the day. The queue for the shower, and then having to walk back through all muddy people once you were cleaned. Overall though, was a brilliant day. Can't wait for next year !!!!

- Treen H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI am in my mid 50, have cardiac disease (have been symptom free for 9+ years) and did Warrior Dash 5k last year; 10k Stampede on Saturday was fabulous!   Well organized, fast furious and soooo much fun.  Loved every wet sweaty muddy challenging moment; thank you.   Can't wait for 2014.   Thank you again.

- Jules C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI was fortunate enough to get a taste of both the 10k and 5k courses running in the Saturday OCRL wave. The course itself was great, the terrain was challenging enough with a good mix of hills. It was hard work but in a really good, rewarding way. I also thought the spacing of the obstacles was really well done, you weren't left running for long periods without an obstacle to break things up.
The course had a good mix of 'fun' and challenging obstacles which I'm sure the general public would love, I think the competitive racers would have liked to see some more physically demanding obstacles but overall no complaints there. Some of the obstacles were quite unique like the dark room!
Also of note was the spectators area. I brought my mum along for her first look at an Obstacle / adventure course and she loved it, I'm really glad I chose the Stampede to give her a look at what goes on. She was able to get a good look at the bug zapper, ice baths, the slide - all great to view. I think I might have actually talked her into doing a course next year.
The event organisation was pretty much flawless as well, from parking to rego to how the entertainment and food was arranged. Everything was great.
Looking forward to doing it all again next year.

- Clint C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFor a first time for both the stampede crew and my kids it was a great junior event. My kids will definitely do it again next year, but they are hoping the obstacles will be a bit more challenging. They had their fingers crossed for a slide or some monkey bars or climbing ropes which weren't included unfortunately, so maybe next year?! Happy to pay a little extra if necessary if that's what it takes to improve the obstacles. T-shirts for the juniors would also be a great idea too. 
But all in all a great job, thanks for the memories, my kids will be back next year. cheers.

- Allison S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingBeing a "virgin obstacle racer" I have nothing to compare to so a 9/10.  From the easy parking to the easy access toilets and bag storage all so well organised.  The course was so much fun hated those hills!! The obstacles were a challenge some more than others but we had a blast and will be back for sure we're hooked.  Thanks to all  the volunteers standing in the hot sun offering encouragement  especially the one who lent me his clean dry shirt to clean my sunnies lol. Awesome...

- Kelly W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingBest fun you can have in the mud! First timer and was really impressed with everything. Extremely well organized, the volunteers were great, obstacles awesome and the location was fantastic. I'm hooked, can't wait for the next one!!

- Mandy S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLOVED IT!!!  10km run on Sunday was fantastic.  Feeling a little saw and a huge bit proud of our team today!!  If I had to find a gripe it was the distance from the car park to the toilets!!!!!  everything seemed to run smooth.  Maybe some kind of alternative to just water on the 10k course would have helped but no complaints from me.  Great work!!

- Jeanene M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI only have one negative thing to say and that is it would be great if the spectator area was larger to cover the super slide. As well as being a great opportunity for photos it would be a great spot for people waiting to watch. 
I was involved in photographing a tough mudder team a month ago and they have nothing on the set up compared to stampede! The food vendor stands are quality food, the jumping castle for kids makes it a great day out and the organisation for registering, cloakroom and showers was an absolute breeze. The atmosphere is one of fun but is also a challenge. Even though the course is only 10km compared to mudder 20km it is so much more challenging in terms of terrain with the hills and rocky areas. The distance between obstacles breaks up the long runs and it allows people to test themselves irrespective of their fitness levels. 
It would have been great to have a map or see the obstacles prior to the event in the form of a map but that is only a small detail! The obstacles were all quite good although the wooden ramp that we had to pull ourselves up by rope could have had more rails on the down side as it did feel quite awkward and unsafe getting yourself over and down the other side especially when you have short legs.
Overall a bloody fantastic way to spend a day with a team and family supporting you.

- Narelle A, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFUN !!!! We had a team of 4 in the 10km on Sat 14th Sep and we all had an absolute blast. Lots of laughes and good times. 
A very well organised event from the parking at the start through to the shower area at the end.... all great. Hardly any line ups for obstacles as we busted past the slow pokes and got our way to the front. I do think that if you do plan on walking from the very start you could keep left so those wanting to get a good pace don't have to keep stopping. 
Thanks Stampede, a great Saturday morning out and some amazing veiws at the top of the many many hills....

- Kate C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLoved the 5km at woodford felt awesome. My kids did the 2km one with me n wanted more mud n less running which i think would b great as saw alot of little kids getting bored of the  running so more obstacles for the kids pkease otherwise loved it will do again.

- Peta G, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAbsolutely amazing! Did this with my boyfriend and was our first ever obstacle race. The 5km was tough, but we managed, and will definitely be back again for next year :) The atmosphere was awesome - met so many lovely people on the way, and everyone helping each other with the difficult obstacles, definitely worth every penny, recommending this to everyone!!

- Nicole F, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI did last years stampede and i have to say this years is 100% better. The organisation was well planned there was minimum wait for the obstacles and the comradeship of the participants was awesome. People you didn't even know were helping each other out and over the obstacles it was great. My grand son also competed in the junior stampede and loved every minute. Well done to the organisers you have out done yourselves this year it will be very hard to top it next year but we will be waiting with anticipation.

- Kerry D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFirst ever obstacle course (Woodford) and it was so much fun.  Absolutely loved the slip n slide.  And so glad there was so many people who were willing to help others through obstacles. The only things I would suggest are exits at the other end of the showers so you don't have to walk back through the muddy peeps, move the firemans hose to the end of the course so there is less time needed in the showers as they were packed and more shaded areas for the spectators as they cooked on Sunday!  But Thanks for a great day out!!!  We will be back next year!

- Rebecca G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHaving done no exercise really for the past 20 years, I've found this event to be a really good challenge.  I struggled up the hills, but as I could participate at my own speed, and the obstacles were easy enough for beginners, I found the course really enjoyable!
I can see myself becoming a stampede junkie!

- Clare T, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWent to Sunday stampede in the last wave and we were so impressed from the parking directions to the cloak room to the ease of registration. Great idea to have registration in alphabetical order to dispurse crowd and same for the cloak room. Loved to course. We only had to wait for the mud slide at the end and then the showers but everyone was so friendly that it didn't matter! Definitely will be back!

- Jess H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWe ran the 2 km course with our 2 children aged 7 & 9 on Sunday at 11.10am.
We had an absolute blast!
Our suggestions would be to have an additional water station in the kids run & and perhaps 2 or 3 more obstacles. The kids were definitely challenged with the hills but they were anticipating a few more obstacles in the run.
Our other suggestion would be more shade tents in the main area-there really wasn't enough shade for the kids to 'recover' & rest in.
I definitely think there would be a favourable response to an early morning start time with the kids- just a thought.
The registration & cloak room had ample staff & were helpful & friendly as were all the helpers we came into contact with on the day.
It was such a smooth day for us & we can't wait to do it again!
WELL DONE & thank you!!!

- Jo L, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating: I did the 5km race on Sunday, and it was absolutely fantastic! First obstical race, and I lost my bib, and I'm still really upset, but these things happen.
Can't wait for next year!!! 
Amazing atmosphere, and loved the random support!! Thank you everybody!
Thanks to the volentures also! You all did a great job! 

- Stacey H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI did the Brisbane stampede last year and this years event left that in the dust, literally. I started at 11 on Sunday, registering was much easier this year, the coarse seemed to have had a huge amount more time put into it. The obstacles were great, i love the range for most the obstacles, the fact that you can choose to do it the easy way or more difficult is awesome. Although on saying all these good points something needs to be done about the showers, weather it be a large pool of water after the finish or the firehose gauntlet after the finish. I only wated 20 mins where my peers were waiting 45+. Overall an awesome day, will be back next year.

- Michael P, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingSoooo fun and soo muddy, like a happy little pig in the mud.

- Sarah K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingKid Stampede. Woddford.
Obstacle course was great but I think 10 obstacles was not enough.
Kids had a fantastic time .
Sign in was so easy.

- Samantha B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingRaced the 10k on sat and it was amazing! Lots of drink stations and loved all the obstacles! Will def do again next year :)

- Kerrie T, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingMy friends and I had an absolutely awesome time, we were team "LIQUID AWESOME" and we cant wait for Stampede 2014 bring it on. 
My only complaint  is that you might want to provide some more shade and some chairs and tables for those who are supporting the racers and for once the racers are finished and are grabbing a bite to eat after their race.
But other than that I/we had an great day.

- Kristy B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad the best time! First one won't be the last! Perfectly organised! Most fun I've had in ages! :-)

- Stacey M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingalmost couldn't fault anything or anyone except perhaps putting in a water course at the end.. cause inconsiderate people where washing there clothes in the showers.. and people where pushing in was a mud fight alone in there.. then after I was clean I had to push my way back through muddy bodies! yukk.....!  
definitely be back next year for another 10k run.. 
Ps get rid of that silly black plastic house that is an accident waiting to happen..
keep up the great work guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
looking forward to stampede 2014...... :-)

- Sharon H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingIt was an awesome day! So much fun! My team is interested in trying another location next time.. I will recommend the stampede to all I know!

- Jaynie T, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFantastic even again.  Thanks to all those that gave their time to make the day so seamless to those who were running (or walking).  great obstacles this year and a good mix up from last year.   Only comment against would be the lack of shade near the food areas and bar.   Look forward to 2014 event and I know quite a few people that will be running again as well as a heap of newcomers that are eager to see what we have been talking about.

- Nigel J, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFantastic!!! Course was different from last years and even better than last years !!! Great work guys

- Trisha H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThe Stampede Brisbane ... Brought to you by the "Hills of Woodford"!  Hills, hills, hills ... So many hills :-)
The Stampede was AWESOME.  So much fun, even the hills!  For any serious obstacle racer, we are out there for the challenge, we want to push ourselves, want to earn that burger/beer at the end, and the hills are a major contributor to that sense of achievement.
The obstacles were SO much fun.  The Stampede team had obviously spent a lot of time and cash putting the course together with lots of genuinely challenging obstacles to push and test you.  The slip n slide, well ... That should now be standard at every race!
I ran the 10km at midday on the Saturday and I was expecting to struggle in the heat (30-32 degrees I believe), however, I didn't feel it at all.  There were well placed water obstacles and lots of drink stations, so I didn't ever feel over heated (apart from maybe the 20 seconds over the A frame that was over a fire pit!).
The spectators arena was, by far, the best of any Qld race to date.  LOTS and lots of atmosphere, activity and (most importantly) food.
In terms of event quality, I would rank this as the best race in Qld this year (as compared against Super Spartan, True Grit and Tough Mudder).  True Grit was also very well put together and the Spartan race kicked ass ... However, The Stampede was tough, fun, exciting and very well run - making it the best so far.  Tough Mudder was horrendous and a fail in SO many ways, so it doesn't even compare to The Stampede.
The registration process, both pre and check in at the race, were flawless with no fuss, no drama and no wait on the day.... Tough Mudder can learn a LOT from The Stampede here.
The reason the race hasn't scored a 10 is as follows:  There were no race maps available on the day for spectators (my partner was unable to follow the flow of the race and missed most obstacles because he wasn't able to tell which order the arena obstacles were run in), there were no distance or obstacle # markers, meaning you were never sure how many obstacles, or KM were still to go and finally, for some very strange reason, the final obstacle was a mud slurry pit meaning that you stumbled across the finish line with no fanfare and covered from head to toe in mud that you then desperately needed to wash off ... The nearly hour long wait for a shower was unpleasant.
All in all though this race was absolutely awesome and well worth the trip to Woodfordia!  Thank you VERY much to race organisers who provided such a high quality event.
Tough Mudder ... You need to look to your fellow obstacle course race events - Every single one of them has kicked your ass in terms of quality, obstacles, organisation and atmosphere ... Yet you charge the most and make the most $$ - Not cool Tough Mudder.
THANK YOU STAMPEDE - Can't wait to run you again!

- Amanda D, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAwesome event, very well organised and run, great variety of obstacles, plenty of water stations.
I wish there were some Monkey Bars to play around on, but that's just me being picky about my particular favorite obstacle.  Was great to see several obstacles I haven't seen before.

- Scott S, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWe did the 5k STAMPEDE on Saturday 14th Sept in Brisbane, WOW what an amazing event! We had a team of 9 of us all wearing our best bight red Tutu's with our Kirra's Krusaders Shirts on with our STAMPEDE CYSTIC FIBROSIS logo on the back!! Firstly I am very excited that we were able to fundraise through the "go fundraise" page for our own charity (we choose Cystic Fibrosis Queensland) Kirra is my 3 year old beautiful little cousin and she has CF so we wanted to get out there and raise awareness for this disease.  We were actually passed by a man who has CF on the course he was doing the 10 K and smashing it,  it was a truly inspirational moment seeing him doing THE STAMPEDE and it gives hope and encouragement to keep going to others affected by CF..... Good on you mate!! The day went off beautifully and we will be back for next years event with a bigger and brighter team of CF STAMPEDERS!!!!

- Leah H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating

I loved it!! Stampede Bris 10k was my second run following Spartan Bris.. So much fun.. Extremely well organised.. Was a day!!! Fantastic!!! Im addicted!

- Carly W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating

Haven't felt that sense if anticipation and excitement in a while. What a fun, challenging and satisfying event. Really well executed, no waiting, just muddy fun. Am waiting impatiently for the next Brisbane dates to be released!!!!

- Kazza F, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLoved it - did the 5km Saturday and 2km kids on Sunday.
No queues for parking, registration, loos, drinks or the cloak room and a good amount of water stations along the way.
Seemed to flow a lot better than last year in terms of the obstacles (and better variety) and not a lot of waiting around (lined up for over an hour for last year's slide).
Good to see more showers, HOWEVER, like a few of the reviews above, I'd suggest that there be a hose down or sprinklers after the last mud obstacle and an in end and an out end for the showers so you don't have to squeeze past muddy stameders after you've had a wash down.
The kids course was good but probably a little basic for the target age group (7-14).

- Jaime H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingBest course to date. I did both days at Woodford and loved all the obstacles. It was fun and a good mix of running and obstacles. My only complaint was that they should have had hoses after the mud buffet to wash off some of the mud as the line up for showers was too long if you were in a later wave. Would definitely do this one again.

- Natalie R, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFrom the turn off to leaving it is the best I've done overall. Location bueatifull on the foothills of the Blackall range. Parking was well organised, seamless and not far of  a walk. The festival arena was awsome with plenty of venders, seats in the shade and a blow up castle for the kids. The registration and cloak room like the parking was seamless and well organised.

The starting arena was great with plenty of hype. The course- The terrain and the running aspect was awsom with lots of medium size hills. They weren't as long as say kokoda so they didn't stuff you right from the start but rather test you and rewarded you with the following downhill sections.

The obstacles where well thought out and super fun with great originality along with old favourits. My personal favourites was  the yellow tunnels, the cable wheels, the balance beam see saw, the pontoons and the best the slide (which I did twice).

The only saw point with me was the mud pit at the end coupled with the lack of water to wash down. I saw a line up of for a 1/2 hour for a hose down. You could not even take your beer to the area to pass the time while you remminiced with other racers while you waited.

But all and all and excelent event. Will be doing it again

- Jamie J, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAwesome event, well organised. I was prepared mentally for a mini Tough Mudder. However the minute we got there it was a completely different vibe - fun and relaxed. Definitely will do another stampede.
Parking/Getting to from there: no wait time or traffic backed up, straight in and park. Leaving was a breeze. Short walk from park to event.

Registration/ check in : easy and quick. No lines.  Volunteers helpful and polite.
Course: great mixture of obstacles and good space between them. Favourite was the slip n  and slide. Wish the fire hoses were at the end so no need to shower lol. Plenty of water on the course to drink. No more than two minus wait at obstacles. Obstacles good mixture of strength agility and fun. 

Showers: plenty of water and a short wait. (in comparison to Tough Mudder Sydney were we had no water available and were ten times dirty). So it was a great relief we could shower.

- Jess G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingSo, like always, I'll run through my day chronologically.
Good location, not too far from brissy, no traffic to battle. The parking attendants and volunteers were lovely, and I got free parking because I was volunteering in the afternoon. What a great perk. Short walk from the parking to the actual event.
Lots of portaloos - always good.
Good main area, lots of delicious things like boost juice and the red bull girls!
My main problem with the day was that they couldn't find my name on any of their lists, nor could they find my race bib. And it wasn't just me, there were others too! The people at rego just didn't seem to know what they were doing. So they sent me to the help desk, which was even less helpful. And the help desk was also where they were taking late regos. They didn't have enough change and were working off one laptop.. the line was so long. They ended up never finding my name and just giving me a random race bib. By the time all this rigmarole was sorted, I had missed my race wave. With 20 mins between each race wave it was a bit of a wait, but oh well (for anyone who wants an ending to this story, turns out they had my middle name down as my last name on both competitor and volunteer lists. derp)
It was bloody humid. glad I ran at 9am. Waves probably should have started earlier than 840 for a "spring" (which we all know its summer all the time in qld) race.
The terrain of the course was crazy! So many hills, I thought I was going to cry if I saw another hill. I almost did when I had to walk to the obstacle I was volunteering on and I had to walk up a hill haha. My ankles are super sore today just from the stabilisation required. They had some of the rocks on the course spraypainted pink for safety. OH&S can be pretty too people!!
I'll go thru the obstacles that I can remember:
There was a rig up with tyres on either side and a cargo net over the top. That was cool and required a low level of skill and medium level of caution.
The esky was the stampede version of arctic enema. Not so low that you had to put your head under (I got away with ice up to my mouth) but still as freaking cold!
There was lots of stuff involving ropes - a slippery wet slope with ropes to pull yourself up on.. a dry one with different length ropes so you could launch yourself at it and try to grab the shorter ropes (or just run up it like some guys did.. I don't even know how that's physically possible, are you a warlock?)... the good ol rope climb (the only obstacle I failed this time)... rope swinging tarzan things into a cargo net The zappers were great. No wind like at mudder so I didn't cop any to the face/jaw, just on the legs.
Balance beams, super good. High up in the air to give you that little rush, with just stumps of wood in the middle to balance over, then back to the beams.
The Gladiators actually gave me a bit of a pummeling which was nice! Much better than Spartan race There were some big cogwheel things to get over, which I had to get some help in -thanks to the guys and girls that gave me a hand. pretty challenging cuz they were curved. (the wheels, not the guys n girls!) The berlin walls were much shorter than mudder thank god, but with little rock climbing nodules so you could get over yourself with a bit of strength (for solo competitors like me, this is great :)) The slip n slide was SO. MUCH. FUN. all detergented up and crazy fast.
Met some lovely people volunteering in the afternoon. I was on the devils cave - a pitch black, smelly, hot, area with "objects inside" - NO, there are no dildos inside as many people asked. I'll always advocate volunteering - not only does it give you your money back, a free shirt and a free lunch, but you get to chill out before driving home and meet some amazing people.
The shirts are that stupid slinky material, that angered me. Oh well. And silly to have a muddy obstacle right at the end, showers were packed.
But a fantastic, challenging but fun event. Many mudsplats for you!!!

- Claire M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating10/10 guys, what a great day!  Saturdays woodfordia 10km race! Out of all the obstacle races our team (Kel's Army!) has been in, this is the best one we've done. Everything was fantastic from the moment you rock up to the moment you leave!! Slip n Slide was our favourite, we're all kids at heart right?! We are now flying down to Sydney for Stampede in November, can't wait! You sure showed up other races, well done!

- Zoe C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAs a virgin obstacle racer I had an absolute blast. We waited no more than a few minutes at any of the obstacles. Plenty of water stations, great support from volunteers and other competitors which was great to see.
The electric shock hits you right at the knees, loved the slide with no hold ups there at all and finishing with the mud crawl at the end was fantastic.

Fire hoses at the finish and an exit to the showers would have been great but overall well run event and will definitely be back next year.

- Cynthia L, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWell organised fun event. Great fun!

- Lucy S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingStampede bloody good event. Very well organized perfectly placed drink station shame no bananas or powerade out on the track specially for silly bastards like me doing multi laps.

Obstacle were great with good distance between each one and lots of viewing areas for spectators. Toilets were very well maintained and clean for a change but shame wasn't stop station out on the track.

All and all bloody brilliant day and many people doing multiple laps one guy I talked to on my last was on lap 5 and loving it. Only fault was the bad layout for the showers which was quite a queue them had to walk thought the muddy people once your clean.

Also ATMs in staging area was great and the fact they let you run ahead once you approached the start line again.

Next be there with bells on maybe even a costume.

- Chris L, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingIt was an awesome day and lots of fun. Heaps of water stations And awesome, happy and friendly volunteers. I agree with Leanne what what would have topped the day off was a sprinkler or fire mans hose as you cross the finish line.  The water slide was awesome and wish it was at every race.
Again an awesome day and can't wait till the next stampede :) 

- David J, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWhat a brilliant  organized fun  event!
Lots of variety and interesting obstacles . Loads of water stations, friendly volunteers and the beer was icy cold. 
The only think I can fault is the mud crawl as the last obstacle ! Which impacted on the que for the showers which where huge!  Maybe also an exit from the showers rather then walking ( or rather pushing ) you way back out amongst  the muddy people .
Get the showering right and it would be a 10 from me!

- Leanne H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer


2012 Reviews

mudsplat ratingThouroughly enjoyed this event!!! This was my first ever obstacle race and I fell in love!! I think the way the whole event was run was great... If I'm honest, some of the obstacles were a bit lame (like running through a tent with bubbles in it) and I would have liked those to be more hardcore, but overall great! Loved how they had private food and drink vendors there, which made it reasonably priced! Woodfordia was a great event location with a close carpark and showers.  My only suggestions I can think of are to offer a discount (half price) to anyone entering the event twice on the same day! I would have liked to do the 10k (which i did) and then the 5k later in the day with a group, but it just costs too much.
overall, love your work Stampede! keep it up and will definatley be back next year! 

- Troy S

mudsplat ratingThis was my 1st ever Obstacle race, had done plenty of trail races in the area but this was something new & I jumped on the hype bandwagon & signed up on day 1 of rego opening.
I had driven past Woodfordia on many occasions but never realised until that day that it was really hilly & there was hardly any flat on the whole 10km. Parking was easy & we didn't feel too bad parting with our $10 seeing as we did the sensible thing of car sharing.
Signing in was a breeze & pretty quick so was the bag drop off. Then it was just wait for the 10am wave to start & the 10km ahead. As we snuck our way towards the front for the start we realised this was our 1st mistake as clouds of coloured chalk dust were thrown over us by spectators or those near the buckets, So come start time we were blind with a parched throat due to the chalk dust drying us out. ( all part of the fun )
10am can & we were off - the only obstacle that I thought was weird or out of place in the 1st 5km was a Bubble Tent -- just an inflatable tent knee deep in bubbles & you ran through it !!  Just seemed not right for what we were doing.
At the 5/10km split was the slippery slide & this is where the delays started.  From what I could see the hoses weren't getting the correct pressure constantly which meant the slide would dry out in places meaning you got stuck .. This defo something they need to sort out for 2013's event as in the later Waves our 10 min wait went to 20-25mins for some.
Another obstacle that was a little weak was the Gladiator run where you run past guys with foam pads on sticks who beat you up. Well they are meant to but just gave you a little push .. Need to get MEAN for next year guys !!! 
Aid stations were pumped tap water to stations littered around the course so despite the warming conditions you always had plenty of water nearby.  Just a pity the same couldn't be said for the showers at the end. Most people can pee with more pressure so you washed the mud off as best you could & then went home for a proper shower or jumped in the lake and washed there !!
On the whole great value for money, well organised and lots of fun. I went home that evening & signed up for the early bird for 2013 so i'll be back.
By the time the guys come back I reckon they will have solved the teething issues they had this year with the water pressure & lame obstacles ( like running past the firemen with hoses waiting to jet you only find out they had run out of water !! ) 

- Dave S

mudsplat ratingThis was my first mud run (other than the one I did when I joined the Navy) and I took my 15 year old son along for the ride. We loved it and we are hooked. The event was really well organised and Josh and I had very little wait time at any of the obstacles.
 The transitions were steep enough to make our quads burn and the obstacles were challenging when you are sucking in the big ones after transition. 

- Gai P

mudsplat ratingHey everybody,

The Stampede (Brisbane) was my very first mud race after hearing about Tough Mudder about 6 months ago. It was a load of fun throughout the whole race, I wish id done the 10km instead of just 5.
The obstacles were really really fun, the most fun ones being the mud crawling ones where you gear covered :) there was a few of those, most memorable being the electric shocks at the end, i didnt think id even feel them so late in the day (i was one of the last waves) with mud all over them but damn they packed a punch.

The only obstacle that really let me down was the giant slip n slide; i mean dont get me wrong, it was wicked fun and i wanted to loop round and go again, but the line was about 1000 strong and took easily over half an hour of standing still shivering (ice baths then standing on a windy shady hill sucks) to get to it. My idea for the stampede to fix this? Have more than 2 lanes. maybe 8 would have been enough to keep the ques down?

all in all, a great day out-

- Joel T

mudsplat ratingHey, our team of four novice obstacle racers just completed the 10km Stampede in Brisbane.  What a fantastic day, it was extremely well organised and great fun.  The only hold up was at the hill slide but time flew while we laughed and watched others ahead of us.  Fully recommend this event to anyone and everyone, the atmosphere was electric.  We have signed up for next year already and are heading off to do Warrior Dash in Nov.  These are awesome events, just wish we had found them sooner and there were more in QLD!

- Caela S


mudsplat rating

2014 Reviews

mudsplat ratingThe day was quite well, bit annoying that the only available drinks for free was beer or water. Was actually looking forward to something else as I don't drink beer. 

No bag drop? And the info provided said that there was supposed to be one so that was a bit low and the car was a good km away. 

I believe there wasn't enough obstacles for the size of the track, most of the back part was just straight running and got a bit boring. 

Will be back again though.

- Leysha O, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLess challenging than last year and no bag drop, but quick and easy to register and park. There were definate hold up on the course. We started in the first wave and started a 2nd lap at 10.25 just 5mins after a wave started, so I was really clogged at some choke points.

Despite the minoe negatives, I will definately do it again. Would like it a little tougher so that people need others to help them. This creates a better atmosphere :)

- Michael S, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis is my second Stampede but I have run other obstacle courses that were held in WA last year eg.. Warrior Dash, Western Mud Rush, Ramapage, Run a Muck and Tough Mudder doing them all again this year plus the The Spartan and True Grit. 
Thanks to all the vollys for giving up your time and  being out on the course. Also thanks to the organisers for putting this on.  
My friends and I had a great time as always and enjoyed our time on the 5KM course. Obstacles were fun and  a few new ones but also didn't seem as many as least year?? Also it felt like it was ages before there was any sign of mud....  BUT when we did get to the mud pits/obstacles they were great and muddy. Ice Bath was good as always, I would have preferred it closer to the end but we have to mix things up right. 
I am unsure as to why we didn't get a bag drop off this time? A key drop off great, but after being muddy and having a rinse down I want to put on some clean clothes and buy food. With the bags in the car it meant after a rinse down climbing the little hill to the car ( We were in the last wave 12 noon ) and getting changed as best as you can with the car as the curtain and of course heaps of people trying to do the same thing as well as leave wouldhave been nicer to be able to leave the bag somwere . This meant that we decided that hey we will go get lunch on the way home as we can t be bothered walking back to the area just for food and a drink so unfortunatley food venders and the bar lost out on our money as I'm sure others also.
Plenty of water stations on the course which was awesome. Registration was easy, shame about the shirts being the same as last year. Shame we didn t have numbers on bibs also like last year. Texta is fun and all but also can become unreadable once you are covered in dirt mud and all that stuff. 
Didn t seem to be any photographers on course, if they were they must have stopped by the time the last wave went which is a tad disappointing for us. 
I found it was a great day out but last year was a 10 and this year was a 7 ½ to a 8 the atmosphere wasn t pumping like last year either. But hey Thanks for putting on a great event. 

- Alexis S, Intermediate Obstacle Racer


mudsplat ratingThis years Stampede course was better and tougher than last years, so good on them for improving that way. 

Unfortunately the rest kind of let them down. Check in was quick and easy but again its the little things that add up - no bag drop was causing some grief, the showers were freezing cold and had hardly no pressure in them so it was difficult to even wash the mud off and the food area wasn't set up the best either.

The big pro for them was the Kids Stampede. with my 9yr old daughter now wanting to join me at every race it was really well put together.

The big con is the Cow Zapper. I am over the electrical "obstacles" as on the day one of the barbs got me in the head and left me disorientated for the entire of my second lap as it was placed only about 1km into the course.

I still like the event and will be back next year, I just won't be running through the Zapper!

- Shem R, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingPerth 2014 event wasn't as good as the Perth 2013 event I'm afraid....
The Good........Quick registration
                        Great obstacles
                        Good shirts (although exactly the same as last year)
                        Reasonable showers.
                        Kids 12 and over could run in the main event.
                        Drink stations were good. 
The Bad..........No bag drop? Really? So we gotta walk a mile back to our car to get our change of clothes, and then come back to the event? Yeah Right..........what event doesn't have a bag drop? The Stampede obviously!  Overall, a smaller event area, a few tables here and there to eat at but last year was far better set up.
The Ugly........No Ugly, just good and bad.

The bag drop issue cost them 2 mudsplats in my book, but still a great event and we'll be back next year.......Well done gang....

- Alec M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat day. I volunteered in the morning and it was good to see the other side of things.
I ran in the second last wave of the day and all the obstacles were still in good condition.
Overall pretty darn good!
Pros - Obstacles were fun
        - Check in was quick and easy
        - Water stations were well placed and well 'manned' with plenty of water
        - A few obstacles I haven't encountered before (Always nice!)
        - Almost no waiting at any obstacle
        - The water slide ROCKED, good speed and you could do it multiple times!
        - Vollys at the obstacles we still enthusiastic even towards the end of the day
Cons - No bag drop, only key drop. Although I wasn't parked too far aware I couldn't be bothered walking to my car at the end to get my gear for shower/change.
        - Obstacles weren't much of a challenge for me
        - Showers were nearly as cold as the ice bath
So it loses 2 points for the cons, but definitely going to go again next year!

- Ben O, Rookie Obstacle Race

mudsplat ratingJust got home from the Perth May'14 Stampede. All in all a great event.

Parking and registration were easy. Plenty of portaloo's for the prerace nervous wee's! The warm up was fun and got you ready.

The only downside (dropping it to 9 mudsplats) was the lack of a bag drop.

As for the course, this was my 3rd event (last years mudd rush and tough mudder) and I found it pretty easy. I was in the 2nd wave (920) and the course was in good condition (plenty of mud). It's a good intro to the sport. The obstacles were at a good fun run level. The slip and slide was awesome! The esky was cold, if a bit short (i'm not complaining!) and the electro shock was good (I got zapped 4 times).

It was a fun event and a good start to this years races in WA.

As for the after party, it was great. A really good selection of food, plenty of seats and pumping music. Showers were good and plentiful.

All in all a great day out!

- Robin B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

2013 Reviews

mudsplat ratingI had a blast! Multiple laps - just so much fun! Well organized. Great atmosphere, samples of protein bars etc were a nice extra :) Registered for next year already :)

- Ness R

mudsplat ratingSo MUDDY, and so FUN!!!
Had a blast of a day, everything ran smoothly. I was in the first wave for the 10km loop, and so got to make a mess of the course. I also think i may have been the only one silly enough to buy an 'UNLIMITED PASS', which I haven't yet seen at any other events. By the end of the day i think i definitely got my monies worth!!
So on the second run through i knew what i was in for, and 'talked it up' to those that hadn't. Many people didn't find it so funny.  Also the volunteers at the start the second and third time made me laugh, telling me i was 'Crazy'. The third run through was slightly more hectic with a well worn course.
The course had all the good obstacles like fire, ice and electricity and were all spaced well.  With enough space in between to test you....
The atmosphere the people made it a much better day, especially when the water ran out at the wash station and everyone migrated to the dam. That was a site to see.. :D 
Will be back for more next year...

- Benjamin L

mudsplat ratingReally well planned out course, the crossover points at the big water pipe were brilliant and the obstacles varied from easy/weird/fun/disgusting/painful/hilarious/exciting/tough!!!

The volunteers did an amazing job and the day ran smoothly. There was no massive queues and plenty of entertainment and free post-race drinks n nibbles.
Only con was shower issues but I managed to jump in the dam and wash off before that was out of bounds... can't wait to get "cow-zapped' again next year ;D

- Cristian B

mudsplat ratingLoved this event!! Really well organised & such good fun! :D I'll probably be doing this one next year! :D 
Organisation- wonderful! Sign up was easy, the parking directions were easy, picking up our race packs was quick, and I liked that they had a bag drop spot. 
Obstacles- Pretty much all of the obstacles were really awesome (didnt care for the random 'skip' bins full of stuff) - the A-frame rope climb, all the mud crawls, fire obstacle, etc. The ice obstacle was surprisingly painful!! I didnt realise spending 1 second underwater in ice would cause my whole body to be so tingly after xD I didnt like the electric one much, but it was still a 'good' obstacle I guess :P 
Water stations - they were organised & there was enough :) Some events have sports drinks at the water stations which is always awesome, but just water is fine! :) 
Post-event- I didnt get to have a shower, despite lining up for quite a while, because people were hogging the hoses & the hoses turned off right when I got to the front of the line!! However this isnt Stampedes fault :P I think it would be awesome & quicker/better for all if we could just get blasted by fire-hoses by fireys! Quick & easy!  I didnt have a problem with toilet ques either so that was nice. Getting out of the parking lot was easy as well. 
Highly recommended event! 

- Ella U

mudsplat ratingWe had a great time on the 10km course, great obstacles - fire, ice & electricity, and even some skip bins full of rotten veggies (we passed on that one). 
It was really well put together, no major queues, parking dramas or other issues, and we could have spent all day at the end watching everyone get zapped with 10,000, that was hilarious to watch. 
Only reason I don't give it 10/10 is bcause of the really high fee for tranferring registrations - $33 plus the difference in plus beteen earlybird and last minute price (another $20 or $30). 
Warrior Dash only charged us $2.50 to transfer, and that was all done instantly online.

- Fran H

mudsplat ratingGreat day. Great fun. Awesome volunteers. Short wait times if at all. Great camaraderie shown by all. Free pre and post workout supplements. Easy to get to. Stacks of parking. Quick sign in and bag drop. Fun obstacles, with my favorite being the giant slip and slide. 
Cons: When we got there at 1200 and needed to have a pre-run leak, most of the few portaloos were "OUT OF ORDER" which meant considerable wait times. After our 5 km run we decided to go home rather than wait in line for 20 mins to get our "FREE" beer. Also would have been nice to have a wash down point on the way in/out.
Some things that can be improved but otherwise really fun. Will be signing up for next year. 

- Kaman M

mudsplat rating Best event I have been to, very well organised and a ton of fun.
Nice short wait times at obstacles, great friendly crowd, awesome volunteers Thanks Stampede!

- Faye S

mudsplat ratingVery first obstacle race for me and it turned out to be an awesome one!! Pretty much everything race related was very well organised, obstacles were all good and location brilliant. All volunteers and staff on course and off were excellent. Only downside being the showers and toilets :-( agree that a dip to rinse would have worked well to remove the majority of the mud, and better instructions on the use of the porta loos as a lot didnt seem to know how to flush them !!
Will definitely be back again next year !! AWESOME

- Les W

mudsplat ratingWas an outstanding day! First time I've ever run in any event like this and had a blast. Ran nice and early so everyone was spread out which meant minimal waiting and the obstacles weren't as muddy and slippery as they were by the end. Climbing over the logs was hard enough covered in mud yourself :)
Was very well organised and well staffed. Everyone at drinks stations gave encouragement as you went past which was awesome to hear.
I'm already signed up to Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder so it'll be good to see how they all compare.

- Aaron G

mudsplat ratingHad an absolute blast! Everything was well done from organisation to the obstacles themselves. Loved every minute and I've signed up for next year already. Just need to get the shower and toilet situation up to muster for next year.

- Tom G

mudsplat ratingEPIC!!!
Had an absolute blast!!! Loved the obstacles, especially the car yard, last wall and the slide - omg that was so much fun, I wanted to go again :)
The esky was freezing and the cow zappers hurt so bad but I enjoyed every second of it.
All the staff and volunteers were friendly and there was great atmosphere through out the day.
Love my t-shirt (everyone likes something to remember the day)
I have participated in 4 obstacle courses in WA and this one is at the top of my list - I have already registered for the 10km again next year.
Awesome job guys, still smiling about it :)

- Jemma G

mudsplat ratingThe course itself was sensational but the only reason I had to drop the mudsplats was because of the facilities.

As a first timer to obstacle racing, this was an excellent event and everyone I went with had a blast and all are signing up for next year.

- Shem R

mudsplat ratingWhat a fabulous event!! We were in the second wave (ended up having some of the later waves over take us as we were there to have fun!). It was very organised and the volunteers were all lovely.

The obstacles were just amazing and hard enough to make ou work just easy enough for everyone to attempt. Wooroloo is a super location to have it and had a huge amount of parking and thought $10 was fine to pay for parking considering if you parked in the city for two hours you would have to pay that and we were at the stampede for about 5 hours.

Although the toilet situation may need more thought as over half of them were out of order by the time we finished and that was even half way through the day, I know it must be hard with having to have portables but maybe some more next time?

Other than that everything else was great, the 'showers' did their job and the free beer was very much appreciated at the end!!

All in all, amazing day and thank you to everyone who organized and ran it.

- Joanne M

mudsplat ratingI don't think there are enough positive adjectives to adequately describe The Stampede Perth.

Everything was simply awesome!  Organisation, obstacles, location, atmosphere - everything was brilliant.
I volunteered for the morning shift and ran in the afternoon. I actually went in the 2pm wave which was when La Tomatina started so the starting group was very small.  There was no waiting on any of the obstacles. Drink stations were well placed and they even had toilets on course. Good mix of obstacles, copious amounts of mud and an enormous amount of fun.
The Esky was certainly memorable and that damn "Cow Zapper" got me SIX times on the way through!
Loved the day so much that I've already registered for next year :)

- Sarah Mac

mudsplat ratingThis was the best day out!! A VERY well organised event, the registration process was easy and efficient. The race starter was fun and got the crowd going for the first 9am starters!

waiting in lines for obstacles we non existent which was fantastic! The actual obstacles were well setup, with easier and harder ones to challenge all types of participants. Some of the tougher obstacles included the ice bucket and the electric shock run... And i nearly lost a shoe in a mud jump!! 
The number of event staff was incredible and i knew i was safe at every obstacle with volunteers on the lookout. There seemed to be heaps of event photographers at almost all obstacles so i cant wait to see the pictures! 
Only suggestion was that they should have had something happening at the finish line to cheer everyone on as the end of the race seemed to be a non-event.

A fantastic day and i will definately be back next year!!!

- Karen G

mudsplat ratingWhat a fantastic day. The stampede organisers had thought of everything.

The parking was a bit expensive at $10 a car but we carpooled so that was ok. No lines at either the rego lines or bag drop off. As soon as you got there you could feel the atmosphere.

Lining up you were counted down and sent off as a group of about 200 but never did we have to overly wait for any obstacles. Each obstacle was a challenge with some being easier than others. The volunteers on the track were very encouraging and cheerful. 

The only negative I have which I am assuming was out of the organisers control was that when we finished at 12 half the hoses for showering weren't working and the same with the toilets. 
Overall you guys did great and I hope other organisers look at your work

- Karen G

mudsplat ratingWhat an awesome event! Everything was organised so well. From previous experience we had allowed more than sufficient time to park, register, do bag drop off etc but this only took a matter of minutes. The only line we saw all day was the line for the cloak room which was long and fairly slow moving.
The course was fantastic! It was fun but challenging. The obstacles were very creative and challenging. Mud, mud, mud. There was so much mud, it was awesome.
The atmosphere at the start line was great too. The MC was great and the music got you pumping. 
All in all it was a fantastic day. The best one I have done yet! Great job guys!

- Elizabeth F

mudsplat ratingGreat event! Very well organised and a heap of fun :-) my only comment is that some of the showers were not working so line to clean up was a bit longer than it needed to be, otherwise everything went smoothly, obstacles were great fun and volunteers were helpful and friendly :-) 

- Caro V

mudsplat ratingGreat event, really well organised. We were in the 10 am wave so didn't have to live up for anything. We did see a few delays for the later waves but i think you can't avoid that.

All obstacles reasonably safe, and all ranged from kinda fun to just fantastic. Ice bath shocked the lungs having to fully immerse so smart to have it early in the race when toy went exhausted.

Only iffy things were the dumpster of rotten food which meant your feetsstank for ages-maybe put a water obstacle after so there is a chance to rinse off, and other thing that could be imported could be the showers after-maybe just have a big tub that you dunk I'm rather than showers, or more showers.

It would have been nice to have a finishers item, like a medal, our d dog tags, or anything really. Just to display and have as a memory. Almost everyone lost their bibs, so a token thing at the end would have been a nice keep-sake.

Overall great day and see you next year.

- Amy B

mudsplat ratingHad a blast!! The event was really well organised held at a great location!! 
Upon arrival, parked was marked easily and the volunteers guided traffic smoothly. Only issue here I saw was people abusing the carpooling by having more people in the cars than seatbelts - not an organisers issue, but a dangerous illegal act none the less.
Registration was smooth - lined up, got my race pack and away I went. No issues with minimal waiting.
I was in the second wave (9.20) so hardly any of the obstacles had people on them or waiting for them. From the first mud crawl to the cattle prod at the very end - everything was great! Chatting with friends after we all enjoyed the event. The volunteers were cheery and helpful, water stops were spaced adequately. Obstacles were all spaced well with just the right amount - not too many or not enough ... 
In the end - I couldn't have hoped for a better race!! Will definitely be back!! I don't think I could provide any feedback to improve on the day!!

- Malcolm S



mudsplat rating

April 2014 Reviews

mudsplat ratingThis was my first event and I was eagerly anticipating the day.  It was a fantastic buzz, especially as I am almost 52. I attended the event with 2 girlfriends and it was probably one of the best 'girls days out' of a lifetime.
The event was exceptionally well organised.  The 10km course was awe inspiring.  What an amazing feeling to get down and get REALLY dirty.  Strangers were putting their hands out to help each other.
Car parking was easy. My only issue would be relating to the food availability.  We had to wait for 20 minutes to place an order then another hour to get it.  A good old fashioned sausage sizzle would have been so much easier.  People were complaining about being asked to pay $19.50  for a burger.  Families were being turned off by being expected to pay such high prices.
I will be back next year for sure.

- Noreen K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLots of fun! Fantastic location, beautiful! Did 5km and then 2km with the kids- would be great if the kids one had a few junior mud/water slides or slip and slide type obstacles- kids would just love that! (water slide on the 5km one was so much fun! I know that this would not be suitable for kids but incorporating some more obstacles that involve slipping and sliding in mud and or water would be great fun for the kids, I felt like the kids missed out on my favourite part- the water slide!)

- Anna K, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingEverything was great. Location, Food stalls, staff, course, facilities.  Wanted to do it again straight away. Perhaps some private shower or changing tents. Perhaps, make the kids course a bit longer.  My two were 8 and 11 and they were hungry for more!!

- Laila T, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat day out with a bunch of friends. Good venue and nice day for it. Great for big kids who love to get muddy... Not sure whether that's something I aspire to, but happy to go along. Good amount  of water stations along the way. And with a small wait, managed to get a shower. I would have liked to have seen some more food vendors, as we finished around lunch time and had worked up quite an appetite. There were only 2 food vendors with up to an hours wait for food. Fortunately I had packed some snacks and then opted to go home for some lunch. Probably would have stayed longer otherwise... Organisers would have missed out on $$ there.

- Lauren H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLoved it, great location, great people, can't wait for next year, Highlight Was doing the slide 3 time. 
More food available during the day would of been better. 
Maybe a campsite as was hard to find accommodation close for larger groups.
Locals where amazing. Track- could not of been better, next year doing 10km 

- Lauren M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingTotally fabulous fun day in Adelaide! Brilliantly organised. Food and drink stalls need to be improved upon. How about some healthy options? Apart from catering improvements I thought everything else was amazing. Will definitely be signing up for next year. Go Team Knickers!

- Beth H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingNever done anything like it before- never had the opportunity until last Saturday! The Stampede in Adelaide was AWESOME! Loved the atmosphere, the challenges & the location! Looking forward to next year that's for sure :) can't wait to see photos from the day.

- Laura C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat course, well organised - no line ups to get to obstacles, and they were all good - where necessary there were difficulty options to choose from. Constantly smiling contestants and volunteers EVERYWHERE :)
Cars were parked RIGHT next to the start and finish line, so you could grab your change of clothes nice and easy.
Managed to make it to the winery for a pretty phenomenal pizza and bottle of white. Recommended :) :)

- Bob M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI love the days run, the slip n slide was fab. We had a team in of 15 aged from 15 to 50!
The course was great, however it could have used a few more spectator sites! The price of food was madness!!! 19.50 for a burger chips and a drink is shocking for family's that have paid one of the highest prices to do a race that i have done yet! In saying that you had the best quality event shirt I have received!
Change rooms would have been really good, as well as the bar could have stay open longer! The free jumping castle was awesome, I have a young child and a disabled husband that come alone to all my runs, and that saved him a lot of headache! 
You were one of the better organized events for toilet and drink stations... That I am truly gratefull for.
All in all I know that you did a wonderful thing and am grateful for, I know that Adelaide will only get better and better with all the feedback and make next years event one to be reckoned with!!! 
Thank you to all the people that were involved! You made the day one to remember!

- Seana A, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad the best day at the Stampede! although disappointed with  no food after we raced  , we were all starving!
Will definitely be back next year for another great time!

- Janna C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWe had a ball! Loved the location, loved the obstacles, loved the atmosphere...loved it all! So well organised; everything seemed to run without a hitch. Very little wait at most of the obstacles, the volunteers and other stampeders were all super friendly (although I think the CFS guys were having a little too much fun with the hose on the downhill mud crawl!!), and just enough of a challenge so that I'm still aching a couple of days later :)
I do echo the previous comments about the lack of catering. Get some local community groups on board with a sausage sizzle, or even make the most of the location to get some Barossa gourmet options going - they'd have made a fortune in comparison with (overpriced) bags of fries.

Can't wait 'til next year!!

- Liz H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI had a blast at Adelaide Stampede,  our team was made up from friends who live in Roxby Downs, what a way to catch up. Great obstacles, fun , exciting and in some cases challenging. We didn't stick around for food, seemed the wait times were too long. All in all I will be back if you are!

- 'Killer' Kath C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWas so worried it would be impossible, but it was amazing. All the obstacles were great, lucky I had my son to help me up the hay bales. The 5km was enough for me, but my sons will do the 10km next year. Well done to the organisation and planning- everything was thought of. Very clean loos, great key drop off. Room for improvement - more food venues, basic food is all that is needed. Ie a BBQ would be amazing. A piccolo of champagne as well as a beer or water would of been great as the free end of course reward. Notification that keys, small camera and bit of cash, would fit in the key drop bag so we didnt have to go back to car to get camera for after photos. Would like to stay next time, but stalls with much cheaper food (a chicken burger, chips, drink cost $23 is ridiculous ) and a bar offering champagne as well as beer would of been good. Overall I had an amazing time, and will be back in 2015

- Loress A, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first obstacle course & I have to say it was awesome!! It exceeded my expectations, the obstacles over the 10kms were a great challenge & the volunteers where incredibly friendly. There was a great vibe through the entire event & well organised with timings for runs, facilities, signage etc. 
You only missed out on a ten because of the amount of food vendors (we waited well over an hour for our food) as the ones there obviously weren't prepared for the numbers they received.
Great job guys! I'll definitely be looking forward to next year!!

- Emily D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingRan the Adelaide Stampede Saturday 5th April. My First Obstacle race. I ran it with a team of 4. We kept a steady pace over the 10km and had a blast.
The whole event was very well organised. Can't wait for the next event.

- Chris D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWhat a blast! Def coming back next time to do the 10 km run -5km just weren't enough!
Bit annoyed at the scoopon that came out just days before, but minor complaint. So well organised, great atmosphere and wonderful volunteers. Thanks so much!

- Kylie L, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingDrove 5 hours from Nangiloc (Vic) to have a crack at my first Stampede in Adelaide. Totally loved it, the obstacles, atmosphere and people were amazing. A huge Thank you to the lady at "obstacle 18" for giving us some of her Pringles and also to the guys at "Water Station 2" for doing the same.... Also to the "farm owner" such a lovely lady and full of support for us little "Demons" You guys rock!!! 10km later I was covered in mud, puffed but totally hooked!!!
Look out Melbourne, I'm on my way!!!

- Kristi G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingExcellent, well organised. Loved it. Would have loved to seen more food vendors, and a professional photographer at finish line for group photos.

- Brad B, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI had an awesome time on Saturday. There where a few concerns. 
Lack of food vendors, no change area and a Scoopon deal that came out. 
Overall it was a really great day and looking forward to doing it again next year

- Quintin R, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingfirst timer here and i loved it. bringing the kids along next time.

- Rose G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWhat an awesome time our team had today. We've done True Grit, Black Hawk and Tough Mudder with the latter being our best one rated so far.  Have to say that I thought Stampede was on par with that.  Well organised, really well sign posted, the course and roads leading to it and there was a great vibe going on. The obstacles were great although a few were a bit there for show rather than to test your meddle (e.g. jumping over fire (meh) ) and would have loved to have slid down the hill slide again (and again and again!!). Facilities were fantastic, ample showers and toilets which other event organisers overlook and they should take a leaf out of your book.
But with the good comes the bad and like others have reviewed before me, the food variety was pretty bad.  If you want people to hang around for your saturday night event....you have to cater.  2 food vans was  not enough for the masses and the quality of food was pretty lack lustre, as were the wait times (1 hr + in some cases).  To be honest, I am sure if you asked the local CFS who were around ushering people in the car park to put on a sausage sizzle, they would have fed the masses, done a better job and you would have been supporting the local community.  I mean who could want for more....a snag and a beer after the stampede!
All in all a great event, please come again!

- Melissa C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad a blast. Team mate destroyed his ankles but still tried to finish as it was that good! Well organized and good obstacles. Had to wait about 90mins to eat though with only 2 food vans.

- Brett R, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAwsome, must do challange.The obstacls were well created and the course was maped out well. I would suggest more and better food oprions.the line up for food or coffee was insaine.We waited at bbq king for 40 mins before speaking up and they had lost our order.Also in the time we were waiting others were asking how long until there order would be ready and two people demanded refunds. ALSO a change room would be nice as people had to get changed in the car park.Everything else was awsome and I will be back next year with a bigger group :-D

- Abbey B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingOMG the very best event by far. So well organised, first time I have volunteered and raced and it was a fantastic experience all round. Terrain was gorgeous and obstaces were made even better with having music all round the cours. More food options would have been good but hey no drama!
Loved it

- Vickie D, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat day all round. I did have a few issues though. We went to eat at around 2pm and they were out of food! Nando's was the only other food stall but it had a massive line. There was no change tent or bag drop, only a key/valuable drop off. Would suggest next time charging for a bag drop so people have the option. There weren't many photographers around the course (considering a company was paid for it) and none taking photos of people at the board at the end! The MS mud run had a photographer at the board at the end and you could pay for your photo to be printed then and there. We had to ask a volunteer at the key drop if they didn't mind taking a photo for us! The course and obstacles were great except for one section where we crossed over and weren't sure which way to go. I still had a great day but they could've done a lot of things differently

- Em G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWe had great fun doing the course for the first time!! Loved all the different obstacles especially the water slide! Well done to all the organizers and volunteers who did a brilliant job! Was a great electric atmosphere and we will defiantly be doing it again! Still buzzin'!!!

- Tina and Jason M, Rookie Obstacle Racers

mudsplat ratingAmazing day, incredible location, very well organised and setup, easy parking, easy to locate simply brilliant. Think the food stalls were a little over whelmed and ran out earlier than they could have. The showers were a good idea but separate big gender tents would have been good as changing rooms too maybe in the car parking area so that once the mud was washed off there was somewhere more private to get into cleaner clothes. But these are only details, I still rate this even for raw beginners 10/10.

- Glynis T, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad a brilliant time, although I had to rush my 5k course to run 2km jnr stampede after my initial run was cancelled and was put in the wave just before the kiddies toddled off.  Only other gripe was that there was not enough food choices for kids - or even an ice cream van - which was disappointing considering you couldn't bring your own food in.  Would have liked to see more entertainment during the day too.
Considering it was the first event in Adelaide it will only get better. Will be back next year.

- Richard W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI loved competing in the Stampede on Saturday in Adelaide although my friend and I discussed a number of improvements that could be made.
10km was not to bad in length but was too long due to the obstacles being so spread out. We think maybe shortening the course or adding more obstacles would have made the event more enjoyable especially due to the fact that all the good obstacles were in the first 5km.
We loved the slip n slide and the ice bath and volts run. We also loved all of the mud obstacles so more of them would be good!
Thank you for a great experience

- Courtney A, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingReally fun my first 10 km course. Would have liked to see some monkey bars or more upper body stuff as I think they seem to be harder! Also having the bigger obsticals near the end would make it more exciting finishing with a bang!

- Tina N, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFabulous fun event. Great obstacles, just the right blend of challenge and fun, good hills, perfect mud, super friendly volunteers, the psych up guy at the beginning was great, perfect numbers in the waves, good dam obstacles, only suggestion..... More food vans at the end. Well done Stampede.

- Ali V, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGOOD
Awesum race
Fantastic volunteers & cfs
Plenty of amenities
Not enough food outlets
Ridiculous food prices
Shirts were being handed out, should have marked numbers off. I could have gone back 3 times and gotten more Better signage at some of the race junctions, some points you could take more than 1 direction 

- Paul G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad the best day obstacles were great and the volunteers excellent only thing was the food choice and how come they only offer free beer at the end what about one more choice to those who can't stomach it. We did early time then got to watch lots of happy people slide over that finish line. The Stampede Excellent event xx Oh that water slide loved it.

- Marianne C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat rating'Awesome' event! Very well organised for being the first time in Adelaide! Probably need a couple more food stalls but other than that couldn't fault it! Excellent venue, was great being able to run amongst the vineyards! Also enjoyed how they pumped everyone up at the start line and gave the place great atmosphere! Well done guys! Will defiantly be back next year!!

- Donna D, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFantastic event. The Blah.Blahs and I had a ball. It wasn't as hard as we thought. The training we did helped but nothing can prepare you for the mud! Would have been great if a photographer was at the end as we had no camera of phone to prove we conquered it!!!
We will do again and even have the whole family partake. 
Cheers ans thanks.

- Tina B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThis was my first even and it was fantastic. Awesome fun, glorious weather, a very well run event. Only suggestion is next time change tents would have made getting cleaned up much easier but there were heaps of showers and toilets so never had to wait long for either. Would definitely do it again if on again next year, except next year there will be heaps more of us as all my friends now want to do it too.  Well done, thanks for a great day.

- Sandi W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThe Adelaide stampede was brilliant! I thought there was the perfect amount of mud and water! The slides were so much fun and it made my day when I got told I could get up there and go again!! The volunteers were amazing and did a great job encouraging and directing us. 
I will signing up for the next one!

- Megan P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingMy husband and I just attended the adelaide stampede, we loved it!! We completed the 10km course and loved all the obstacles You will see us in 2015!!

- Sarah S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFantastic event. Loved every minute of it. It was fun, challenging yet manageable and great obstacles. No boring bits!!! Can't wait till next yeah!!!!

- Kellie C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAwesome day, very well organised. Fantastic obstacles which made you not really notice the 10km of running. Can't wait for next year.
Would only comment on the lack of food available and the wait to get it as my only down point. Would be happy with a local group putting on a BBQ so you know money is going back into the community

- Genine S, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat event.  I did the 10km course in the 9am wave.  Obstacle were fantastic and well built.  The course was extremely well marked out with exception of a section towards the end which was a little confusing.  My two girls (7 yrs and 8 yrs) also did the 12.10 wave of the junior stampede and loved it!!! They're taking their finishers medals to school for show and tell today!  I agree with previous reviews - the number of food stalls could be increased which would reduce waiting times.  A change tent could also be added.  Other than that, a fantastic event and one that I would certainly do again.  I'm sure my daughters would do it again as well.

- Heath M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingIt was a superb day had by the team Mud Sweat and Beers... 
Brilliant course, great obstacles, and so much fun!!
Plenty of showers at the end which was awesome... lots of drink stops throughout the day...
But just a couple of things that could change if possible...
We were in the 12Noon Wave, finishing around 2.30pm/3.00pm..Bitterly disappointed the bar was closed within 20-30 minutes of us finishing... by the time we had a shower and got changed, the bar was shut!! :-( Thanks for free beer at the end though!!!
The key drop was a good idea but definitely a 'bag drop' would be so much better (like they do in other events)... 
No biggie, just makes it soooo much easier after the race to get towels, clothes, cash!!
Great showers, but definitely a change tent would be awesome too...
But apart from that - bring on 2015!! Stampede was AWESOME!!!

- Brenda C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThe first experience and best so pumped for future events. Fantastic day loved every bit of it!!! Adelaide stampede rocked and the atmosphere amazing

- Amanda B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFantastic fun.  Very well organised. Obstacles were challenging enough to still be fun.  Great atmosphere amongst the participants as everyone was having a great time.
I will be encouraging more people to join me next year.
One suggestion would be for each obstacle to have first aid available.

- Marnie S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingI've never done any of these obstacle courses before (true grit/ mudder etc) and was so nervous/excited before hand. I have an average level of fitness and worried that I'd be overwhelmed by it all but did the 5k comfortably with a combination of running and walking and I'm now looking forward to doing the 10k next year. Great obstacles that were challenging but no where near impossible even with my level of fitness and generally a great fun atmosphere, very well organized event in a stunning location. Maybe next year our great adelaide food vans could get an invite?

- Meredith B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWe had a crack at the stampede in adelaide on Saturday the 5th..... Freakin awesome! Was greatly organised, plenty of helpful organisers, awesome course and plenty of laughs!!!! Be back next year for sure xx

- Shantell N, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad a fantastic, fun day. The group I went with all thoroughly enjoyed it. Would have loved a couple of more obstacles on the 5km but was great.

- Louise L, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingRaces just keep getting better and better. Awsome time at the Stampede Adelaide, now for a return to True Grit Caudo. Cheers

- Milan C, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

The Stampede in Adelaide was amazing. The waves were set out perfectly and the course was outstanding. We started in the 9:20 wave for the 10km course and the course was in great condition. We went for a second lap at 11:20 and the course had held up beautifully and was a pleasure to run.
The volunteers did a fantastic job, your help is hugely apprecaited.
Will definitely be attending again next year.

- Scott M, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingBest event in adelaide can't wait to do it again

- Tony G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingFantastic event, well organised and planned, would have given 10 mud splats if more catering was on offer. Best kept toilets I've come across so far at these type of events, the team should be commended , well done :)

- Lee G, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingmy first ever obstacle course and bit the bullet and when the 10km, What a blast had such a great time!!!! loved every single bit of it!!!!
will be back!!!!!! might even register the whole family and enjoy the jnr one too
some more food stalls would have help and would have loved to have someone at the end taking group photos of everyone, as too muddy to use own camera

- Tegan G, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingIt was a great, fun day. It was fantastic starting the day as a volunteer as we got a behind the scenes look at what goes into putting one of these events on! (it was cold though at 6am! lol)
My team then raced the 10km course in the afternoon. There was a great mix of obstacles, I think the giant slide was my favourite! Perfect location with beautiful country side and only about 1 hour out of Adelaide which is a real bonus.
The finish line area was laid out very well, with fire pits, tables & chairs, and food/drink vendors. The spectators had a great vantage point as the 2 "worst" obstacles run right past them - the Esky and the Bug Zapper - so quite entertaining for the clean dry people.
Hopefully we'll see The Stampede back in Adelaide next year!  :)

- Erin T, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLOVED IT... Everything was organised so well, and having somewhere to put the keys was the best idea ever. From registering to running everything was planned out so well. And the T-shirts are awesome. All the obstacles were great. Our entire team will be returning next year and even bringing some extras along  Thanks Stampede.

- Kimberley A, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWhat a blast!!  One of the best events I have ever been to and so much fun! We did the 5k and I was almost sad when we crossed the line that we had no more to do. Next year we will be hitting the 10k for sure!!
Staff were professional, helpful and fun. 
Bring on the 2015 course!!

- Matthew B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAwesome obstacles, beautiful surroundings and well organised.  No bag drop :(  Lack of food stands was disappointing.  Was a fantastic event though will definitely do it again next year.

- Tracey A, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWhat an AWESOME course, so much fun.  Great obstacles, fantastic location, good amount of hill runs and the distance between each obstacle was perfect.  No queues, great volunteers and probably the most organised event I've been to.  Good beer at the end, great scenery and in SA which means no plane fares :-) 
Only confusion was at the 10km, 5km and 10km finishers split, the organisers listened though and had addressed signage by my second time around. 

- Lizzie S, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThus was my first long distance obstacle course..previously I had only done true grit night attack 5km. I loved the stampede. The setup was awesum, well signed and easy to locate, volunteers were great, setup and organisation was great. The family atmosphere was awesum, people of all ages, a fun challenge with good comradery and the course and obstacles were great fun. Good variety and a good challenge.. very authentic! 10/10

- Shannon C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingGreat fun and suitable to everyone and all ability. We did the 5km and will do it again. We have already convinced many friends to join us next year just by showing them photos. 
Only suggestions are that changing tents are required. Also more food vans are need as the wait was extremely long (45-1 hour).

- Rebekah S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWell organised and layed out course with obstacles for every level of fitness. A big thanks to the organisers, volunteers, CFS volunteers and the ambo crews. It wouldn't have been possible without your help. Bring on the next one!!

- Nick P, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWe had the best day EVER!!! 
What an amazing event - Adelaide so needs more of these!!
So well put together and all the staff and people taking part were so friendly! We will never miss one now!!! Thanks guys for such an enjoyable and well thought out event!!! :-) 10/10

- Simon C, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad a great day, was a little harder than i expected with all the hills but i loved it. Lots of mud, lots of fun, will do it next year (maybe with a little bit more hill training under my belt lol) only thing i would suggest is to have some changing tents/so people arent awkwardly getting changed in there cars afterwards.. .
overall fantastic day

- Gail S, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWe had the best time, it was amazing and can't wait for next year. We did the 5km, but will think about the 10km next time. We've had so much feedback from friends that want to do it next year. CANNOT WAIT

- Louise B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingLoved it.  Great mix of obstacles, with none of them being so challenging they were impossible to complete.  Favourites were the slide (which I did 3 times) and the shipping container, ice bath, bug zapper and bonnet slide group in close succession.  The only reason I'm not giving a 10 was the lack of change facilities and the wait for food afterwards.  We ended up leaving and stopping for food on the way back to Adelaide, rather than hanging around for a couple of beers.

- Phil W, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWent in the stampede on saturday in the barossa. We had a awesome time and it was extremely well organised. Cant wait till next year

-Ben H, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingWas so much fun!!! Except the ice bath... That wasn't very nice :-P

- Krystal Hein, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingThe Stampede was a great day for the whole family, my Son and I did the 10km course and it is/was a great opportunity for a father/son bonding activity.
enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
the only let down for the day was the slowness of the catering, but we survived.

- Patrick S, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingBrilliantly organised, excellent volunteers, achievable and well-spaced obstacles, lots of uphill running, awesome water slide, fantastic weather, plenty of showers BUT like many of its competitors, they have to do something about the food selection and quality after the event.

- Kathy P, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingBest event I've done so far..very well organised obstacles loads of fun my favourite being the massive water slide. Volunteers were fun and encouraging.  The whole day was fun and everyone involved did a great job.

Much more food stalls needed next year as the wait was over half an hour for food, and after doing the event we were starving! Best day!!


- Tanya L, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingAdelaide, April 2014: such a professional event and at such a beautiful location. The only confusion seemed to be at the point where you had to head off on the 10km or 5km course. We also came back to this point after the 10km course and quite a few of us were directed back onto the 10km course (completing obstacles we'd already done) and had to head back and just check that we were supposed to do it twice. At that point we were told to follow the 5km path to the finish line. Still, it means that I got more than 10kms in :) 

- Penny S, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplat ratingHad an absolute ball today. What a great event the Stampede is.  So well organised and so much fun.  Best obstacle race I have done.  There was the right mix of mud, water, running and climbing/crawling under obstacles, to make it a super fun day. 

We did the 10km course and it was great that it wasn't just 2 laps of the 5km course, but completely separate obstacles.  The obstacles were challenging, but not impossible to complete and they were also fun to do.

We did one of the early waves and everyone seemed to spread out really well and keep moving through quickly as we had no real wait on any of the obstacles, which was fantastic, as the wait times can be very frustrating.

Another plus was there were heaps of showers at the end to wash the mud off. The only real thing I would change would be to have some changing tents, but it is not a massive issue and did not detract from the event at all.

Great event and we will certainly be back next year.

- Elizabeth O, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

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