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Location: Perth 16th & 17th August 2014    
Distance: 8km / 18 obstacles
Min Age: 7 - 15 for Mini Mudd Rush
16+ for the main event
Cost: $80 - $145 + $5.50 booking fee
Website: www.westernmuddrush.com.au
Rating: Mudsplat Rating
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The Western Mudd Rush launched in August 2012 on the west coast of Australia and featured an 8km event with 18 obstacles. Mud pits, an ice bath, monkey bars, an out of control water slide, cargo net climb, overs and unders, a 3m wall plus quite a few others. Waves started at 9am and left every half hour, with 500 participants per wave.

The event is put on by TriEvents who have years of experience at various triathlons, fun runs and ocean swims.


2014 Reviews

mudsplatratingMy first time running a Western Mudd Rush and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Having heard mixed reviews from previous events I went in without any expectations and from the moment I went through rego, the experience was very good. 
I think it's closer proximity to the city than most races helped the fact that there seemed to be volunteers everywhere. From speeding through the registration area to dropping a bag off at the bag drop, everything was running smooth.
The atmosphere in the paddock was good with decent music going, big shade area to avoid the sun, stalls to visit and some stuff to keep the kids entertained. 
The course itself was a good layout and used the land well with it running up and back in areas allowing for a lot cheering and encouragement between racers. Obstacles were a good mix and had a few I've not tried before (cargo net monkey bars was pretty cool). 
The only real let down as always is the little things like having 30 low pressure shower hoses at an event that expects 3000-4000 people in a day or no real designated changing area. 
The second day seemed a bit trivial as the numbers were way down and so went the atmosphere. I guess if the obstacles are there and the tents are up, why not. 
Overall, very well organised event and easy to see these guys know what they're doing. 
I'll be back next year.

- Shem R, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingRan on Saturday at 12.30pm race. Course was not as good as 2013 but still ok. Seen to lack bit of atmosphere and also limited beer choice at the end and to top it off they were warm. Still fun day but hope they improve as our team had a blast in 2013 Western Mudd Rush :(.

- Danny B, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingThis was my second year of Mudd Rush and I have to say I was a bit dissapointed with this year. Last years mudd rush to me was one of the best, this year I found it a lot easier and more like a fun run. There wasn't anything overly challenging(or is it because I've done tougher ones during the year..don't know) There was definitely some fun things to do, the mud pit crawl under barbed wire was fantastic. The mud was devine!. There were a few bottle necks but besides that it was a good day out. Lots of walls to climb which unfortunately guarentees very bruised forearms for me. Organization was excellent for registration, bag drop and sausage sizzle, showers were not hot but freezing. Lucky it was a nice day and they were working so thats always a good thing. Would I go again next year... don't know.

- Connie E, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingThis year was my third time doing Western Mudd Rush and to be honest I'm a little disappointed.
I understand that the organizers had to switch things up a bit to avoid damage to certain parts of the equestrian centre however this mad the course less of a challenge and more of a fun run. 
Personally I found most if not all the obstacles to be easy, maybe next year they can look into a harder version of some of them for those that want to push themselves more.
The overall organization of the event was good, the usual bag drop, showers were warm for a while, entry and rego was a breeze and there was the usual showing of food and drink.

It was good to see a lot of muddy happy people but for me, I was expecting more. Bring back the hills and the sandbags.

- Gareth T, Legend Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingLoved the new course layout and obstacles to add variety. Organisation was great and staff very friendly and helpful :-) My third year doing Western Mudd Rush and I will be back again!! Not as challenging as a couple others I have been on, but it is challenging enough for experienced OCR while still being accessible for first timers wanting to give it a go.

- Caro V, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingSecond time around for the Mudd Rush. This was the OCR that got me into all this stuff, and this year didn't disappoint. It wasn't as tough as a Spartan, but I never expected it to be.
I did the volunteer on Saturday and run on Sunday. Manned the 'monkey bars' which was actually a cargo net over some scaffolding, so I guess it could be called Monkey Net. More people than not failed, or took the easy route of shuffling along the edge along the scaffolding.
Ran on Sunday, rego & pickup was simple, bag drop was easy as and then it was off to the obstacles. Some new, some old and some improved from last year (SLIDE!!! It rocked this year!!!!) Good fun course with 1 obstacle I've never encountered before (Monkey Net) and several I have only had at Mudd Rush.
I was a little put out that I only got a sausage in a bun & didn't get a free beer, but otherwise great weekend, great race and definitely will be returning.

- Ben O, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingTotally Awesome Event....Tri-Events run a brilliant show.  The weather was perfect and the obstacles rocked.  The only reason I didn't rate Mudd Rush a 10 Mudsplat is due to the long wait at The Finished Jetty, (probably should have been more than 2 beams), and Warp Peak, (definitely should have been more than 3 ropes.
My favourite obstacle was Galvin Slippery Dip.  My least favourite was Leap of Faith, but only because I'm short and, try as I might, I could not reach from one side to the other without touching ground.
Will definitely be doing both day Race Waves next year!

- Tanya N, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingAs I missed out on last years run, I only had the words of others to guess what today would be like. All the good reviews I'd seen rang true. We ran on Saturday in the 1200 wave, and expected a cut-up course, but everything looked great! A few new obstacles I'd never seen before, the inclined plank jump (I'm sure it's got a better name) looked like something straight out of Ninja Warrior. The water slide was one of the best I've seen, with riders getting some serious speed (and in some cases, air) before plowing into the pond at the bottom. Atmosphere was great, with everyone helping fellow racers on the harder obstacles like the 8' wall climbs and the A frame. Great fun, rego was a breeze, temporary tattoos for numbers was a good idea, as was the free sausage sizzle at the end. Will be back!

- Luke H, Veteran Obstacle Racer


2013 Reviews

Choice of Food.........10/10
Bar/Band area..........10/10
Obstacles.............9/10 ( the slide needed water at the end instead of hay bales as some poor bugger found out the hard way) Mini Mudd Rush........10/10 Event T shirt.........10/10
Showers...........9/10 (you'll NEVER be able to wash 7500 people in a weekend efficiently! For those who whinge.......Harden Up!
All in all, a fantastically run event.....Well done Tri Events!
And to top it off, nice as close to Perth!

- Alec M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingTrievents really put on a great day, I am never disappointed by their events.

We ran at 10.30 on Sunday, minimal congestion, and some good challenges. They took on feedback from last year about having more than one of something operational (the slide, cargo climb and 10 ft walls)

There was a couple really good volunteers out there. Team work on the field was exceptional again and the atmosphere was great.

Only disappointment was the slide closing due to injury but this can't be helped. 

Have done the Western Mudd Rush years in a row and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be back next year.... Though maybe with out a dress next time, that proved difficult! Hahaha:)

- Jennifer M, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingWhat a great day!! We did Sunday 11:30 which I don't think was full and hence spread out quite quickly.  More people in our group would have caused congestion and queuing - we had only a little.

The obstacles ranged from tough to easy, but tough enough for a rookie like me :-).  Great to get muddy immediately and to keep the muddiness up throughout. 

The biggest let down was the slide which I struggled to slide on. Less running (or more obstacles) for the 2nd half would have made it better. 

No problems with parking, the buses or getting through rego, which was great!

Something other than beer as the free drink would have been appreciated, as well as still more hoses (I wasn't fussed about having a hot shower, just a hose to rinse off is enough).

- Lee V, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingAnother well put together event, A lot of the issues from last year had been ironed out and the day seemed to run very well (Sunday Morning). Only had one wait at the slide (which was all of five minutes) and the wave spread out well so the pack was pretty thin through the course. Again the basics like parking, registration and facilities were great. 

Will be back again next year.

- Andrew H, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingI was in 830am wave on Saturday so parking was a breeze. I didn t find the obstacles challenging but they were fun anyway. Having to queue for obstacles is annoying but when there is that many people per wave and also not much running in between (and its all flat) you couldn t really separate people out.

The variation in the types of obstacles was good, however having hiccups so early in the morning made me think maybe they should have tested things better the day before i.e the hay tunnels only two were open because they others had caved in and the slide only one lane was open and it was like a water trickle until they got the next geny and soup out so that was disappointing. Without the degree of mud they had it would have been a let down. Overall it was a good day but hopefully tough mudder in Oct can put on more of a challenge for me.
I really didnt like the changing facilities which was probably because it bucketed down with rain when i was there and because there was no cover it meant your dry clothes getting wet. I would have prefered a hose under a tent then having to queue in the rain to get into the tiny changing/shower facilities.

- Stephanie F, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingA big congrats should go out to TriEvents for Mudd rush 2013. Well organised, good parking and an easy to follow course.
This year I decided to enter the men s timed race running the first runs on both the Saturday and the Sunday. It was a great challenge running against others for time which adds a new element than going in a team.
The track was well marked and provided a challenge when trying to negotiate the course at speed with other hot on your tail.
The only thing I found a little disappointing was the timed race had no real timing system apart from the staff on site. Once we finished the times stated by the staff and the ones recorded by the competitors had quite a variance. I understand setting up a timing system that's only going to used by a few competitors is expensive however this could be improved on.
Overall a great event tho with good atmosphere and lots of muddy, smiling people.
Well done!
PS: Lucky I didn't jump the fence onto the kids course and give that a crack because it looked great too!

- Gareth T, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingWe had a great time at this years Western Mudd Rush. The organisers have definitely learned a few lessons from last year and there were no bottle necking issues this year. 
The obstacles were good but I have seen better at other events. The slide was a huge disappointment. The water hoses were not working well and I actually stood up half way down the slide and walked the rest. 
All in all though it was a great day. Parking and registration was a breeze and the atmosphere was fantastic.
Well done Tri Events!

- Betty F, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingGreat event! Well organised, obstacles were challenging but achievable and had such a fun time I had to do it twice :) slide could have been faster, but all in all a great day!

- Caro V, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingWestern Mudd Rush 2013 was an awesome event!
It was very well planned and any suggestions for improvement that were lodged last year were most certainly listened to and actioned on.
The obstacles were challenging, exciting, the volunteers were again full of smiles and helpful.
The hose down area and showers were fabulous and it was a welcome sight at the end of the race.
Only one small itty bitty thing I could moan about would be no offer of a soft drink at the end  instead of the beer, but hey, I still had a smile on my face and will be signing up 3rd time round for 2014!

- Bec F, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingNot bad event , few improvements from last year. Not much waiting and well organized, but for difficulty and originality of an obstacle race was a let down. Having done Stampede and Spartan earlier this year found both of them heaps more fun and challenging. 
Was a flat course with boring back section of the course, first half wasn't bad , did like the over unders. Would I do it again next year no ill give other runs a go, looking forward to True Grit and Run A Muck

- Rick N, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingWhat we liked
-Parking (once we found it) was within walking distance to the event
-Got dirty at the first obstacle
-Great teamwork by participants along the course
-The Wall of Honour - WOW.  What a killer!
-Volunteers did a great job along the course e.g. the slippery dip was closed due to an injury, but once the volunteers said what was wrong, everyone was understanding
Things that could be better
-Hope the men's showers were fixed.  Half of them weren't working
-I got given a warm beer at the end (gross!)

- Johnny B, Intermediate Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingI enjoyed myself but after getting medal last year expected that again not a bag (just a personal preference). 

Well organized, agree about the slide needed more water and detergent. Kids event looked great and extra activities (mini pull etc) looked fun. 

Event staff that i dealt with were pleasant and helpful.

Definitely be back :)

- Ness R, Veteran Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingHaving never participated in an obstacle run, my husband and I absolutely loved it today!!!

- Lauren B, Rookie Obstacle Racer

mudsplatratingBrilliant! Last year's was great but this year they answered all the (fairly minor) problems from last year (a bit too much running between obstacles; really bad shower facilities- basically 4 hoses used to wash down horses; race numbers on pieces of paper that disintegrated after the first contact with water, and too much waiting between obstacles) as well as serving up much more mud and fun. 
The course was longer (9km), it had more obstacles, there was more mud, and in addition to the improvements to the race itself there were hot showers and changing facilities. 
All round even better organised, even more fun and really professional. 
My only (very minor) criticism would be the slide- it seemed to be on a shallower hill than last year, so I spent most of my time pushing myself down, rather than sliding. But apart from that- congrats to the organisers!

- Keith S, Intermediate Obstacle Racer


2012 Reviews

mudsplatratingGreat Event, 

Like a lot of the "Tri-Events" events it was put on in a professional and experienced manner. Parking was a reasonable gold coin donation and the volunteers were great at getting people in and out at the start and the end. The shuttle busses were relatively quick also so waiting wasn t an issue. 
Registration was a breeze, directions were clear and you knew where you were meant to be well before you had to get there. On an obstacle basis, the obstacles were well assembled and built in a professional manner with only the cargo net climb looking a bit worse for wear by the time we went through (about 2pm). Some bottle necking on the water slide, rope wall climb and final wall climb but overall it wasn t an issue for us as we were running it as a team and weren t too concerned about the wait as we more wanted to finish all the obstacles. 
One of the big ones for us was delivering on the number of obstacles advertised which were all purpose built for the event and not just an existing venue obstacle that had been badged as an event obstacle to make up the numbers. In saying this, the venue s horse jumps and the like were used on-top of the main obstacles which added some extra things to break up the runs. 
The distance was good for a short distance event which made us feel like we had gotten our money s worth out of the day with the  extra couple of k s over the normal 5k events. The staff and volunteers were also great with them all seeming to take ownership of their stations and getting the job done with no fuss. 
The only criticism on the event (which is a minor one ) for the course was the congestion in the showers at the end and a general walk through sprayer system to get the majority of the mud off would have been a good addition to get people through a bit quicker. 

In saying this Tri-events seems to have taken on all of the comments and criticisms directed to their Facebook page after the event and has made the commitment to improve on them for the 2013 event. We signed up for the 2013 event almost straight after this one and are looking forward to another great event.

- Andrew H

mudsplatratingTHE BEST EVENT EVER. Ran absolutely Superbly! Heaps of mud, heaps of obstacles that were difficult, clearly signed, great entertainment. Honestly can not fault it other than waiting at a few Obstacles (which with lots of 500 people and only a few people a time On some obstacles is inevitable) and the medal was great! 
Already preregistered as an early bird and trying to recruit more people as it was seriously the best event ever!!

- Jennifer McG

mudsplatratingThis was my very first taste at obstacle racing and it was everything and more of what I imagined it to be!

Nothing to fault, a bit of a wait at some of the larger obstacles, but it was totally worth it!
Organisers did such an amazing job!

Will be signing up for next year ASAP!

- Bec F

mudsplatratingWhat an amazing event. Awesome obstacles and a great vibe. 
Already booked for Stampede in the Valley and pre-registered for next years Western Mudd Rush.
I'm even considering using up some frequent flyers and trying one of the events in the east.
I am officially obsessed with Obstacle Racing.

- Michael S

mudsplatratingBest time of my life, I am officially addicted to mudd and obstacles!
Bring on next year, I cannot wait!!!

- Holly M (H-Dawg)

mudsplatrating Absolute awesome fun. Have not had such a good time getting down and dirty like that for some time. Fantastic vibe out there from the word go. Really well organised except only slight downer was the long wait for some obstacles that did not allow enough people to get through at once. Dissappointed I didn't get op to go down slide because too long a wait as medivac of poor injured soul/s required. However, saw that organisers aware of this so looking forward to next year. Also, as a team building exercise, it doesn't get any better. Got to wear womens clothes too; how good is that!!! Mud, glorious mud, cross dressing and team building!!! Sen-bloody-sational. Great work Mudders

- Nick S

 mudsplatratingHey guys, great event! For the first event in Perth it was really well set up. Although there were waits for some obstacles it allowed people to interact with each other and added to the positivie energy of the event. The best obstacles were defintely the speed slide and the final wall. I will be back next year for sure!

- Dean T (The Dark Knight)

mudsplatratingAWSOME day. so much fun the event was amazing. Everyone was helping each other which was great to see. Perfect day. bring on next years rush.


mudsplatratingGreat day, with only the bottle necking at cetain obstacles being a bit of a problem and some injuries taking a while to be treated. 
That said, cracking course and will defintately be back next year!

- 'Cammo'

mudsplatratingHad a blast, one of the the best days I have ever had out , so much fun, even though body is killing me today, we will be back for the next one :-)

- Robert L

mudsplatratingWe popped our obstacle racer cherries yesterday!  Awesome fun!!  Yep, few teething problems as expected but we didn't mind one bit.  
Thanks heaps organisers!
What a blast!!  Can't wait for next years - onwards & upwards!

- Y Waters

mudsplatratingAwesome day out.
Given it was the first year the Western Mudd Rush was on there were some inevitable teething problems with bottlenecking at some of the obstacles, but all is forgiven for an otherwise well-organised day. No doubt the lessons learnt from this will make the 2013 Mudd Rush even better.
Challenging race, some fun things to climb, crawl and roll through, plus a good presence of crew throughout assisting with instruction, direction, motivation and first-aid.
The pint and sausage sizzle at the end was a great idea, and probably just as satisfying as the Western Mudd Rush completion medal.
That was my first obstacle run, but it certainly won't be my last. A great introduction to a hugely fun sport.

- Adam Q

mudsplatratingI am a novice obstacle racer but will definitely be back for more. This was awesome. Well organised and run. Challenging but what a sense of achievement as I came over the last wall.

- Del D


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