XRacewear Running Shorts – by Dan ‘Dragon’ Lemoto

Product Reviews   |   Oct 11, 2013

dragonA few things I look for when considering apparel for any elite sport are encompassed by a common question : ‘Is this item fit for purpose’. In my opinion, my latest review relates to Obstacle Racing Shorts provided by Obstacle Racers Australia. I recently tested the shorts over two rounds of the Spartan Race Super in Melbourne 6 October 2013. Below outlines the pros and cons from an Elite racer’s viewpoint:


1. They look good, feel great and are durable. They have an inner mesh which adds comfort and security.
2. Lightweight shorts which feels like they are not on at all.  This enables efficiency and weight reduction. I know its only minimal but every bit counts when racing at a high level.
3. Draw string keeps them on. When loaded with water/mud, there’s no need for having to adjust/pull up etc. The water and mud just falls off.
4. Number holder. Fitted with a number holder which has Velcro as an opening ensures you don’t lose your number, handy for photo identification, and you don’t have to worry about damaging shorts with pins. It is also a great time saver, which allows more time to prep for the race.
5. Rear zip pocket. A handy addition for carrying gel packs on long races. Can also be used for distance runs whereby you could carry your car key/ipod. I found this to be handy when I required a gel on my second round.
6. Shorts were cut well to deliver maximal mobility. This was evident when climbing, crawling and doing burpees.
7. Price. $49.95 reasonable compared other shorts I have worn for racing.


1. Mesh which holds the race number caught a few times on the barbed wire crawl. I assume it is due to mesh sitting a little further out from the shorts. Has potential to catch debris when commando crawling. In addition, the number actually folded over a few times hence not displaying the number. This is due to the Spartan Race number being smaller than standard and not fully filling out the mesh compartment.
2. Could go with a v-slit on the sides of the shorts.

Overall, they are a great pair of shorts for obstacle racing. I recommend them to anyone who doesObstacle Racing.

Dragon Rating 78%.

(Dan ‘Dragon’ Lemoto is a personal trainer, the owner of Taz Fit and an all-round nice guy.)

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